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Raphael preparing to skydive in 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of the Shadows'

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  1. Joke…ghostbusters reboot was a joke, no different here.

    1. Shawn

      You are 100% correct. “It was the first.” 😅🤣😂 You mean “He was the first.” Go woke, go broke.

      1. Kimchijones

        In the 80s Eastman and Laird had the idea for the Last Ronin, it never happened. It was always, and still is, an alternate timeline and universe than any of the other turtle iterations.Eastman is still involved with the IDW series, so he helped bring their original idea to fruition….I dont know if the plan was always to bring in 4 new ones, but the plan was always to kill off the turtles in this alternate turtle universe. It was very successful so they are simply extending this alternate universe with new stories that involve new turtles…two male, two female..it is nothing like the ghostbusters simply trying to make a female version. It’s a continuation where the new turtles are more diverse. Not only are they mixed gender wise, the 4 new turtles are different turtle species also…

        1. Kb2

          Define what you mean by “successful”? You talking money? If so how much did the project make?

          1. I Read the Article

            I’m not sure on the exact $ amount, but it went through at least five reprint runs, some issues are going for thousands on eBay, and the trade paperback that collected all the issues was a NYT best seller. And they have toys and other merchandise for it. Good enough for you?

  2. Rachel

    How about we quit trying to renake movies and use the imagination we were born with and create new stories instead of rehashing used material. Come people get it right!!!! No girl turtles!!! I am a woman and think this is wrong.

    1. Shawn

      Not even a little and will be keeping my money have a horrible day feminism. This commie sh!t needs to end.

      1. Shawn

        It will as more of this “Woke” crap keeps losing them money. To funny.

      2. Amen bro no room for commies in this country we need to stand against it in mass or they will just keep doing it I mean look at the children can’t even go to school without being groomed

    2. LDMR

      You do realize they’re talking about a comic book series, right? This isn’t a movie.

      1. Kb2

        What do you think all the Ninja Turtle movies were based off of?

    3. Red

      How about actually reading the article before commenting because if you did you’d learn that this has nothing to do with a movie and is in fact about a non canonical comic book.

  3. Sean P Hanlin

    Clickbate trash article.

    1. Lan

      And the smooth brain “everything is woke” group is eating it up.

    2. Harunamatada

      The issue is they’re ruining another established IP with unnecessary reboots. The wokeism is the just the cherry on top.

  4. Don

    If you’d followed the Turtles long enough you’d know that there was female turtles in cartoon/comics not to mention there was a lifelike season that showed a light blue color turtle named Venus.. I think it’s cool

  5. Timm

    Even my 18 year old daughter said “ewww”
    So probably not gonna bother with this one

  6. That guy

    It’s going to be a LGBQT TMNT

  7. Scrill

    They love Destroying a successful Franchise, don’t they

    1. Shawn

      Nobody wants to see or hear about these new lame female turtles. Good way to kill the franchise tho. 👍 👎

      1. Exactly, ruin it for everyone

  8. Jasmine Stewart

    There have been the sisters of the TMNT, the girls, for a long time. There is
    Venus de Milo, or Venus, Jennika,
    and Amoly. I would rather have the sisters in the TMNT, and they can all be in the movies with or without their brothers, as cameos too. Girls and women deserve to have represention too!

    1. Andy

      Stop remaking movies by changing the leads to women, minorities or alphabet soup (LGBTQIA+). Leave well enough alone and create new stuff with those leads if you like. Personally I think it’s sad that wokeness is being forced down our throats.

  9. Mike

    How Transphobic!

    1. Chris

      Nothing in this is transphobic, cupcake.

  10. Bufflexkikass

    Superhero fan narcissism thats what you are spewing here you ever hear of evolution an how thing change no!! Really you must not believe lol .you call it childish thing because your scared of females the ones who hate must be scared of girls (cuckold. )So cuck away cuck away plus if your hating on girls you must like boys an you want to watch a sex man turtle getting sweaty 👊

    1. Shawn

      I’m sorry, was this supposed to be english and understandable?😅

    2. You're a simp

      Whatever you say, Simp.

  11. Justaperson

    Honestly…. If the story makes sense then I dont care. Just making characters to make the “woke” people happy is non conducive to good story telling or product. Just an fyi… No one likes woke people; its just a group for losers to join so they can have friends instead of actually being themselves and making real friends.

    1. Kimchijones

      If you follow the story it makes sense. The turtles comics have been going on since the 80s and new characters have been added to keep it fresh and interesting you cant have 40 years of “turtles chase shredder to the technodrome” the comic rights have been given to idw to publish their own stories a long time ago and they brought in a female turtle a few years back…she wasnt shoehorned in, it was done appropriately with good storytelling and not just to bring in a female. She is extremely popular. So it makes sense to also have females in this alternate timeline of the turtles. More male, female interaction likely makes the stories more interesting, not less

  12. Ken

    No one cares what you think, Karen.

    1. Superman is not Gay

      You never learn, I guess you need to lose millions in the box office to understand. Go woke go broke

      1. Aaa

        It’s a comic book, not even a movie… Learn about the culture before being a snowflake

  13. Sick of It All

    Nobody wants this, and it’s going to fail like everything they try to race, gender, or sexuality swap. These people don’t learn.

    1. LDMR

      Well, it’s the sequel to a popular limited comic run, so I’m pretty sure a lot of people want it.

      1. You're a simp

        By a lot you mean no one. I see what you did there….

    2. Lan

      Except this is a new generation. It’s not like they’re swapping out the original characters with female versions of the same characters.

  14. Superman is not Gay

    You never learn, I guess you need to lose millions in the box office to understand. Go woke go broke

    1. LDMR

      What exactly does this have to do with the box office?

    2. Lan

      Did you even read the article? This is an alternate universe COMIC.

  15. John

    Y’all taking this WAY to seriously. Eastman and Laird created the Ninja Turtles as a joke. A joke! Do you really think a franchise named Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles needs to take itself seriously?! Read a comic book, have fun, enjoy the ride. If you are uptight enough to worry about your childhood franchises getting “ruined”, you are to old to be invested in them anyway.

  16. Neila

    Gotta love the comments here. Anytime it’s not white men its “going woke” seems to me like the “woke”people are the intimidated white men who can’t take not being in the lead of anything lol.

    1. Lan

      They’re a very sensitive bunch.

  17. Thugster

    So instead of developing something specifically for females ground up, the nutjob left just turn all male IP into female, this is their crazy equality nonsense definition. The issue is not with them, we know they are nuts, the issue is the people that support an patronize this nonsense

    1. LDMR

      Well the people making this, are the people who made the original Turtles. You also realize this isn’t a mainline Turtle comic right? It doesn’t affect the continuity of the original series….

  18. Mike glogg

    R u kidding me they already kill the reboot of the Ghostbusters don’t kill the tmnt please leave it alone. They make a female turtles u with kill my childhood favorites.

  19. Sully

    Another artist caves in to anti masculine woke ideology.
    He’ll find out that just like Ghostbusters.. go woke and go broke.

  20. Another artist caves into anti-masculine woke.
    He will learn the hard way, though he should know bwmetter…..go woke and go broke. This WILL fail.

  21. Bill

    Listen these people don’t want your facts they saw lady turtle and their panties got all up in a bunch.

  22. Loko Moco

    At first I was disappointed but then I heard it was only two females and had some hope. Disney has been trying to push alot of aternate female characters from the original male counterparts or reboots and don’t get me wrong I love Females but back in the day with comics, it was always a nerd or low key person type of thing that would be looked at as childish or not for everyone which explains the fan service or lewd content you’ll get from the content creators. It seems now, they completely took that part of element & history away from the source and want to diversify & be inclusive to a population of people that will never be truly fanatic of this material as the men & woman who actually appreciated these writings & ideas when these ideas were in the early years. It’s like, the reason McDonald’s is so successful is because they stick to what they have been doing best since the start. When will people learn that you truly have success when you are true to yourself, as those that resonate with your conclusion will always appreciate the honesty displayed and will remain loyal since they specifically come to this source for what it is, not what it’s trying to be.

    1. Lan

      You love “females”? You sound like an incel.

  23. Todd

    Go “woke”, go broke (example: 2016 Ghostbusters Answer the Call)

  24. John

    Will be a total disaster…wokism… go woke go broke

  25. John Wayne

    What a bunch of “woke” s__t!

    Female ninja turtles?

    What’s next beaver and his brother are gay lovers?

    It’s a sick country we live in!

    1. Lan

      So an incestuous relationship between the Angry Beavers equates to a new generation of turtles (of which two happen to be female)?Definitely a valid comparison. Do you ever get tired of being up in arms about trivial things?

  26. Anthony

    Won’t be watching this…wow!

    1. Lan

      There’s nothing to watch. It’s a comic book series, smooth brain.

  27. Justin

    An all female led cast of new characters must be more of a risk than reimagining already popular male roles as females. I realize that these are new characters, but they are still essentially replacing the originals. Why can’t there be both? Alvin & the Chipmunks and the Chippettes worked well co-mingling, why couldn’t the turtles. He-man didn’t need to die before there was Shera. This idea of replacement goes further than just some characters in a fictional story. It’s an underlying theme pushed by all of hollywood and other entertainment, in this case a comic book publisher, to emasculate everything masculine.

    1. Lan

      You’re really showing how little you know. The Last Ronin was all about how Mikey was, as the title suggest, the Last Ronin. Just because you’re probably still too dense to understand: the other turtles have died. Mikey dies a heroic death at the end of the mini series. This mini series is a brand new generation. Bringing back the original turtles, just so you don’t feel emasculated, would not only make illogical sense story wise, it would also ruin the impact the deaths of the original turtles had.

  28. GTX

    Why don’t you come up with something original and quiet messing with movie we already if your people can’t think of something tell them to call someone for help

    1. Lan

      It’s not a movie. You’re just showing that you got angry at the title without reading the article. Quit embarrassing yourself.

  29. Kb2

    Sorry to tell you this but nerds don’t make up the box office for what these movies make you guys are the minority. And this just seems like a Ghostbusters situation where you’re moving from the original group to introduce female versions. Which I would imagine would be an insult to the Nerds of Ninja Turtles

    1. Red

      Sorry to tell you this but this but this has nothing to do with the box office because it has nothing do with movies at all. If you had bothered to read the article you’d know that this is about a stand alone comic series that isn’t even canonical. Please put at least the bare minimum into learning about something before you decide your triggered by it.

  30. TONY

    Why do companies go out of their way to make horrible content and lose billions to play identity politics? Oh..because of BlackRock.

  31. Randall

    Girls don’t buy comic books. Never have. Boys have bought and supported comics for the last 100 years, and won’t like seeing their staple male heroes turned into females.

    1. Lan

      They’re not being turned into female characters. They’re all brand new characters. Lmao

  32. Tonya

    Hell No

  33. Jay 13th

    Why not make a new original series? The idea can work good but why poke at replacement and piss off a fan base? She hulk for instance; why not just make her a new thing instead of tagging hulk in the name and making her green and similar? Repainting a successful piece of art makes a mess of it, and defiles previous success.

  34. Richard

    Trash, taking a good idea, a good show, for decades time, and then flip it on its head and you expect people to just like this? Trash.

  35. Chiefjellytoes

    This is so dumb idek what they was thinking when the did this as much as I love Kevin Eastman he aint goin the right way with this bro..

  36. Thadious

    Stop the madness , so I’ve come to the conclusion that Hollywood must be , Laundering money for the cartels. Some of these ideas are unbelievable restaurants clubs and movies is the best way to launder money. PS running for public office

  37. Thadious

    We as fans are still waiting for the original movie based on the true comic they took a hard-core book and turn it into a show for kids at least it didn’t turn into something like Teen Titans Go that dumb down kids

  38. Gigi

    Why do they always have to ‘replace’? Can’t they ADD turtles to the current universe that happen to be female?

    1. As far as I am concerned, I never want to see Leo, Mikey, Donnie or Raf get old-let alone- die.

    2. Stop reinventing beloved characters and their worlds. Expand them instead…

    3. Yes, I would LOVE to see diverse characters who kick ass. But I also don’t want my beloved male characters die off because they were born in a world that wasn’t as progressive as today’s. I still love them.

  39. Bobjoe

    Another franchise ruined by Hollywood. Too hard to imagine a new IP and be creative? Let’s just ruin yet another childhood series in the name of wokeism.

  40. cupid

    What do Ghostbusters have anything to do with T.M.N.T?

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