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Mickey and two Tomorrowland Coasters

Credit: ITM


  1. Doug

    Sure, change Space Mountain over to the same as Disneyland Paris, now THAT would be a make-over!

  2. Christine

    Damaged panel? Do you mean the mold? I wouldn’t call that damaged. Seriously, I find this article sensational. If you don’t have anything meaningful to write, maybe just don’t write anything. Just a thought.

  3. Matt Brewster

    That tan paint you see now could just be a PRIMER layer that will be covered by an outer paint layer.

    1. CJWildWest

      Or maybe they’re setting up for a Tomorrowland retheming similar to Tokyo. Tomorrowland US isn’t all that “tomorrow” anymore, is it?

  4. Rw

    Looks like a primer/ base coat. More than likely seeing a fair amount of bare metal. So primer would make sense.

  5. Kayla

    I highly doubt it’s going anywhere. You’re just looking for views. Lol Space Mountain is a classic like Enchanted Tiki Room or Jungle cruise, or even Carousel of Progress. Those aren’t going anywhere either.

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