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  1. Pat Lingenfelser

    We used to go to Disney twice a year or more and are DVC members but that being said we have not been in the last four years because just can afford all the add ons now We were AP holders too but can’t get them or afford that either been to Universal twice now don’t like it but the kids took is.

    1. GWL is garbage. Stay away. This seems like a paid article anyway

      1. Steve-O

        It’s honestly mostly copy and paste from the Newsweek article, and yeah, it reads like an ad for GWL. They’re fine and all (although water parks have always kind of grossed me out–there’s always such an abundance of band aids floating around it makes me want to shower haha), but we diverted our money to Cedar Fair parks. They have installed state of the art rollercoasters in nearly all of their parks, and continue to add new, WORKING rides each year. I was able to take my family of five to four different parks over the summer last year (rolled into vacations or other long trips) and those trips combined cost less than a week at Disney would have, including a week in Toronto (where we visited Canada’s Wonderland one of the days, which is honestly as clean and pretty as Disney used to be). There are great, clean parks out there with working rides near cool cities that aren’t as crazy hot as central Florida in the summer, and you won’t have to take out a loan to go.

    2. Mary

      We’re the same. We live in Central Florida, DVC, previously AP holders. For the cost of a 3 day ticket to WDW we have AP at Universal. It’s not the same, but we go after school and ride a few things, it’s fun, but I miss the WDW of 2014-2019.

      1. Gem

        So agree. I can’t afford to go any more. Still have DVC but use it for Tae kwon do tournaments . Now we do Bush gardens. I can afford th big package and still afford food

    3. Used to go 2- 3 times a year, as a dvc & annual passes, wpuld stay a week or so and did so for about 19 years…sold dvc, sold disney stock and dropped APs, cost too much to visit for just a few days let alone a week so now, we see all the beautiful sites America has to offer, Disney is now a thing of the past– sad but it wasnt our fault, it was Disney as they got into politics, got into the idea of greed vs family and most of all allowed themselves to raise prices but took away from what made Disney such a grand experience- from transportation to park maintenance to resort upkeep!

      1. Kathy

        I did the same. It’s just not a good experience anymore. The fast pass fiasco was a blow. The prices are unreal. There are plenty of reasons not to go now. I miss the old Disney. My dollars are going elsewhere.

        1. The price increase would not keep me from going it’s the reservation system and the park hopper after 2pm this is ridiculous you pay all that money to be Mico managed on vacation

          1. Lisa


      2. Deb

        Your Every word is truth. I’m glad we went often when our kids were young. Wanted to take the grandkids but the crap you have to go through just to get a reservation is obscene! We take them to SeaWorld, Bush Gardens, and universal studios now. It’s too much work and not enough fun to continue with Disney.

        1. Barbara

          Exactly. It’s awful waking up at 7 am to pick rides. You don’t even get a choice in time nope. I get express pass at universal and done

        2. Michael Parrish

          Ditto. We took our girls when they were little for 20+ years, with my wife and I continuing AP’s for years after they were grown. Compared to other entertainment venues, it has just gotten out of hand. I hoped to take my grandson often as he loves Mickey Mouse. But, I refuse to go with these prices and the present reservation system. Also, Disney has been investing little in adding new adventures to the parks recently. Epcot has been gutted now for awhile with some of the planned improvements cancelled. I understand inflation. But,many of the competitors, experiencing the same inflationary pressures, have not had increases anywhere near DW.

        3. Bonnie

          Took my young family of four to the parks three times during 90’s. Once during the 25th Anniversary. I now want to take my sons and 2 grandsons this year, but it’ll be to Universal.I cannot believe you have to pay for parking staying at a resort hotel! (We stayed at their hotels all 3 times) And we planned our own ways around the rides and activities! And the cost has priced me out of going, period. So sad!!! I may just go to the animal Kingdom for a day but we’ll bring our own food and drink. When will the elites have enough already????

          1. John

            Universal on site hotels charge for parking, microwaves, bottled water in the room.

        4. Laura B

          Went there every year as a kid, and when my children were young their grandparents would take them while I worked.
          Just recently I looked at booking a Disney vacation to take my granddaughter. WTF?? We aren’t poor people but we’re not loaded either, just middle class retirees and I figure I can take my granddaughter on an European adventure for less than Disney. My husband used to take his kids for years, but now he also said we won’t be able to take mine or his grandkids, he’d rather invest in their education than throw that kind of money to an organization that is no longer fun. AND it’s US dollars! Convert to Canadian and its just a joke.
          No we will take the grandkids on a cruise or to Europe instead.

      3. C. C.

        Went 2016, 2018 and 2021. My first experience staying multiple days. Was truly magical in 2016 with the meal plan, fast passes, free parking, staying at Art of Animation. I would love to go with my grandkids now but the costs are getting too high for us one income.

      4. Billy

        I couldn’t agree with you more. Been DVC members since 2004, and visited the park 1 or 2 weeks a year since our little ones were 4 yrs old. Now that they seem to have chosen to persuade young minds rather than entertain, I’ll be doing the same and selling my DVC but keeping the stocks for the kids.

    4. Marie

      Used to be a diehard disney family. Rising prices and lowered park standards have chased us away to spend our money elsewhere.

      1. Don

        If you want to have a fantastic family vacation that doesn’t break the budget there are two great options. Silver dollar city in branson, MO and dollywood in pigeon forge, TN. Both owned by the same company inexpensive admission price when compared to anything in orlando and very friendly and helpful staff, not the just going through the motions employees you find at Disney. Dropped our florida resident passes to Disney last year no desire to return

        1. Bonnie

          I may check Dollywood out. At least I won’t need to watch out for “special dates” they may have for minority communities I don’t want to subject my grandsons to.

        2. Ichabod

          I’m glad you mentioned Dollywood. I haven’t been but want to. Have heard great things. We’re still spending(throwing) our money at Disney multiple trips per year. We have a motorhome and stay at FW, which has become absurdly priced. I don’t know when we’ll quit. We bitching about it but keep hoping it will come back.

    5. Patrica

      When our passes are up in April we will not be keeping them. We have been with Disney since I was a little girl. Great family time. We do not like what has happened to Disney. To expensive, cast members don’t care and are not helpful anymore. It’s a shame. Disney always meant leave the world behind, jump into childhood again and forget your worries. Now Its politcal. Disney does not have my support any more. There are other parks out there that you can leave your worries behind you and have fun. Disney is in your face with politics.
      Good by Disney

    6. Robert Schenck

      I have wanted to go to the Disney parks in Orlando Florida for a long time . But as I have heard of the rising costs of tickets , food , fast passes and other hikes . Because of these things I will not save money to visit Disney . I live near Kings Island and have been to Cedar Point . I will spend my money at these parks because what I would spend there all day . Would get me in Disney and nothing else . I doubt I would go to a Disney Park because it costs to much . And I have heard and read reviews of many people who are highly upset of the cost to go to Disney in Orlando.

    7. George

      I live in FL and don’t go to DW because of cost. Tickets are crazy and meals are basic and expensive.
      I go to the beach more, the beach is free for now. Heard DeSantis wants to charge for that as well. Ha!

  2. Ken Sessa

    I have written off WDW. To me it makes no sense in going to a park and have major attractions shut down also non major attractions shut down and your ticket price reflects every attractions is available. Also the magic is gone. I am still a DVC member and I use my points to stay there but spend my dollars some where else.
    And I do more cruising now but not on Disney where I get my money worth.

  3. K

    The changes made ending complimentary dining pass with resort stay, along with courtesy shuttle (magic express) & the free fast passes has caused the “magic” to dissappear for my family. Then changing up the EMH’s only allowing value resorts to a short 30 min start, while giving other resorts several hours after park closing.The straw that broke the camel’s back was the outrageous price hikes & the wokeism.
    We enjoyed it before these changes & refuse to spend thousands more for what we paid much less for & now getting much less. So disappointed in disney. Bring back all you’ve taken away!

  4. Amy K

    We had FL resident annual passes for a year, but couldn’t afford to renew them. The pandemic hit and prices rose and that was the end of any hopes of ever doing WDW again, even for just a day. As a 1 income family of 4, it’s just not an option. We are saving up for a day at the new Epic Universe in 2025, and we watch for the Veteran free days from SeaWorld/Busch Gardens… but WDW has priced itself far above any possibility for us.

    1. Teddy's mom

      Went May 2022. The lovely park that we have been visiting for the last 50 years is gone! Dirty parks and hotel bathrooms are the new Disney. Prices are crazy but the worst is all the people walking like zombies, staring at their phone. I was knocked over at least 3 times a day. My phone is not a vacation.

    2. Lisa

      My husband and I have been AP holders for years before having our son and we went frequently. During the pandemic Disney promised to refund money if the passes were not used when it opened back up. We had to fight for $100.00 out of the thousands we had spent on the 3 APs. We did not renew and will not be returning. The prices are a joke. Also making reservations for a park, a ride, paying extra for fast passes…. nope not for us.

  5. Davona

    As a local, I’m able to find ways to visit since I don’t have to pay for accommodations. However, playing Tetras to find a solution in hopes a magical experience has become tiresome. It has led me to discover that there is magic to be found elsewhere.

    1. My family has been going down 2x a yr for 20+ yrs. We are DVC members. But we haven’t been down in the past 5. My dad is talking about one last trip with the extended family about 8 months after my son is born. Then he plans on selling. We always splurged at Disney. But going so often we knew how to get the most for our money with hopper passes and fast passes. But now there are all these rules around park hopping and fast passes now cost extra. I went to Universal this past October solo. I stayed at one of their resorts, had a shuttle from the airport, bus to take me to park from resort. Although I missed the nostalgia of Disney. I plan on making new memories with my son.

  6. Kathie

    We used to go to Disney World at least once a year. And during those times, we were pushing our pocketbooks. Now they are empty! Prohibitive costs. Not for the average Joe! So disappointing. We are going other places now!

    1. Karen

      We are Florida residents and had Disney passes for 16 years. We would often go weekly. When we left the house we knew we could get on at least three rides as we had fast passes. Then COVID came and the reservation system came and no fast passes and the prices keep rising so this is the first year we did not renew our passes. I honestly can say I do miss it but we will not buy new passes.

  7. Deb

    As Florida residents, we would drive the 6hrs at least 6 times a year with passes. Hate the reservations and all the other added “magic”. Not going again.

    1. Jennie

      As a family of 4, we went almost every year. Now as 2 retirees, we haven’t been able to afford it in 6 years. Very sad.

      1. Debbie

        Same here. We would go help out with the four grandchildren, but on a fixed income we can’t afford all the price increases. We have gone to the Great Wolf Lodge and really enjoyed it! Disney is out for us! The Magic is gone😢

        1. Martha

          You got that right. We also went to help out with the grandkids. However, with no discounts of any kind for seniors and paying for parking plus ticket prices, add, add and add $$ some more. Dining resevation hassles….Done, sorry kids. We went to Orlando last year, stayed off property at a hotel which offered senior discount, and free parking, restaurants aplenty nearby. Got up in the morning and decided what we wanted to do THAT DAY and went and did it. There’s more than Disney to do in and around Orlando for less than half the cost for TWO people.

        2. Sabrina

          Was a Premium annual passholder for years. Www has been going downhill for a while now. For me, them getting rid of the osborne family lights was insane. It was so magical watching thousands of lights dancing to music and watching the snow fall was wonderful! They said they were gonna replace it with something else… Still waiting for that. The one thing I hate is not waking up in the morning and deciding inwant to go to Disney because of the stupid reservation system. As a florida resident we would go 40 plus times a year. Also, the one thing I hate is having to be on my phone to make a reservation for rides. No thanks. I love to just walk around and do things on my time. So, Bye bye Mickey!

  8. Justin

    My kids would love to go again and had considered it the last couple years, but just didn’t want to drop that much money.
    Maybe next year?
    Just hasn’t been smart to go that route.

  9. Pam

    It’s gotten so expensive to visit the Parks most people can not afford it.I know many kids want to go to the Disney Parks but even with 2 working parents they can not afford to go.I know that Wisconsin Dells are expensive along with The great America theme parks the working class parents just simply can’t afford them.They have gotten so outrageous with their prices for everything

  10. Bonnie

    We used to go to Disney World one year and then Disney cruise the next year. They were our every year vacation Happy places but the cost isxway over our budget now! We arexa family of twelve and ferl Disney lost its magic. Prices went up, no more dining plan, and they took awsy our fast passes. We will miss our Happy Place! As always the rich people win.

    1. Jen C

      How do the rich people win? The experience sucks for everyone now unless you are a celebrity or something. It’s been 19 years since I’ve last been to WDW. I’d love to take my kids, but I know I would hate it now with reservations, Genie (vacation shouldn’t require being glued to your phone), long lines, broken rides, crummy food, all perks and caring cast members gone. It used to be a premium experience for a premium price, sadly that’s no longer true.

      1. Carol

        Go woke, go broke. Until people stop going to Disney, nothing will change.

        1. kelly

          The things Jen C is complaining about have nothing to do with going “woke”. Do you even know what that word means? Caring about others more than your bigotry — hiking up prices has nothing to do with caring about others.

          1. Jenny

            Well said. “woke” is a sarcastic term used to denigrate other’s value. More acts of kindness are needed in this world, not more hate. As for WDW, it’s been too expensive for a long time!

      2. Larry J

        Save money and travel to Gatlinburg Tennessee.
        Dollywood is so perfect for both young ones and adults. Many rides, shorter lines. Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg are great towns. Mountain coasters are fun. The Smoky Mtns are breathtaking.

    2. Carol

      I’m still a die hard fan. I wouldn’t go to a water park like GWL or Disney for that matter. Disney World and GWL are totally different. We have DVC, AP, stocks. We just moved to central Florida so we can be near Disney. Yes, things are expensive at Disney. Have you seen supermarket prices? Everything is going up. Maybe with new leadership, things will change. They’ve already eliminated overnight parking fees at the resorts. If you don’t want to go to Disney anymore, stop complaining and don’t go. More space for us.Yes, there are other parks one can go to. Theme parks like Disney or Amusement parks like 6 Flags. Nobody makes you go to Disney.

      1. Michael Parrish

        Who are you to judge us that, as FL residents, have supported and carried DW for 50 years. Go if you want. But, do not criticize those of us who have seen it all change for the worse.

  11. wesley

    Great Wolf Lodge is really only an option if your family enjoys water parks. I can’t honestly see people saying “yeah, that place is 100% a replacement for WDW or some other theme park.” If the comparison was to something Universal Studios or even Legoland, depending on the age of your kids, there might be a more valid argument. But this just isn’t it for me.

    1. Marge

      I agree. The comparison is not valid.

  12. Family of 5

    We love great wolf lodge & we have Busch gardens by us also.So when we can’t splurge on Disney we go there instead!

  13. Robert Ackermann

    Way too expensive and policy changes have made it impossible for my wife and I to visit the park in Florida. Up until 2018 used to bring our whole family and foot the bill. Now we would be hard pressed to afford the trip just for my wife and I. Such a shame for the most magical place on earth to be taken over by greed. Shame, shame, shame

  14. Rroe

    We were AP holders for 8 years and finally had to give them up when the prices have now doubled. We’re retired and our income has not doubled so as for now Disney is not affordable any longer. Miss the parks but not the absorbent prices that have now come with it. Disney has to return to earth and come back to reality. If they don’t, people will just go elsewhere. Ball is in your court now Disney……what are you going to do with it?????

  15. Lee

    Former loyal Disney family here. Last visit February 2022. Never did I think my high opinion of WDW would change. There was a time when the experience off set the price but sadly this is no longer our opinion. Broken rides and general decline. We are grateful for all the years of bliss but we are changing our plans to other travel experience’s. Perhaps this was a good thing for us. Like many of you we poured money into WDW multiple times a year for years. Because of the increased cost we have broken our addiction.

    1. B

      We also went in feb 2022, we have been 15 plus times since 2010.
      Worst trip ever. No fun at all not relaxing , it was a real chore to keep up with all the genie plus BS .
      The food was overpriced carnival food. We are done . Sad part is we will miss it. It was our release from the real world… never again

  16. Jasmine Georgia Russell

    We used to go at least once a year, even bought a timeshare down there. Well we not going once a year anymore and we sold our timeshare. If you on a fixed income ” the dream that everybody and kids can come and have a dream vacay” is not a dream anymore and become a nightmare. Putting the vacay on a CC with the interest rates the way they are is not possible anymore either. Plus you tell kids who see all the toys, clothe and food…..NO it is to expensive. ! Sad affait, I do not think Walt Disney would be okay with this, actually I think he would be very sad.

  17. Carol

    I used to head south to Disney every 3 – 4 years. Every time it became more and more expensive. With all the woke BS, I gave up. Now that I live 45 min from Orlando, I refuse to go. It’s not worth it. I got my APs at Universal and am so excited about the changes coming up. What I’m paying for 2 APs is far less than I would pay for a few days at Disney now. Sorry Mickey. The money tree died.

    1. Mike

      Three words for you.

      Disney is Woke!

    2. Dan

      0 command? I think you just have a bad grasp of the English language

  18. Marcus

    I don’t buy this POV.

  19. Walt

    Please don’t try and fool us…..Bob Iger and Chapek worked together. If Iger thought I Chapek was so terrible the board would have dumped him long before. The same thing for prices. Iger is the author of this crap. I applauded when he came because Eisner lost his mojo – BOY WAS I WORNG!. Iger went woke, raised prices, destroyed Classic attractions on and on. Watch some of the internal Disney tapes by the cast having discussions on changing the terminology, signage and everything else related to this gender and radical gay agenda. Instead of this article being an add for GWP as asserted up above – I think this article was a add buy for WDW which I will never visit again until this rubbish is reversed.

  20. Gary

    I knew this would happen Disney needs to go back to the Walter Elias Disney basics. Get rid of those who caused this, Disney Leadership, Woke folks, go back to the requirements & standards of being a Castmember. It will take time but it needs to be done!

    1. Tired of Idiots

      All these idiots bringing their racist political views into a conversation about costs is such a joke.

  21. Dean

    My wife and I were Disney passholders for several years. Recently it became too much with price changes the cost in the Parks and then the ultimate when they changed fast passes. We decided to let our annual pass run out we didn’t renew it. We ended up getting a pass at universal it is so much cheaper so much fun it’s not Disney in my opinion but it’s a lot of fun and it doesn’t cost you a fortune like Disney does. Plus the whole woke thing with Disney is not my cup of tea I think you should be here just to entertain people it’s not about politics.

  22. Barbara Ann Horan

    Not going to WDW anymore mostly because of all the reservations that have to be made just to get on a ride. A 7am call to reserve a ride? Come on. The waits in lines and all the reservations make the trip not fun anymore. Don’t even mention the expense of it all. You’d have to be a millionaire just to have a meal there let alone all the extras that come with the magical day. I’m in my 70’s and I still love the parks but not anymore.

    1. Carla

      My hubby and I absolutely LOVED WDW and made at least one trip a year from 1989 to just a couple years ago. He is in his 70’s and I am 68, and everyone is correct. It’s too expensive now and the rigmarole you have to go through to have a reservation to go to a park, pay for a fast pass or Genie +, the price of room and food, just aren’t worth it anymore. We now take our trips and spend the time at Universal. He loves to ride the “vomit monsters” and I love Harry Potter so it all works out.

  23. Dee

    We go to Disney regularly and love it but it’s just getting to expensive for a family now. We used to spend a couple thousand for a week,now it’s that much for just about 2 days. Cost of tickets going up and food is outrageous! It’s like they turn you upside down to shake all your money outta your pockets as soon as you get there. WDW was created for families to enjoy, from the very beginning because that was Walt’s dream.. so please, honor his original dream and make adjustments to make it affordable for families. If they can’t honor Walt, I’m afraid Disney will lose money. Keep it original, Bring back the real magic!

  24. Mason

    Isn’t Grand Wolf Lodge just an indoor water park?

    1. wesley

      Yep, just with a hotel attached to it. If anyone has kids that hate swimming or don’t like to play in the water this is really a non starter for any type of vacation or getaway.

  25. EM

    We can no longer afford a Disney World vacation. I know my kids and grandkids would love to go again as would I but it’s not going to happen. We went 8 times in 12 years and always looked forward to planning our vacations. Now planning a vacation is torturous. From what park on what day, getting reservations, park hopping (which we always did), planning where to eat on what day, what rides you will ride each day (as long as you can get reservations for that day), Lightening passes? and all the other crap you have to plan for.
    Everything that was free when you stayed on property is now an extra charge, from parking to fast passes to early entry or extra Magic Hours. No more free dining plans or Magical Express. We loved not having to get our bags at the airport and checking our bags at the resort for the return home. I know everything changes in time but these changes are too many too fast. Sad but we will find somewhere else to vacation.

    1. S Nogg

      PART ONE
      My d and I save up for WDW trips, knowing it will be an expense. Our expectations are that the trip will be as magical as we make it. In 21, it WAS crowded with some unruly folk. We shrugged and headed to some other areas. Some rides stopped or shut down. We’d visit and people watch as we waited or moved on. We only used Genie+/Lightening on our last day to try to hit the few rides we missed. I tried to not become captive to my phone. We stayed on site, but if we find some of those perks don’t return, we’ll stay off site next time. Did I have some complaints? You bet. But I let them be known (politely) and went on with my vacation.

      I know this sounds harsh, but if you are a true Disney fan, you make it work, even if it can only be one trip in ten years (us for a while). The stressed CM we’re always wonderful to us because we were always wonderful to them; we were so happy to be there.

  26. Randall

    Always been a Disney fan and got APs when moved to FL, but lately not so much, and it’s been over a year since there and no longer getting passes. Kids and kiddies visiting this year but looking for other amusements, and not due to skyrocketed costs as they can easily afford it. The magic has left WDW and doubt Mr. Iger can fix it, real shame.

  27. Tim

    It was fun Disney! Prices skyrocketed and lines are wait times are just insane. No fast pass ! Goodbye!

  28. Used to go weekly as a FL resident. Haven’t been now in 5years. Way too expensive. Universal and all the others are way cheaper. I hope one day we can return. If not the next time I visit will be to do an abandoned Disney World Video for YouTube

  29. Don’t forget those of us on the West coast that can no longer afford Disneyland. After a lifetime of visiting Disneyland at least 1-2 times a year, including spending our honeymoon there in 1974 and then bringing our children regularly as they grew up. Increased prices now prohibit us being able to share Disneyland with our grandkids. We really wanted to spend our 50th wedding anniversary there to celebrate but unfortunately that too is now also out of our financial reach.

    I think it would break Walt’s heart to know that so many families can no longer enjoy his dream with their families. So sad that we can’t share such an important part of our lives with what was for so many years our Disneyland family….

  30. Christina

    My husband and I wanted to take our family to Disney but changed our minds between Airlines canceling rising prices and children being stolen I just don’t trust it. They need to make changes for families immediately including price gouging.

    1. Martha

      Children are being “stolen”

  31. Tony

    We have been Florida Resident APs for nearly ten years. We almost did not renew, for many of the same reasons many here are staying away. But nostalgia and emotion took over so we went from three Platinum + APs to three Pirate Pass APs. Now we are back here again and we were are leaning towards renewing because we love Disney. But we had hoped that Disney would get back to Walt’s values. But sadly, Disney keeps moving further to the Left. Take the Proud Parents latest offering. Just shocking and simply against our values. I don’t think we can survive anymore of what Disney has become.

    1. Tired of Idiots

      Maybe your “values” are just bigotry.

  32. David A

    I have been going to the parks since 1971, while living in Northern California. My wife lived in Southern and visited more frequently when she was a child.
    Last time we really enjoyed, WDW was in 2015, Feb/March for our anniversary, and then again in 2020 (prior to covid).
    Last time was 50th WDW in February.
    2020, the crowds were bearable. Still had fast pass, which worked great. We enjoy the arts festival, being at the same time as our anniversary.
    2022 the crowds were unruly, people pushing, electric scooters running through crowds. Just not a pleasant experience in off season time.
    We have put both parks on extended standby, maybe until the parks go back to semi normal off season times. We are adults with no children to escort, and enjoy the off season times of prior.
    The cost is high, last trip for 2 9k, and staying at Beach and French Quarter to keep costs down for a longer 9 day visit. But spending that kind of money, you would expect a more laid back, off season experience, NO SO. Scheduling with the Disney+ Lighting Lane was a chore. See what is available at 7am and hope to get a ride that does not interfere with the dining arrangements, which were pre arraigned months prior. Some folks say the new system was easy, I did not experience that, and am a retired Computer tech, and excel in technology. This is not what I consider a viable program to use on a vacation!!! Iger is different that he seems to care about people, different than the other Bob! But Disney has become so immersed in multiple business, that they need to divide, or maybe go back to the real reason for parks, and media that Walt envisioned 100 yrs ago and parks 70 years prior..

  33. Bill

    Being raised in Florida, our family went often. I love the idea of sharing the great memories with my youth with my kids. However, we too have written off Disney. I feel that they view guests only as money puzzles that are to be solved in order to extract every cent.

    Even if I had the money to visit I would not do it. Nobody enjoys feeling like they are being taken advantage of. It would take a lot to win my family back.

  34. WiscoNative

    Great wolf lodge? Lmfao

  35. David A

    Sitting on a Beach in Hawaii is now less expensive than a WDW trip, and Disneyland Hotels, are more $$$$ than a beach front 4star hotel in Paradise!
    And relaxing, Disney is now plan, plan plan if you can. Disney+ and lightning lane are “money makers” that do not offer that much.
    Trip to property from the Airport now??? Plan plan plan, if you can. You are now your own luggage handlers. Not so relaxing enjoyable vacation of the past.

  36. Greg B

    Even DVC members like my wife and I have been appalled at the skyrocketing costs of everything at Disney. That and the face that some iconic Main St. attractions have been removed for more retail space. Main St is now nothing more than a shopping mall with overpriced merchandise.

  37. Robert

    We stopped going to Disney.

    Instead we did Lego land. Season passes and now Busch garden season passes.

    Fun with family and not bankrupting me as a Florida resident

  38. Bill

    Went to Disney world every other year. Last trip was 2014. Started going on cruises because it was just alot cheaper, less crowded, and service was better. Just for grins, sometime last year I looked up what it would cost for a Disney trip and was shocked at how much more thousands of dollars it was. The magic is indeed gone. They are losing a generation of kids whose parents will look for cheaper alternatives.

  39. Ron

    We used to be AP’s, but no more. Too many changes in the park and too much politics. When we go to DL or DW we want to escape from all of the drama in the world; not be embroiled in it. Disney needs to return to Walt’s vision and stop imposing corporate dogma on, what used to be, “The Happiest Place on Earth”.

  40. Paul

    I have been a true fan since we went with my son in 2007. We also purchase a DVC in 2016. I am no longer a fan of the parks and sold off our DVC in 2022 for all the same reasons as others noted.

  41. Jim

    If this is true, which it probably isn’t, then the increased price strategy might be starting to work. Disney should keep raising prices until the crowds thin out enough for the parks to be enjoyable again.

    1. EM

      So only the rich can go I guess

  42. Linda

    We have been coming since 1972 and were looking forward to the 50th celebration. Have lived in Florida since 1974 and went numerous times during the year. Hotel prices, passes, all things that were free are now costly. Sad to see what has happened to a World we loved so much but won’t be visiting again.

  43. DJ

    Yep, I’m done with Disney. Between 2019 and 2020, my trip costs doubled. I just came back from a trip to Cancun for the same amount of time and spent 25% of my last Disney trip. Last time there, with the increased costs and the new Genie+ program, we spent $500 a day per person and got on two rides and one TS restaurant. Crazy!

  44. Jake

    It’s great to see! So many right wing MAGAs not going, how awesome!

  45. Ted Okon

    Disney has gotten rid of everything people love They are to worried about this or that. Mr. Disney would be rolling over in gis grave if he knew what they were doing to his parks.

  46. Maria

    I’m so sad it looks like the Disney family forgot what this park was ment for happiness. You have become to gready company. I’m 64 I was a pass holder for 16 years. Loved going to the parksseeing concerts flowers no more so sad.

  47. Nancy Jenkins

    We went to Disney Magic Kingdom and Epcot in November 22 and found it way too costly for what we got. Food was terrible and costly. Scooter broke down and spent much time trying to get replacement, park way over crowded. It was insane. Been going to Disney for 28 years and family decided no more! When experience is horrible why go back?

  48. JT

    I have no intentions of returning to Disney after my last visit in 2013. So much has changed, the majority of the changes IMO negatively. No free fast passes, having to reserve and plan everything WELL ahead of time and the COSTS for it all just going up and up?? Nope, not going to spend our vacation time standing in outrageously long lines and spending more money for more aggravation….

  49. Ethen

    The Happiest Place on Earth has now become the biggest ripoff for families on Earth!!

  50. Tim

    I have noticed that a lot more people are going to Universal, Legoland and Seaworld, Dollywood, Silver Dollar City, Cedar Point, and some of the 6 Flags parks, rather than Disney. I have also noticed the trend out west as well with the choices being Knott’s and Universal Hollywood. I have also seen a trend of more people going to places like the old-style roadside attractions State and National parks, as well as a lot of museums as well. This also makes sense as more people than ever have purchased RVs during the covid years and are using those.

  51. I love Disney World, and that hasn’t diminished in any way. I can’t stand these rain on my parade articles.

  52. David

    $17 for a mixed drink, $ 11 for a beer and $25 for a cheeseburger ! Overpriced buffets. We are DVC so we stay on property. We pay the prices but it’s not enjoyable. We love being on property but they take advantage of you. The cost of the weekday only Florida AP is more then the weekly AP was before Covid. I think they just keep raising because people keep paying it.

  53. Kaley

    My family and I only live 30 minutes away from Disney and I have always been a die hard fan since birth but Disney is not what it once was, the magical feeling of it just isn’t there anymore and I have 4 small kids, there is no way we can afford Disney anymore heck we haven’t been able to afford it since 2021, we used to be pass holders

  54. Cheryl Malave

    I believe that Disney World is too expensive and not fun anymore. Parking is ridiculous, no more free fast passes and most of all problems at gate due to ticket reservations made and not showing up on the app and being turned away from gate by security. Waiting on line at guest services for hours due to computer error by WD.

  55. Helene and Jim

    No more Disney for us. We’re looking at non-Disney cruises. #anywherebutdisney #wokedisneyworld

  56. Barbara

    We are a family of five former pass holders . We completely stopped going to Disney and still go to universal studios because it’s easy and doesn’t require my cell all day and level three planning or waking up 7 am. It’s stress free

  57. Kevin

    We like so many others used to go to WDW. We live about 45 mins away and were AP holders. We went several times a year and stayed in Disney hotels and ate at Disney. We got tired of the price increases and the rides always breaking down. We did not renew our APs because it all was getting too expensive. After Covid with all the changes, we decided not to ever again. We kept hoping things would go back like pre-covid so we could go once in a while. But that never happened. With continual price increases and the politics Disney got involved in, we will never go back. We now go on cruises, (Not Disney Cruises, too expensive) which cost way less than Disney and love it. We miss the old Disney, but sadly, those days are gone.

  58. S Nogg

    I’ll tell you what I AM sick and tired if…my posts not showing up.

    (This one will, but my long post supporting Disney probably won’t. It happens a LOT).

  59. M. Cothren

    Once Disney catered to the woke and prompted that mess my family was dome. I’ve canceled future vacations and Disney +. Thanks but no thanks

  60. Sa

    We have season passes to both Disney and Sea World.
    While ticket prices are higher at Disney food is cheaper across the board. For example a bottle of water is $ Disney and $4.99 at Sea World.

    The Author should send the time report actual facts not just opinions.

  61. James

    This isn’t anything remotely new. People have always gravitated away from Disney and towards other theme parks for entertainment options at certain points in their lives. From what I can tell Park attendance at the Disney parks isn’t dropping off remotely, so all your musing about not going anymore aren’t making much of a dent.

  62. Sue Neser

    Since Disney wants to target our children with their wokeism and trying to cause hate between different races they will never receive another penny of my money or my families money! Outrageous prices and feeling hate is not acceptable.

    1. Fab 5

      You’re a simpleton.

  63. We live in Canada but visited Disneyland and WDW Florida quite often 2 or 3 times a year at each park. My head office is in Orlando and the family would join me on business travel when possible over the last 30+ years. After the exchange rate its simply to high a price for a week or weekend of family fun. We do Universal, Seaworld and the beach now.

  64. Been going to Disney world since the first week they opened. Had weekday passes for two years and used special resident offers and went several times a year as I live One hour away. Will not go again until the reservation system is gone. Like to go spontaneously. Place is not the same as it was for many years.

  65. Penne

    I am a 600 point DVC member, Platinum Castaway Club member, I am 61 and I have been to Walt Disney World over 120 times.
    My 20 year old daughter has been to WDW 43 times and 15 Disney Cruises – mostly concierge !
    I had hopes when Iger came back that he would simply hit the REWIND BUTTON and take us back to 2018 !!
    Chapek not only raised prices BUT HE TOOK SO MUCH AWAY FROM THE WDW EXPERIENCE. He bragged that he made way more profit than 2018 with FAR FEWER GUESTS ????
    Well, I was at WDW 4 times in 2018 and HAD ALMOST NO LINES. FEWER GUESTS NOW – HOW ARE THE LINES SO DARN LONG ?????
    I bet they are not running all ride vehicles and making lines 1-2 & 3 hours long so they can keep guests in the park SPENDING MONEY from open til close !
    Who wants to stand in line all day ?
    Bring fastpass back and shoot GENIE + In the head !!!!
    GREED !
    THAT IS DISNEY’S PROBLEM. They are loosing money with Disney + streaming so they are trying to make up that loss by KILLING WDW GUESTS WITH CRAZY PRICE INCREASES.
    My family stayed at Bay Lake Tower in October 2022 – We Had reservations to the hoop-see-doo for the 50th time – So we walked to the Contemporary resort to catch the boat to Fort Wilderness just like we have done for 30 years … and guess what ? THEY STOPPED THAT BOAT SERVICE !!!!
    Why ? To save a few dollars and inconvenience guests.
    They created a projection show to replace the many fireworks shot every night TO SAVE MONEY – and they ruined the fireworks show.
    PROJECTIONS, once made, cost penny’s of electricity each night – to hell with the WDW fireworks ! GREED !!!!
    Hell, Their mobile ordering is so messed up – You cannot even walk up and get a meal.

    1. Hc LABROCK

      Well put.

  66. Mickeymouse3

    Reading several article about how Disney’s cost increases are pushing out the middle class. The parks are dirty and not worth the experience anymore.
    I guess, as dirty as the parks are becoming, Disney truly is for the “filthy” rich.

    1. Ichabod

      You are correct. 95% of staff is dirty and does not give a ratsass either. They excel at talking amongst themselves. Don’t dare interrupt their conversations to ask them to step down to your level and serve the customer. They were given so much mask-power during coofid that it will be very difficult to train that out of them and train them back to old Disney culture.

  67. shawn

    YES. Disney has totally lost its vision of core American system values. I do not want my family exposed to its political woke ideology. We will vacation where Americans are cherished.

  68. Aaron chastain

    Nothing compares to the Disney experience BUT if my teacher salary doesn’t permit it then it doesn’t matter. They need to lower Prices. I would also warn them to not replace all the attractions that bring families together (great movie ride) with fast, high motion attractions that can keep little children and elderly children from sharing with the family.

  69. S Nogg

    My d and I save up for WDW trips, knowing it will be an expense. Our expectations are that the trip will be as magical as we make it. In 21, it WAS crowded with some unruly folk. We shrugged and headed to some other areas. Some rides stopped or shut down. We’d visit and people watch as we waited or moved on. We only used Genie+/Lightening on our last day to try to hit the few rides we missed. I tried to not become captive to my phone. We stayed on site, but if we find some of those perks don’t return, we’ll stay off site next time. Did I have some complaints? You bet. But I let them be known (politely) and went on with my vacation.

    I know this sounds harsh, but if you are a true Disney fan, you make it work, even if it can only be one trip in ten years (us for a while). The stressed CM we’re always wonderful to us because we were always wonderful to them; we were so happy to be there.

    If all you grumpy people with such high expectations of being delivered magic don’t come, I can only imagine my next trip being better.

    PS. In all the years I’ve been visiting the parks (since 1965) I have been thrilled to notice that the visitors have gone from being all white families to being multi-hued folk

  70. S Nogg

    My d and I save up for WDW trips, knowing it will be an expense. Our expectations are that the trip will be as magical as we make it. In 21, it WAS crowded with some unruly folk. We shrugged and headed to some other areas. Some rides stopped or shut down. We’d visit and people watch as we waited or moved on. We only used Genie+/Lightening on our last day to try to hit the few rides we missed. I tried to not become captive to my phone. We stayed on site, but if we find some of those perks don’t return, we’ll stay off site next time. Did I have some complaints? You bet. But I let them be known (politely) and went on with my vacation.

    I know this sounds harsh, but if you are a true Disney fan, you make it work, even if it can only be one trip in ten years (us for a while). The stressed CM we’re always wonderful to us because we were always wonderful to them; we were so happy to be there.

    1. S Nogg

      PART TWO

      If all you grumpy people with such high expectations of being delivered magic don’t come, I can only imagine my next trip being better.

      PS. In all the years I’ve been visiting the parks (since 1965) I have been thrilled to notice that the visitors have gone from being all white families to being multi-hued folk with some families led by two moms, two dad’s and/or LGBTQAI+ couples holding hands.

      Guess I’m just “woke” and happy to be so.

    2. S Nogg

      Still aren’t posting part two…

      1. S Nogg

        Finally. It only took 3 days and reposting…🤦🏻‍♀️

  71. Don

    If you want to have a fantastic family vacation that doesn’t break the budget there are two great options. Silver dollar city in branson, MO and dollywood in pigeon forge, TN. Both owned by the same company inexpensive admission price when compared to anything in orlando and very friendly and helpful staff, not the just going through the motions employees you find at Disney. Dropped our florida resident passes to Disney last year no desire to return

  72. Tim

    Been to WDW over 25 times over the past 30 years. Seems like they have a concerted effort to suck the magic from the experience and expand the money grab. No plans to visit.

  73. Chris

    I was an AP holder for many years but when the pandemic came and they reopened having to make a reservation when I had passed with no blackout dates. Then can’t park hop we gave them up. I don’t care if I go back the only thing I miss is Epcot and the festivals. But not going to pay those prices

    1. Beth

      We planned a Disney vacation with the 4 grands. After cost $$$ estimate , we decided it was way to expensive and decided on a trip to Hawaii for a week. Kids were 😄 thrilled.

  74. Beth

    We planned a Disney vacation with the 4 grands. After cost $$$ estimate , we decided it was way to expensive and decided on a trip to Hawaii for a week. Kids were 😄 thrilled.

  75. Sharon

    Dollywood is much closer to us and much cheaper with great places to stay for less. We love Dollywood! We used to love WDW but it makes my stomach and head hurt now!

  76. I used to be a regular day tripper to Disney. I loved to go and people watch. Between the price and the hassle, I’ve quit going. The thought of hassling the crowds is over whelming.

    If Disney wanted to keep growing, they should have kept building. My eyes tell me it’s no better than an average attraction. My wallet tells otherwise .

  77. Charles Thorne

    Going to Disneyland this year!

  78. Terri

    Yes….I did NOT renew my Annual WDW Pass because it was WAY too expensive! I had it for over 20 years and I lIVE out of state and went several times a year! Meaning I spent ALOT! I usually stayed in property , booked showes, character dining and special events (I am old also🤣). My friend and I travel alot and I take my family & grandchildren and go for fun! We buy alot and spend MORE than casual Florida citizens that just go for a day! The prices for parking (rent a car always) food hotels have Gotten out of hand and are just ridiculous! I decided they had enough of my money 💰 and we could enjoy other places! We bought so much stuff at Disney we always had to mail it home! I guess they didn’t care if we left or not!

  79. Hc LABROCK

    I visit WDW all the time.
    It doesn’t appear that the crowd counts are less.
    All parks are packed. Just check the Wait times.

  80. When my kids were younger we went to great wolf in Pennsylvania 3 times and Disney twice. We had great times at both but I had a blast at great wolf with a lot less traveling around and airport aggravation. My daughter and I especially have great memories of following the clues with our majik wand and slaying the dragon.

  81. Donna

    I live 45 mins or less from Disney. And I rarely go even with Florida Residents status! Too expensive. Unnecessary!

  82. Sandy Rekemeier

    As Florida residents we used to enjoy great bargains and frequented Disneyworld. We loved going to several shows per week during Epcot’s summer concert series. So much has changed in the past few years not to mention soaring prices we are now taking advantage of the better values offered at Busch Gardens and SeaWorld. If the current and ousted BIG WIGS at Disney weren’t awarded astronomical wages and severance packages the general public wouldn’t have to be scalped by absoribtant prices. It’s sad to see Walt’s Dream going up in smoke because of the current administration’s greed.

  83. Pablo Honey

    Their need to lobby for sexualization of minors is a bit too creepy for my taste.

  84. C’sue

    I have 4 grandsons I want to take to Disney before I get too sick to go. But they have out-priced what we can afford and the lines are too long. It’s a shame because Disney was our yearly vacation spot with my kid so I had hoped to pass the joy along to the next generation.

  85. Chris Kinney

    Universal Studios Florida is a great alternative to Disneyworld. My wife and I got annual passes for about $350 each. We still love Disney, but it takes a year or two of saving to go.

  86. Elizabeth Savery

    I am a D23 member and annual passholder. I will not be returning to WDW until the madness stops, the greediness is too much. It is not only about the exorbitant rising of costs, and additional costs… but the overall cleanliness of the place has declined, and there just isn’t the “magical” feel anymore 😞. I have been going to WDW since 1973 and am sad to not share it with my grandchildren.

  87. Rosemary Nowden

    My last visit was 3 years ago and not planning to ever go again because I’m priced out. If I’m going to spend over 1200 dollars I’m going to an all inclusive resort with no 2 hrs waiting in line.

  88. James franzen

    I live just across the road from disney maybe 10 minutes, no park hopper, reservations, no fast pass was there several times a week
    No more.

  89. We went to Disney world in April with our children and grandchildren ten people total . Five nights at Art of Animation, tickets, food, and fairly reasonable airfare still totaled $24,000+. Once in a lifetime trip unfortunately.

  90. Miss Beth

    Last trip, we did both Disney and Universal. I found Unievrsal to be equally expensive, but FAR less hassle and more enjoyable. Also didn’t feel quite so nickel and dimed…Express pass is what it is, rather than stupid Genie Plus, paying separately for good rides, getting up at 6:45 on vacation just to try to get a ride time and staring at the phone the whole trip. At Universal we popped on the lanyard and that was it!!!

    That said…at over $1000 a day for our family of 4, no more trips for us. I’d rather go to Hawaii or tour Europe!

  91. Ichabod

    Great Wolf is O K maybe once or twice but not destination caliber or substitute for DW, even in its current, pathetic state.

  92. Stu

    We took our kids to Great Wolf Lodge several times when they were younger. Loved it!

    As for WDW, my last trip in February of ’22 was miserable. Zero Disney “magic”, but plenty of crowds and malfunctioning attractions, and the incomprehensiblely arcane Genie was no help. I also couldn’t get past the feeling that Disney is trying to siphon as much money out of my wallet as possible.

    Universal, on the other hand, was a blast. They are kicking Disney’s tail all over the place. We also LOVED Sea World’s Discovery Cove. Plenty of things to do in Orlando besides the mouse.

  93. Helen

    Looking into other options!! Disney is outrageous all around. We can’t afford to go on our 10 vacations like we did back in 2016.It a shame they have priced themselves our of the market. We will go to other destinations instead of Disney!!!

  94. Robert Frey

    Took my daughter and her husband and 4 year old grandaughter in November.
    LAST TIME. For a week it took a very large chunk out of our savings. Used to go every couple of years since 1974. Could always afford it. Not now. Will definitely look for a different type of amusement park. Sorry I really loved disney till now.

  95. If Disney Executives and Leaders would just listen to working Cast Members they would realize how serious a problem this is for visiting families. We are losing the very vision of Walt Disney and why he created Disney Vacation Lands. I respect our guests, our Cast and pray our leaders listen. ☕🤠

  96. Tom

    Corporate Greed is the culprit here. Cheaper options exist. Have 3 grandchildren who would love to go but can’t afford the price

  97. Joan

    Yes! We are staying away. In addition to the rising costs, poor customer service, and removal of the “magic”, we very much disagree with their “wokeness”. One glaring example is the American Pavilion – a number of years ago, they removed the Fife and Drum corps, and recently they changed the rotunda from a tribute to our founding fathers, with pictures of American presidents, to a tribute to soul music – really? And, the beautiful period costumes of the Voices of Liberty are gone. Perhaps Disney (being “woke”) doesn’t like this country and is ashamed of our history? If so, they certainly don’t need our money. It’s really a shame what they have turned into. There are lots of other areas where Disney has turned childhood fantasy fun into absurd adult “wokeness”. If you can’t say “ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” anymore, than you have a problem. We have gone from 2-3 visits a year to zero and I don’t know when we will be returning.

  98. Lisa

    I love Disney World but due to the cost it’s going to be a few years before I can go back. Not a fan of the reservation system either, or waking up at 7am to book a Lightning Lane. Hopefully Iger will add back some of the freebies.

  99. GERRY S

    Haven’t been in years. NO park is worth the $$ they charge. It’s become a park for the rich. Mr. DISNEY must be rolling over in his grave!

  100. Karen

    Ah, WDW, filled with wonder and excitement the minute you pass through the gates with Mickey and Minnie welcoming you! Sadly families today are not able to save enough to take their families there for more than day because of what is now charged to get into the park. Not to mention food and souvenirs and the costs associated with those amenities. Thankfully we were able to take our four children when they were younger. Sadly we could not afford it now! It’s shameful price gouging like the rest of corporate America. We have to entertaining alternatives. But nothing quotes gives the thrill of a Disney park. Please stop the greed🙏🙏🙏🙏

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