Disney Princesses Played Role in Jeffrey Epstein Sex Trafficking Crimes

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Jeffrey Epstein and Snow White

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More details were recently revealed about the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking crime and have shown even more disturbing elements of how deep the scandal went.

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Years after Jeffery Epstein’s initial arrest on his sex trafficking crime ring, we are still finding out more elements of the case of how deep the scandal went.

The Virgin Islands government unsealed more of their lawsuit against the Wall Street Investment Bank JP Morgan on Wednesday afternoon, signaling what they say their investigation uncovered. The less-redacted complaint states that JPMorgan knew about Epstein and his fellow accused predator: French modeling scout Jean Luc Brunel, the owner of the MC2 Modeling Company.

According to the released documents, over 20 of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking victims were paid through JPMorgan accounts, as the megabank’s former top executives privately discussed abuse allegations surrounding the late predator as far back as 2006, newly unsealed passages of a federal lawsuit reveal.

Based on the unsealed documents, they would go on to state that “These women were trafficked and abused during different intervals between at least 2003 and July 2019, when Epstein was arrested and jailed, and these women received payments, typically multiple payments, between 2003 and 2013 in excess of $1 million collectively,” one of those passages alleges. “Epstein also withdrew more than $775,000 in cash over that time frame from JP Morgan accounts, especially significant as Epstein was known to pay for “massages,” or sexual encounters, in cash.”

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Another disgusting detail revealed was how JP Morgan executive Jes Staley referred to the victims as classic Disney Princesses. In 2021, reports emerged that the emails included mysterious messages about “Snow White.” That exchange is quoted in the unredacted lawsuit. In July 2010, the executive at the Wall Street bank sent an email to Epstein, saying: “Maybe they’re tracking u? That was fun. Say hi to Snow White,” according to the lawsuit.

BREAKING: Jeffrey Epstein emails with former JPMorgan executive Jes Staley show they referred to young women as Disney characters like Snow White and Beauty and the Beast. Truly disturbing.

It gets worse; in response, Epstein would respond to Staley, saying, “[W]hat character would you like next?” Staley answered “Beauty and the Beast,” and Epstein replied: “well, one side is available,” the lawsuit states.

As more details are revealed in the current lawsuit, the public is learning more about the extent to how deep the crime ring went.

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