Disney’s Nostalgic Marketing Efforts Show Potential for the Years Ahead

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Disney100 ad thanks animators, workers, and fans

Credit: Disney

Disney’s latest ad during Super Bowl LVII tugged on the nostalgic heartstrings of viewers across the country. Featuring scenes and quotes from many beloved Disney movies, theme parks, and fan encounters, the commercial ended with a recording of Walt Disney himself thanking the artists, workers, and fans for helping “make this dream come true.” It follows Disney’s recent nostalgic turn as the company celebrates some major milestones.

Walt Disney Studios - Dinsey100 Logo
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Walt Disney World is wrapping up its 50th Anniversary celebrations as The Walt Disney Company begins its celebrations of 100 years of storytelling. Merchandise and theming throughout the parks have leaned heavily into the nostalgia factor, with items featuring designs of the original park maps, iconic castle facades, and other “retro” images.

The ad connected viewers of all ages, thanking them “from one generation to the next” for helping create the magic. According to System1, a commercial ranking site, the Disney100 ad was deemed the “most effective” of the night, with many fans on Twitter agreeing. Newly-reinstated CEO Bob Iger stated that Disney100 celebrates all of the fans and families who have contributed to making the moments and memories that make the company “such an enduring part of the global culture.”

The Disney100 commercial comes less than a week after Iger announced plans to lay off over 7000 workers across The Walt Disney Company. During the company’s quarterly earnings call, he stated that he plans to shift focus to “Disney entertainment, ESPN and Disney Parks experiences and products.” Some viewers expressed distaste for the Super Bowl ad in the wake of the layoffs, given the amount of money companies spend to advertise during the game.

Minnie Mouse greets a small girl dressed in her polka dot dress and bow
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Even with the latest announcements, given the desire to focus on its streaming platform and original shows, as well as several sequels recently announced, Disney doesn’t seem to be slowing down in their entertainment area any time soon. Disney Parks around the world have also announced new rides or rethemes, entertainment, and other celebrations in anticipation of the 100th anniversary. If anything, the ad served as both a thank you to the fans and an optimistic look at the future of Disney’s storytelling.

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