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Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom

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  1. Thomas Durkan

    I pray that they will never permanently close Carousel of Progress. Closing it permanently would be a huge insult to Walt Disney himself.

  2. Bambi Curry

    I think they should put the lady in the tramp and splash mountain and not the princess and the frog you’re taking splash mountain from being racism and then you’re putting a black princess in it it’s not right either

    1. Sharon


  3. Anti woke

    They won’t close any of these as the woke left has not said they are racist yet. Tom Sawyer could be in trouble because of some themes from the great American literature it comes from. But don’t tell the liberals and maybe they will overlook it, they hate history after all

  4. I find it hard to believe “hover cars” and “Sugar Rush” were touted to replace the speedway by anyone.

    If only there were a franchise that Disney owns that had a race theme populated by automobiles…

    Hmmmmm, maybe one named CARS!!!???

  5. Royz

    Bugs Life in AK(it should remain). Just roll out a sequel to Bugs Life…That is the premier, and most worthwhile attraction in AK…its now iconic to AK., just like Carousel of Progress is to the MK, and like.some were at Epcot before they were changed.

    With Tomorrowland SpeedWay. This should be changed. Mentions of Sugar Rush Wreck It Ralph would fit in there better because of the arcade game themeing, to compliment Tron.
    (Instead of Re-doing Splash Mountain, the mountain should have been incorporated and fused into, along with Big Thunder Mountain as a transition to Carsland.)

    Rock and RollerCoaster at DHS…This should change and or never been built. Did not fit themeing of that area of DHS.

  6. D Hark

    I’m good with any of them going but I think the island is definitely wasted space

  7. Mason

    I haven’t been to Disney since
    early March 2020 but they should give Tom Sawyer Island the axe.

  8. DisneyFan123

    @anti-woke Not sure what history you’re referring to but a little Google search reveals The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn had been accused of racism as far back as the ’50s. It had other controversies and bannings since its publication in 1885. FYI: The ones who sought to banned it for right-wing family-value conservatives who felt a story of two runaway boys and an escaped slave didn’t serve as the best role model for youths.

  9. Michael Ceriale

    My Family always enjoyed it’s a Bug life…and the Aerosmith coaster is great? Next the Tower of terror will be gone…They are all good rides and Disney has a lot more that are awful they could get rid of…Why would you touch these!!!

    1. Sharon

      Get rid of the Speedway! I’ve been saying this for years. It’s noisy, smelling and boring. It’s on a track so not really being driven. Would be more fun if they were Dodge-em cars. It takes up alot of land that could be better used.

  10. Donna

    All I can say is the new princess tiana ride sounds boring as hell! They got rid of an iconic job and replaced it with trash.

    1. Donna


  11. Walt

    So sick of the mantra splash “Closed due to a “backlash” – what?!? by one purple haired freak or one made up complaint? Done with Disney – there is life after.


    I hope Tianas adventure closes next, or not open at all. Dosn’t belong in Frontierland in the first place.

    1. K

      They killed frontier land. Boycott thr ride and Disney!

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