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Ariel thinking in her Grotto at Magic Kingdom in Disney World with Mickey Mouse nervously saying goodbye

Credit: Disney (both images)


  1. Dan

    You already got your splash Mountain re-theme,
    what more do you want???

    Just can’t let well enough alone can’t you?

    1. Jay

      Yea splash mountain was remade because it was based off of an old racist film from the 1940’s but that’s ok right?? Cause how would the kids know. Just let them sing along to the low key racist songs.

      1. Dan

        Typical leftist responses.

        What about splash Mountain itself was racist?

      2. Dan

        Typical leftist response

        What about splash Mountain itself was racist??

      3. Not a sheep

        How is it racist?

  2. I love Disney

    Ah, that’s what I said before! They are going to replace the white Ariel with a black Ariel at the parks. They can’t just have one of each because there might be a stark contrast of the popularity of the 2 Ariels, making things look bad. Now if they don’t replace the Ariel, it will also look bad, like they are not supportive of the movie. So, just like the movie replaced the white Ariel, the parks have to as well. Same with Snow White.

  3. Panda

    This is honestly quite sad. Ariel was a favorite character of mine growing up as a red head. I got bullied for my hair color but felt loved when I saw a red headed creature just like myself. I don’t see why they don’t do them as a bonded pair like in the beautiful art that artists have been making. It shouldn’t matter which one is more popular, it should matter about representation. Having the original Ariel welcome in the new one and them being a bonded pair would be a better message for children. The new should be welcomed but the original should be as well.

    1. M

      Do I agree? No way! Can whites use the race card for this one? You can’t just erase the race or look of the original. You want another black character? That is wonderful. But do so by creating a completely new character. Not just changing a white character to a black character to cater to another race. And fyi…there are so many races not represented by Disney. There is plenty of opportunities to create new characters. Disney needs to be more original instead of creating contavesary and division, which is exactly what is happening.

    2. Jay

      Seeing a black Ariel is now “quite sad” you say growing up you got bullied for your read head and you loved Ariel. seeing a beautiful red head mermaid that looked like you. How do you think little girls and boys around the world will feel when they see a mermaid with the same colored skin as them? What if there going through racial hatred at school as seeing this will make them feel how you did when you were a little kid?

  4. FkDisney

    Lmfao and when kids flip out because its definitely not the ariel they know well they will make up some bs excuse like trying to blame the parents for being racist

  5. Mickeymouse3

    So the kids who saw the original movie, with Ariel being a white, red head, now come to a park and see a black Ariel and will say, who is that?
    No confusion there (insert eye roll).
    Although it is possible that humans can change their skin color, right? (insert another eye roll).
    Dollars to donuts many parents will just tell their kids the black Ariel is a friend or relative of the original Ariel.
    PC at its finest. Here’s a thought, make a completely different, quality movie that has people of color in it, rather doing a complete makeover/remake of an already well established movie.

    1. Jay

      “Although it is poss that humans can change their skin color, right” it’s a mermaid for gods sake. ITS NOT REAL. And how do you know what kids will say maybe they will love that there are two versions of their favorite character.

  6. rteker

    I called this out last year when they were showing that new one’s trailer. Disney needs to stop this race-washing

    1. Robert

      Not going to watch the movie just like I won’t watch the new pirates movie. Taking our favorite things and ruining them. Why can’t they make new movies with black princesses and leave the originals alone.

      1. Jay

        Wow making a white mermaid black is now “ruining them” CRAZY.

  7. Jill

    All for it 💛…go with the times! The “princess persona” (and the prince persona for that matter), needs to evolve to include differences both socially and culturally! Thumbs up 👍 Disney it’s about time!

  8. Jan

    Agree. I’m sure Walt is very disappointed in the way Disney is being run. These are classic movies and characters. They should be Treated that way. Just make new movies and characters. Stop making everything about race. I used to go to Disney world every two years but stop going until they get it right again.

  9. Megan

    This is absolutely ridiculous. Where does it stop? How about having a white black panther in the parks? Would be ridiculous, just like this is

    1. Jay

      That is completely different. A black cultural character compared to a mermaid that can come in different races. Sorry didn’t know there could only be a white mermaid.

  10. Jim

    Hate to break to supporters of this change, Hallie Bailey may be black but her inclusion doesn’t infuse the movie with “black culture”. There’s more to being a black person than the color of your skin. Ariel isn’t and will never be fully human and she doesn’t hail from any nation where indigenous people are black. There’s more black culture in The Princess and the Frog as well as the CGI The Lion King. I know nothing of black history in Africa, my knowledge of black history pretty much starts with when blacks were abducted and shipped overseas as slaves. How about a black princess story with black culture infused? Disney did a great job with movies like Encanto, Brave, Luca, Moana, and Coco. Each of these movies was infused with relevant history, culture, and a vibrance that sets them apart from the classics. The creators took their time, visited the regions, and explored the people’s and regions. Some of the more recent releases have just been plain lazy efforts. Pinocchio, Lightyear, and Strange World were all flops.

    1. Rteker

      Actually back people where abducted by their own people and sold into slavery by black people

    2. Jay

      So now black Disney movies can only be related to a “cultural” background when there are white characters that can do just about anything. But the “blacks” as you call us just need to stick to the animals in Africa and turning into frogs right? Ariel is a mermaid why should it matter what color she is. You say it has nothing to do with black culture. ITS A MERMAID. NOT REAL. Like does Ariel have to be a slave for it to make sense for her to be black? It’s 2023 people.

  11. JCF

    Everyone is aware that this is Mythological creature that doesn’t technically exist right? I’m fine with whatever they decide to do, most childern know about Hannah Montana or BTS. Its the parents that are flipping out. Ariel is my favorite Disney Princess, I’ll be honest I don’t know if see the live action in the park will throw me off or not. Just have to see, personally I think they should have both. One at Epic and the other at the Magic Kingdom, either way some one is going to complain at some point. Simple solution, you don’t like it? Don’t go, Dinsey’s bottom line isn’t hurting anytime soon

    1. L

      Ya’ll are weird. You know they’ve done this for every live action right? They had live action Belle at the parks, live action Cruella, etc. And the ORIGINALS are still there too! Just sometimes you can see the live action versions. It’s to promote the movie. Chill out 😂

  12. Ur Mama

    Disney needs to stop the woke pandering as some point. Disney must be controlled by completely spineless worms who don’t appreciate tradition.

  13. David

    It sucks at Disney’s changing the classic animated Disney movie from White Ariel to Black Ariel. They haven’t done it for none of the other live-action movies look at Cinderella, look at Peter Pan, look at beauty and the beast, look at all the other live-action movies they’ve done they haven’t changed from the classic look to the modernized live action. So why start now to change from classic Disney to the live action Disney.

  14. DisneyFan

    These people can’t make up their minds! Just look at the outrage over a light-skinned POC that was portraying Tiana at MK. So they want diversity and inclusion, and then complain about it?! People will never be happy regardless and Disney needs to stop caving. It’s one thing to have a limited time meet and greet with a black Ariel, but the character is originally white. They shouldn’t replace original Ariel entirely. Diversity would be creating new characters to represent POC, not “reimagining” original ones.

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