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Mickey Mouse holding a camera in anger from 'Mickey Mouse' season 1 episode 8, Panda-Monium

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  1. Brenda

    Disney stopped caring about Standers and Quality it all about how much money they can make not good Family fun and value you can see its Just another amusement park absolutely not worth the money any longer Universal is now the Best!

    1. Daryl-Rhys

      Universal has never been worth the money. Stop being a delusional mess.

      1. Sarge

        It’s against the law??? What on Earth are you on about?

  2. lorraine

    I think change is good………..I know they are after the big bucks , but arent most businesses………..As far as Universal being better………I dont know about that. I love both Universal and Disney World in different ways. I cant ride too many rides at Universal because of an injury I had 9 yrs ago but there is so much more to do, and they have mardi gras right now…… Christmas was great with the parade that was included in the cost of getting in, and the blues brothers and other shows they have during t he day are great ……….but t he rides, the daytime parade, the set up of an old time town, etc at disneyworld is fantastic………It depends on what you like, the age of kids is important too, more for littles at DW, but some also at universal……Halloween at Universal is definately different than DW, DW’s is more family like, and Universal is more for adults and scarey…………Unique is both Disneyworld and Universal……….We as a little older adults enjoy both. This is just my opinion………We go to both regularly

    1. Dee

      First of all all of this “woke” nonsense is stale and ridiculous.
      What about the mob at the Capitol? Were you upset about that too? Things change and if people are stuck in the past their in for a world of hurt and disappointment.

    2. VLM

      ….you can’t see the difference between ehite supremacy and basic respect for all human beings? Hmm, I WONDER who the ACTUAL problem is here….

      1. Mikey

        Nope. Making every single thing about race IS the problem and you are part of it.

      2. Sarge

        I guess your final sentence there lets us all know who you are.

    3. DDS

      Excellent point!!!

    4. Mikey

      Nope. Making every single thing about race IS the problem and you are part of it.

  3. She

    I loved the Disney of old. Who cares if it is nostalgic; as people come who have never been then the old is new to them. Someday they too will be full of the history. I am not woke, but I am awake and have no desire to gave my family exposed to the politics nor the grooming of our children. Stick to Walt’s dream of a family adventure.

    1. VLM

      The only “grooming” being done is by those who are sexualizing young children solely for not conforming to antiquated and sexist societal norms.

      1. AH

        VLM step away from the keyboard!!

  4. Walt

    Finally a well done article! Why is this a 100% one way proposition. There are certain things that should remain and there is PLENTY of room for expansion. Walt bought enough land to “Contain all the dreams we can imagine”.
    So EXPAND! Rather than destroying classics like splash because of some imagined slight (complete BS) EXPAND. It give parks greater capacity. The condition of parks is cyclical. Walt taught staff to get on their hands and knees in the parks to see what a child sees. Back in the late 90’s when I was asked to critically document park maintenance issues at DL this was one method I used.
    Problem is they have hired a bunch of executives, the board is filled with uber executives. All these people – IF they have ever visited Disney – have most probably done so as an elite. Walt did not build the parks for them.

    1. Lee W

      Spot on. Brought our kids since ’73. They have brought theirs, then grandkids etc. Recently our youngest grand just finished her CP at Disney. All that being said none of them come as often as they used to. They don’t mind changes made for the right reason. Dump all the political crap and stick to entertaining at a reasonable price for a family. We can do with a few less 6+ figure execs.

    2. Sarge

      Walt may not have built the parks for them, but they’re the ones that can afford to go now. It’s been that way for a very long time. A family trip to Disney is a major investment these days.

      Also, the reasons for changing Splash Mountain aren’t due to any ‘imagined slight’, it’s just changing with the times. Song of the South hasn’t been available for years (which, personally, I understand, but believe it should be out there as a ‘teaching tool’) so it’s really likely that most kids out there have no idea who those characters are, and you can’t sell products with unknown characters. It’s really that simple. Business decision to market an undersold movie and make more merchandise.

      1. LB

        I personally never knew the movie “Song of the South” but loved and grew up with the song “Zip a Dee Do Dah..zip a dee ay…” It’s a zippy song that makes me smile. What’s wrong with that? Smiles are contagious and more are needed.
        As for all the “revamping”. I do not agree with the direction Disney is taking. I agree with another commenter, Expand and create new And repair rides that are nostalgic and sweet. I believe one of the purposes for Disney is to feel like a kid. How’s one to do that if the nostalgic items are gone?

        1. T

          Well said ! We have no plans to go back and we used to come every couple years . Our fave ride was splash mountain. But with them closing it because of a political agenda has turned us off ! We loved it

  5. Cyndi

    My opinion: Help the cast members! From the cleaners to the ride hosts, pay them what they deserve.
    Fix the rides, not just a bandage to get through the day, close it until it’s fixed properly. Hit the rule breakers hard, the people who break the rules for their own gain (line cutters, photo ops, etc) should be escorted out of the parks.
    As for the political opinions, they don’t belong here. Politics belong outside of the parks.

    1. Theresa

      Well said

    2. AH


    3. J

      When I was little, I loved the classic stories that Disney gave life to. Growing up in Florida, Disney was a regular treat, and I loved how I was transported into a land of pure magic and happiness. The Disney I once knew is gone. Replaced by political correctness, the magic is gone. The ‘woke’ are destroying everything, finding faults where there are none. Bring back the magic

      1. Sarge

        Seriously it only took three comments for someone to get political? Did you even read the comment you’re replying to?

      2. Mona

        Every change has been detrimental. NoMagic Express. Fees to park at Disney hotels. Rapidly increasing ticket prices. Less Extra Magic Hours. Having to make reservations for parks and not being able to park hop when you want. Having to pay for Genie+ instead of free Fast Passes. Limited Annual Passes. No dining plan. That’s all I can come up with now, but I know there’s more.
        We’ve been so many times and WDW has always been magical. We won’t be back under the current mess. We will spend our thousands of dollars elsewhere. A WDW trip will never be as magical as it used to be due to all the changes that made the experience less magical.

    4. T

      For sure !

  6. Bob

    I hope people don’t think of Iger as the White Knight riding in on his horse!! He caused a lot of the problems that Chapek implemented!

    Walt loved change, however, most of those changes were by expanding. I’d love to see the ESPN World of Sports area be repurposed as the 5th gated park.

    He knew he wasn’t going to please everyone, but he did his best!

    1. Sarge

      Agreed–not enough people understand this. Chapek wasn’t given ‘free reign’ to do whatever he wanted–he was put in place to implement a lot of changes that were already planned, and Iger had a big part in those plans. He’s a scapegoat of the highest order, who was also VERY bad at the job. Why they chose such an impersonal, humorless man is beyond me.

  7. Sur

    It’s time to bring back the Hollywood street players and DPW men. Also the bathrooms which used to be spotless are awful these days.

  8. Tiana fan

    So sick of hearing about Splash Mountain. The movie was problematic at best and has been off the shelf for years ss the conservative pundit wannabe noted. Why would Disney NOT want to replace it with more recent IP with better merchandising opportunity. The basics of the ride remain and it will be nice to enjoy it without thinking about the happy slave trope it recently contained. A few more weeks or months until black Ariel appears in the park and some yahoo tries to hurt her or someone else. Because, we all know that fictitious sea creatures are all white. Get over it snowflakes…Disney is changing with the times and so should you.

    1. Say No to Tiana

      No, we are sick and tired of Tiana and that movie has no place in the parks. That movie was so bad, it killed hand drawn animation at Disney. There is nothing wrong with Song of the South and nothing is problematic. Disney has no right to withhold it and will be required to release it. There were no slaves in the movie, they were sharecroppers and free as birds. It takes place after the war during Reconstruction. Disney parks are also not IP marketing billboards, they are about being transported to the past and to other worlds. Disney has no right to “change with the times” and besides, times are over, history is over. When I take over Disney and make it great again, Disney will learn its place and stay in the Twentieth Century where it belongs, making all decisions by asking “What would Walt do?” again.

      1. Sarge

        Wow what in the world are you talking about? January 6th didn’t work for you so now you’re going to storm Disney and lynch Tiana for not belonging? “Disney has no right to withhold it”–I’m guessing you vote for the party of big business, which is ironic since you seem to have no idea how business works. Here’s a news flash for you, Sparky–Disney has ALWAYS been about marketing.

        Honestly reading this silliness I have to hope it’s a joke. It scares me to think there might be people out there that think like this.

        1. Say No to Tiana

          That’s right Disney has no right to withhold Song of the South from release and the government has the authority to make them release it. I don’t believe in business either. It’s about propaganda and controlling people’s tastes. Here’s a real newsflash for you, boy: Disney was never about marketing until Eisner after Frank Wells died. I look forward to erasing all traces of Crooked Bob and making Disney great again when I take over. You won’t ever be able to even meet Tiana again. I say guests want Brer Rabbit, so that’s what they’re going to get. Disney can survive on its name alone and under my control, they will be. I’ll be bringing back a lot of old attractions like they never left, especially the ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter.

  9. Sharon Marie

    Unlike many, I appreciate the reservation system. I don’t want to jostle others elbow to elbow to navigate the parks. It is a much more enjoyable experience when the parks aren’t as crowded.

  10. Amy

    I LOVE Disney, but the last few years have been ROUGH.
    Part of going to a Disney Park is embracing the price is worth the Quality Experience. Increased pricing with decreased quality is a recipe for disaster. Some issues:
    Lack of access (reservations)
    Lack of cleanliness (dirty restrooms & overfilled garbages)
    Lack of reliability (continual ride break downs)
    Missing/Reduced Entertainment (fireworks, shows, characters, Dapper Dans etc)
    Increased wait times (Genie*)
    Sullen CM (CM add to the magic)
    Food Quality
    Overall -quality is decreasing without even discussing politics or lack of originality.
    -I’m taking a break and encourage anyone that asks my opinion to give Disney some time to figure things out before planning your next trip -or go with decreased expectations.
    -Hoping I’m just “on a break” and it’s not a break up!

  11. Mickeymouse3

    Disney says it’s listening to guests. Maybe, but they aren’t hearing them. If Disney was actually hearing the guests, they would reverse some of the latest changes that guests/fans do not like.
    At all!
    Reservations, Genie+, Magical Express, just to name a few.
    Bob Paycheck may be gone, but his price hikes and money grabs are in full force under Iger, who initiated many of these changes during his 1st watch.
    Actions speak louder than words Disney.

    1. Cluw F

      I agree. The list goes on and on and on of their deafness — ticket prices, capacity crowd in the park, lack of courtesy that Walt himself used to DEMAND of his cast members, closed rides, the change over of well-beloved attractions to more woke culture, the whole attitude of the parks has changed! They use to focus on so many popular characters, but do you see Rapunzel from Tangled, or Merida, or Giselle from Enchanted getting shows or becoming attractions? No, because we have to open Star Wars Land《gag!》! It used to be I couldn’t Wait to get to Disneyland every year. Now I am perfectly content to just Stay. Away.

  12. Chris B

    “Disney fans have become too blinded by their nostalgia. They’ve been so accustomed to the Disney Park they grew up with that they’ve become opposed to any form of change.” And thats the only reason I go back is for the nostalgia and the woke lefties cant take cancel that.

  13. Aaron

    Y’all are idiots if you think that the majority of the Disney fan base are conservative. There’s no way.

    1. S Nogg

      Aaron is correct. You are so wrong but you’d never believe it because of the bubble you live in.

      The biggest whiners on this site are really showing their true ‘colors’

      Also, you need help.

  14. Gerald W.

    Good article.

  15. Creg

    Just after Downtown Disney was renamed/revamped, my wife and I were at EPCOT and a cast member asked if I had time to take a survey at 1:00pm for approx 1/2 hr. I said yes and we were told to meet ata certain area in the park. There were 8 to 10 of us that were taken to a conference room and gave our opinions of Disney Springs and we’re asked questions about the different areas. Why has this type of feedback from actual guests has stopped? We had pros and cons to the reorganization and gave interesting feedback to the host. This is where Disney needs to get the boots on the ground info as to what is perceived.

  16. Chuck

    Good article. It’s simple, don’t fix what isn’t broken. Nostalgia is a huge draw for the parks. Bring back Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls.’ It offended literally no one. The closures took away a lot of the magic because cast members came back at the same time and hiring standards were lowered. Because they came back all at once there hasn’t been the osmosis of learning from more seasoned cast members. The price hikes are tough to swallow as was the cancellation of Disneyland APs while replacing it with a more restrictive and expensive alternative with fewer perks.

    1. VLM

      …. except that it DOES offend some of us. It’s sexist, classist, and exclusionary. Why are you so offended by “people of all ages,” anyway? Why does it hurt you so bad?

    2. VLM

      So why exactly are you so offended by the EVEN MORE GENERIC “People of all ages”? Which is not exclusionary of “ladies” and “gentlemen,” it just happens to include people who are neither.

      1. Sarge

        Dang it, grandpa, I thought we took your computer away???

        1. H

          The whole point of being a “civvie” is that we aren’t in the military… therefore we aren’t part of the ranking system, and don’t take orders at all. Least of all from nut-jobs like you.

          Why does every comment you make sound like you’re a 12 year old edge lord trying to sound intimidating without any actual knowledge of how things work while spouting off jargon your heard your racist uncle say at a Thanksgiving dinner?

          1. H

            Good lord, you really have no idea what you are talking about, do you?

            Yes, I do understand. I understand that you are either a troll, or actually a complete idiot…possibly both.

            Sorry, SIR, your world view and idea of how laws work, just aren’t how things are in the real world.

            Maybe lay off the video games and the hot Cheetos for a moment and you might get a sense of clarity.

            I really hope you know how rediculous you sound and are just doing this for laughs… because you’re giving me all the laughs as well. Though, sadly, I think you actually might just actually believe what you’re saying while you sit in a dark and musty room under a fedora you’ve shaped out of tinfoil.

          2. H

            Just because you scribbled you thoughts and wishes onto the back of a pizza box doesn’t make them law… try watching School House Rock and you might learn something.

            Again, thanks for the laughs.

  17. Vycki Hinely

    Fans are NOT Happy with Disney. This article is a step in the right direction, but more needs to be done.

  18. Kathleen Collins Lemon

    IMO – Disney used to be a place where nothing was overlooked. Everywhere you looked was themed to the ride or area you were in. Now it’s a place where you have to continually overlook things. A fine example to me was the Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. When they put it in WDW – they didn’t even bother changing the theming – it’s in the building of Great Movie Ride which was a fan favorite.

  19. Erich Heinrich


    Well if isn’t Mr. Zach “smells his own” Gass. The conservative flatulence smeller trying to turn Disney into a haven for the far-right.

  20. VLM

    ….I hate to tell you, but more than just “a tiny group” support actually treating EVERYONE with the respect frequently reserved solely for cis white heterosexual “Christians.” If you DON’T support that, maybe you should take some time for self-reflection and figure out why it hurts you so bad to have basic human decency.

  21. VLM

    …..so apparently, according to this article, only “a small number” of people care about basic human decency. Comments section seems to at least partially confirm that.

    Maybe there’s a whole bunch of people who need to re-read their Bibles.

    1. Sarge

      Old people have a lot of anger and a lot of time–they tend to drown out the more rational voices. Don’t be discouraged–you aren’t the only one. Personally, I’m proud that I’m not asleep.

  22. Dave

    People are upset because “Splash Mountain” isn’t racist enough? Really?

    It’s a 30-year old ride, based on a 70-year old film.

    “Princess and the Frog” was a good movie with great music, and a huge portion of the movie involved water. (Unlike “Song of the South”, which barely even mentioned water in the whole movie.)

    Get a grip, people.

    Disney has raised prices so far that ordinary families can’t afford it any more, and have taken away so many fireworks that thousands of people say “Was that it?” At the end of every show. …
    And people think the big problem is that Disney is too nice to minorities?

    Maybe just go back to being a bigot somewhere else.

    1. Sarge

      Well said. People are reading so much into it and wanting to make it about politics and seem to be forgetting that Disney is a company. The characters on Splash Mountain simply weren’t marketable the same way anymore that they were then, and really the ride was in production before Disney made the choice to shelve the movie. It only makes sense to change it to an IP that is more modern. And honestly “Princess and the Frog” is such an underrated gem that anything that draws more attention to it is okay in my book.

  23. Rroe

    Would you live in a house till things break and then keep buying new homes every time something break??? Disney needs to start maintaining better the rides they have now and have a moratorium on building new rides. I realize there is a lot of competition, but the competition is costing us park goers BIG BUCKS to try to keep up with Disney new equipment. Take care of what you own FIRST!!!

  24. Vicki

    For me, the changes in the last few years all seem to be about more revenue for Disney and less service for Disney customers. I’ve never felt that before in the last 20 some years. It feels like the “magic” is being eliminated item by item, and that makes me so sad. Previously, with magical express, fastpasses and other Disney “extras”, a Disney vacation, while expensive, seemed like a good value. Now it feels overwhelmingly expensive for the average family. I think sacrificing a few bucks to generate loads of good will is a better strategy.

    1. Sarge

      This is honestly the best point about the changes that I’ve seen in these comments, and what’s kept me and my family of five from going back in the past six years–the nickel-and-diming of literally everything, while all the things that added value are being taken away. We were ‘rope-droppers’ that had a plan every time we went and maximized our day so that we really felt like we wrung every cent’s worth of value out of the trip that we could.

      For me, it started with the removal of the opening show (that we only found out about by arriving before rope-drop on one of our early trips–and then never missed it again) of Mickey riding out on Casey Jones with a special song and all the characters welcoming us to the park. It was such a great moment (literally almost cried the first time I saw it) and it’s sad to me that other people won’t ever get the surprise of seeing that. We even managed to use EIGHT fast passes on one trip (I’m still proud of that day haha) and didn’t wait more than 30 minutes for anything on a full capacity day, and that was with a 2-hour break in the middle of the day. I had even gotten a deal at the Grand Floridian (to this day the only time I’ve stayed there) for less than $250 a night on a weekend! Nothing beat the feeling of ‘conquering’ Disney as a family on a tight budget. It doesn’t feel like that’s even possible anymore. It’s just as well–my kids are all older these days, and prefer the Cedar Point parks anyway. Let me tell you planning a vacation to one of those parks is a breeze, they’re a lot of fun, and they don’t cast a tenth of what a Disney vacation does anymore. There used to be a time you’d think “yeah but it’s Disney”….and it feels like THAT comparison isn’t the big deal it used to be….and that’s sad. That is literally the only thing I’m nostalgic for–feeling like I’m getting a great experience and value out of a vacation that costs the same as a small car.

      Whew. Sorry–guess your comment really woke something up in me haha.

  25. Mike

    When someone uses “woke” in their comments, I stop reading and go to the next one. The problem is that under chapak everything was a money grab. The quality went way down as costs went up. Period.

    1. Sarge

      It’s not really fair to put it all on Chapek–most of the plans implemented under him were in the planning stages long before he came on board. Personally, I think Iger knew these changes weren’t going to be popular and stepped away before they were implemented (though ending the Magical Express happened under Iger, didn’t it?).

  26. Mikey

    Two short things. Price. For every thing.

    And the condition of the parks. Paint pulled off, trash all over the place, window displays covered in dust. Have some self respect.

  27. Mary

    The once high quality, beautifully themed rooms in the OLD KEY WEST RESORT are so stripped down, they look like” low income housing”apartments. I no longer enjoy staying there, because the rooms have a depressing cold look. It’s not special like it once was. The magic is gone. You have to take an extra long shower per person, (which cuts into your park time) because the water barely come out of the shower head. Pool area looks run down, the whole place is so disappointing to me when I go there now. Before the drastically bad changes, I LOVED, AND LOOKED FORWARD TO MY VACATIONS THERE.

  28. Rod Simonson

    Cannot put it any more simply. Fastpasses made it possible to plan our Disney World trips months ahead, knowing when we would be in which parks for which experiences. This made our trips down from Michigan relatively stress free. Such is no longer the case.

  29. Matt Brewster

    They say that the only constant in life is change. Granted, but I say that change should improve how things are done or introduce something that is sorely lacking. Change for the sake of change is pointless and irritating. We go to the parks to avoid an ever-changing, fast paced world. Therefore, changes in the parks should be gradual, not abrupt.

  30. Sarge

    lol Michael Eisner had more misses than hits. I’ve disagreed with most of your silly comments, but this one is just wrong. It took Disney almost ten years to recover from the Disneyland Paris debacle that was 100% on Eisner. Ironically, if he’d been more ‘woke’ when he opened it and paid attention to the culture around him the park wouldn’t have struggled as much as it did, so thanks for bringing that up!

  31. KMAN

    This is a generational issue , when Walt opened Disney people were different they learned respect in the home , in there schools , in there communities fast forward a couple of generations this self respect the respect for other , the respect for there community have faded and disappeared . As a society we have accepted this as progress although it’s a progression in the wrong direction as with progress there are ones that exploit it , as we progress we make excuses for this exploitation to normalise it and create a society that believes each and everyone is privileged to be a detrimental self loathing , but this is the new normal . You may be thinking what does this have to do with this story. Here’s the bottom line … If you can’t get qualified quality people life Deteriorates whether it’s a Business or Communities or families .

  32. Mason

    I agree. For a long time Disney just thought a majority of their fanbase are just woke people on Twitter.

  33. Ledbetter Heights

    I just got back from spending a week at the parks. First time in a few years. Prior to that, we were annual passholders when we lived in Florida for about five years. So we’ve been there quite a bit.

    Obviously the biggest complaint, and rightly so, is how Disney jacked up the price of everything from tickets, to getting rid of free FastPasses, charging for parking at hotels (which they just rectified), and whatever else they can do to nickel and dime visitors all the while removing a lot of the magical experience that the parks used to have. Pay more, get less.

    Probably half of the characters we went to see did NOT have a Disney photographer or the automated cameras that are installed at some character experiences. And the automated cameras at the Princess Fairytale Hall were broken. Quite a bummer since my mother-in-law paid for the Photo Pass package.

    Lightning passes…what’s the point of paying when rides continually break down? A LOT of rides broke down during the week, even if temporary (hour or two). My family was on Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and the ride broke down in the middle of it. They had to wait 15 minutes for a cast member to evacuate them. I don’t know if the ride reopened that night (it was 6pm when it happened), but imagine paying money to skip the lines and then the ride breaks so you can’t. We also experienced temporary stoppages on the Haunted Mansion (three times on one ride…thought maybe it was stopping to help someone handicap, but the last time we were stopped for almost 10 minutes), Under the Sea (multiple stoppages), saw the People Mover break down with people on it (they did get it back up and everyone off, but then shut down the ride after that), and the Astro Orbiter was down for a few hours our last day at MK. At Epcot we experienced multiple stoppages on Spaceship Earth, Frozen Everafter broke down one day and our in-laws were not able to go on it, and the aforementioned Remy’s issue. Hollywood Studios Aerosmith’s Rockin’ Rollercoaster was down for a few hours, the Tower of Terror was down for a while, and Rise of the Resistance was down when it was time for our passes and we had to go back later that day. I think Animal Kingdom is the only park we didn’t experience any issues with rides. Again, you are paying extra for an Lightning Passes but not always able to use them.

    I also feel like Disney needs to do more with their portfolio of movies. Coco was a very popular movie. Why haven’t they revamped Mexico at Epcot and made a ride on the movie and done more to incorporate the movie into the land? That boat ride they have now is a joke!

    Frozen is like the biggest animated movie ever and all they did was revamp the old Norway ride. They should have a whole new area of the park for that franchise alone. The movie in China is like 40 years old. Would it be that hard to update it?

    At Hollywood Studios, the Star Wars Launch Bay should be shut down. All that remains is the three character meets (BB-8, Chewie, and Darth Vader) and some stuff from the movies. Would it be that hard to move it over to the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge area? The Star Wars shop at the Launch Bay is now closed. Same with the Disney Junior store. That whole part of Hollywood Studios needs to be revamped. But it doesn’t seem like anything is happening anytime soon, and it’s just wasted space. The Indiana Jones shop was closed. The Jedi Training Academy is still closed. Our daughter used to LOVE that. I don’t understand why that hasn’t been brought back.

    And the day before we arrived at Disney, the monorail was down the whole day. Bet that must have been fun…NOT!

    The parks have always been Disney’s bread and butter and they really need to invest more in maintenance so the rides stop breaking down so frequently, invest more in updating the outdated parts, invest more in staff and bring back everything from photographers to street performers and all the little things that made the place an experience, and speed up construction and expand more. Create more ORIGINAL experiences/rides, not just giving an old ride a makeover and calling it new. There’s so much potential with all the great movies and characters they have. It’s a shame to see them cut corners, cut staff, and scale back plans (like at Epcot) all while jacking up prices on everything. Only reason we went is because my in-laws paid for the trip. We loved our years at Disney as passholders, but have no desire to go back on our own dime unless a LOT improves and makes it worth the money again.

  34. Pocho Villa

    What Bob Iger and his ilk never understood was Walt’s vision. He wanted a place for children and their folks to escape the daily problems of the world, not create a place that reflected the world outside the gates of a Disney Park.

    There are no more imagineers. Most of them are private contractors with other non-Disney projects to deal with. WDC is filled with ass kissers/yes-men looking to move up a corporation no matter the cost to their morals or well-being. Creative people want to create new stories not regurgitated the same old stories but more inferior. Everything from movies to the Disney Parks in the last 10 years feels like a “Direct to DVD” bad sequel movie. The Little Mermaid 2 is not about Ariel but about her daughter. Ariel is in the movie but the writing is bad, the animation is subpar and everyone is a bad knock off, like the Ursula type villain. The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy feels like a bad knock off of the Original Star Wars Trilogy. And don’t do get me started with Pixar and Marvel.

  35. Sarah

    This is actually a really good article. I very much agree that Disney is catering to small portion of their audience. As far as nostalgia, I think that could be a part of the complaints but I have kids that don’t even like the changes, like the article says, if nots broke don’t fix it. Some of the rides look they have defiantly been neglected. We were at Disneyland and DCA just 4 weeks ago. I was shocked to see the despair That Ariel’s Under Sea Adventure was in. Many other rides looked like they were in need of some love. The parks were clean but the trash cans were always full, I was surprised there wasn’t garbage on the ground around them. I remember thinking how you used to see people sweeping the grounds everywhere and people tending to the garbage cans all day. The CM’s were generally friendly but some of them looked like would rather be anywhere but there. Things like this usually has a lot to do with leadership.

  36. Nicole

    As the article reiterated, Walt himself said the parks would never be finished. The only way to do that is to occasionally change current rides. I’m sad to see Splash Mtn go too but am also looking forward to the retheme. I’m on the West coast so I’m a Dland girl. We were all bummed out when Tower of Terror was being updated but it is what it is and I now love the Guardians ride more than I did before- something I NEVER thought would happen. People need to take a long hard look at themselves and ask themselves the question “Am I upset that they’re changing a ride or am I more upset at what they’re changing it to?”

    1. S Nogg

      Someone needs to check in this guy. He sounds crazy

      1. H

        Oh, we try to check him. Sadly he keeps coming back… honestly I think has actually just a bored teenager trying to sound like an “alpha” while too hopped up on Mt. Dew

        1. H

          Yeah… I actually can. And I will, especially if you are actually one, because you are way too easy to make fun of, and your reactions are way too entertaining to pass up.

          Speak until I’m spoken to??? Well, you responded, which counts as speaking to me… kind of shot yourself in the foot there, didn’t ya?

  37. Anthony

    The only way for Disney to really, really listen is when a significant portion of the general public does not buy tickets.

    1. Lori

      Agreed. I do not want to give any more money to them, unless they become family friendly again. Disney should do what it’s good at and stay out of the culture wars.

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