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Three adult women in front of Epcot.

Credit: Disney

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  1. Royz

    Baby Steps….
    Two steps back to move one step forward.

    Lets look at a side of Genie+ thats really not talked about.

    From the inside of the comoany, how much does Genie+ cost to maintain, and operate? Subtract that those costs from the gross profit and the numbers will reflect lower profits.

    So Disney, yet claiming profit, but what is the cost expenditure?

    Sure to maintain the software no doubt Disney outsourced the mechanics of it.

    Genie + is not profiting as much as most think given maintenance costs, bank fees for card swipes, and not to mention when the system crashes.

    So combine the cost Disney is spending for Genie+ plus the billions lost on Disney+ no wonder why parks&resorts have lower budgets for maintenance and hourly cast member shifts.

    Disney is on a trend here, the trend to hemorrage money.

    Hey Disney and Imagineers, lets build the 5th gate (theme park) and bleed the company even more profit but cutting costs, using all projection based attractions, make the admission process and ticketing even more complicated and expensive, and let then let politics dictate what is proper for the new park.

    Oh Boy Oh Boy, Mickey says, were bleedin money…

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