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  1. Jason

    “ Although sleeper streaming hits like the recent Strange World (2022) have been well-received by critics and fans alike”??????

    WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SMOKING?! Oh I know! You took that hit of that PIXIE DUST!

    1. Mike

      Critics and fans being the keywords. Not screeching Karens who already DON’T like Disney to begin with.

      1. Not a sheep

        Speaking of pixies.

  2. Mickeymouse3

    Ask the Phoenicians.
    They’ll tell you Disney is losing its creativity and innovations. Productions lately are just, ok.
    Disney is also catering to the minority players and not listening to the majority, who ultimately pay the bigger share of the bills.

  3. DR

    Amen to that…Pushing the wrong agenda

  4. Tim

    I am flabbergasted. This is probably the best written, most insightful, non- sensationalized article that I have seen from ITM in I don’t remember how long. Congratulations.
    Now for a comment on this topic. Disney has lost its soul for way too long. They moved into the serials instead of creating new stories. This is something that Chapek had his hand in for a very longtime. This comes out when you see what positions he held and what departments/divisions he controlled over his time. He was foremost te guy charged with “leveraging” the intellectual properties for maximum profit. As he moved up, he brought this destruction with him. As we see with the movies released over the past 10 years. Not a lot of new material. It will take a very longtime to rebuild what the company lost in a short amount of time. The talent has moved on and most likely will not return. Remember what Walt said about sequels “You can’t beat pigs with pigs.” This is in reference to the first hit he made with the Three Little Pigs and tried to follow up with a sequel with the Three Little Pigs and the sequel turned out a failure.

  5. Ed

    If Disney keeps adding to the ridiculous “woke” movement. They will lose half their audience, or more, and slowly die. Adults may put up with some “woke” garbage, but most will not for their kids and that has been Disney’s audience. I never thought I’d see the day when Hollywood thinks they are righteous. How pathetic and ridiculous.

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