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Comments for DC Stars Reportedly Cut From ‘Aquaman 2’ Amid Poor Quality Disaster

Amber Heard as Mera (L) and Jason Momoa as Aquaman (R) in 'Aquaman'

Credit: DC Studios


  1. Jack

    Been looking forward to it but the rumors about cuts and possibly recasting Mera are frustrating. Trust James Wan and stay out of his way WB. The man has vision.

  2. B

    Not watching!!! Amber Hurd movies I’m done with!!!

  3. Jason

    Ok…so Shazam is a flop…needs a reboot with the excess Shazams removed and just focus on the Trinity.

    Aquaman is a flop….Batgirl is destroyed. Black Adam was a flop. Think the only thing that is going to save The Flash is the two Batmen.

    Now just hoping that Blue Beetle does ok… although if he turns out to be the only surviver from this mess, I’m going to be disappointed. Let it get rebooted like the rest…and then do a Blue and Gold with Ted as Blue Beetle.

    1. Edge

      Better continue snyder dceu until finish. then gunn make their own dcu in his own world. Like he saying ELSEWORLD.

  4. Debbie

    Should have kept the original storyline. Mera was a big part of the story and was needed to keep it interesting. Opening on Christmas week people will still go see it with their kids and support Jason Momoa.

  5. Melanie

    No to Amber Heard!!! But Always Yes to Jason Momoa! He worked so hard on this…Our support for Him is Essential!

  6. Darcy

    They need to remove the right person but the way these two are running things now DC is dead

  7. Bukakeman

    So….they have “cut” out Keaton and Affleck…but kept Heard in…got it.

    DC =Disastrous Cucks.

  8. Marie

    AH…No way! That’s the text!

  9. Debbie

    If Amber Heard is in it, I fear it will have a poor box office showing. Hate it for Jason.

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