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Buzz Lightyear

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios


  1. Royz

    Amazing that the Pixar CEO realizes this now????

    Where was the realization during production, when viewing the dailies? Then the test screenings?

    Of course it was to Infinity and Beyond because it went way over the mainstream publics heads as to an enjoyable “popcorn film”. And too confusing.

    I stated previously that this film should have been from the viewpoint of the actor playing the part of Buzzlightyear. So the audiences point of view is from the actors point of view.
    It should have it opened with the first scene of Andy and his Mom, standing in line, with others with the toys in hand, in costumes, etc…, at a theater, as we see the marquee with Lightyear, now showing, and a tag line all showings sold out.

    Thst would have establised a clear understanding of what this film is what Andy saw that made him a fan of Lightyear.

    This is going to be controversial but, in order to get TS5, and other animated films, to become a golden age of animation again, Disney/Pixar has to bring back one person, JL, to get things back to the box office earnings monsters as they were. Other creatives that left DisneyPixar should be invited back for production as well.

    1. Daryl

      Agree about getting him back

  2. Corey

    Once Pixar films became indistinguishable from other Disney animations, I knew the integrity of Pixar studios was screwed. The disconnect has been for a few years now, with notably the last great thing they did being Coco, imo. Toy Story 5 is bad news, retreading familiar territory to milk the rest of a franchise. Toy Story 3 was a great ending, 4 managed to be the cherry on top, but 5 is just overkill. I’m sure I will be eating my words when Shrek 5 is announced and I buy front row seats.

  3. Happily Ever After

    And don’t alienate half your audience right off the bat by including unnecessary gay kisses etc that will cause them to just avoid the whole movie.

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