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Br'er Rabbit waving to Guests, a sign outside of Splash Mountain featuring a carving of Br'er Rabbit holding a knapsack.


  1. Bob

    You blind? The model makes it very clear the top of the mountain will be completely different.

  2. Mason

    I got an idea: Don’t get rid of Splash Mountain at all.

    1. Krisztine Kun

      That’s the best idea yet! Leave the kingdom alone. ! It was great to start with. What’s the saying? “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”!!

  3. Walt

    I could care less…won’t be taking my family to Disney. won’t be buying their product, won’t be leading tours anymore. Disney has gone over to the dark side. Splash was the last straw. Hopefully the guy trying to upset the Disney board structure will get elected by the share holders. We need a take over ala Roy Disney. And by the way Bob Iger sucks and is the author of al this crap.

    1. Patti

      Same. Although there will always be fools ready to part with their money. Let them support this sham of a company.

  4. Stazzigirl

    Brear rabbit should definitely be left there Zippity doo dah

  5. J.Z.

    Petty people piss me off.

  6. Bert

    So upset over a log ride.
    How about being upset over something important.
    Like mass murdern gun shootings, the environment or wage inequality…. something that effects every American.

  7. As an Afro-American father/husband who’s made teh trip from the Rockies to Walt’s houses roughly two dozen times, I’ll be taking my family on the first day to celebrate the moment – there’s really no debate about it, the NAACP was offended 80 years ago when the movie was released because it depicted the “Happy, content, no worries” love being a slave and now lifelong sharecroppers. in the Land of Jim Crow and the KKK… The ride glorified a horrific era in US history. Now what’s also obvious is the camouflaged racism and intolerance which drips off the comments on this page by DeSantis/Trump backers…. Sorry, but yes a Black princess will be glorified instead, and it’s about time. And please do show up and show out on March 15th, show the nation/world who and what you really, are modern day Neo Confederated

  8. Sean Murray


    At least keep something that’s related to Splash Mountain!!

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