Amazon’s Disney Store is a Hidden Treasure

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Amazon Disney Store


Most Disney fans know about the go-to places for authentic Disney merchandise., the brick-and-mortar Disney Stores, and the store sections within Disneyland and Walt Disney World’s websites. But, there is another option you should add to your list of where to find your next Disney themed gifts:!

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Yes, Amazon has a Disney Store hidden within its own website and it has anything and everything you can think of; from LEGO to costumes/shirts to National Geographic science kits!

Amazon Disney store items
Credit: Amazon

The fact that this has slipped under so many people’s noses is baffling for us all as this entire store has so much to offer!

If you are an Amazon Prime Member, the free shipping is enough to faun over! If you are not, you should definitely invest the small amount of money to be a Prime Member in order to fulfill your Disney product wants.

Amazon’s service can also come in handy for those who do not want or do not have the ability to follow the new health and safety rules into place for shopping at the brick-and-mortar Disney Stores throughout the world, offering another way beyond shopDisney to get your Disney fix from the comfort of your own home.

Not to mention the fact that Amazon adds its quick shipping and low costs to its access to so many different merchandise options compared to just a few things within the actual Disney Stores.

Also, if you have an Amazon Echo, you can turn it into Baby Yoda!

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With Halloween coming up soon, you can also choose from so many costumes for your little ones to dress up in.

They even have Disney baby merchandise! So many ways to spoil your little ones or little ones that you know!

Credit: Amazon/Disney

Click here to discover the whole new world of Amazon’s Disney Store for yourself!

Are you just as excited to hear this news about Amazon’s Disney Store as we are? What’s the first thing you will be ordering? Possibly the Baby Yoda Operation? Let us know in the comments below!

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