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  1. Greg

    It is bad management not nostalgia. People will embrace change if it is positive. Anyone who goes to the parks regularly can see that the changes they’ve implemented in the last couple of years have not contributed to making any improvement for guests. I don’t see anybody anywhere posting about how the park pass reservation system, limitations on park hopping, or genie + replacing a previously free fast pass system have improved their guest experience.

  2. Melissa

    Right; it’s a matter of balance and about evaluating which changes are for the better and which aren’t. Not all changes are created equal.

  3. Gary

    Nostalgia is what is keeping most of long time Walt Disney to keep on coming back. Now it does not mean not changing a few but do not do wholesale changes Guests are already up in arms on some changes. If they do a 5th park put the new attractions there!

  4. John doe

    Everything is bad because THERE’S TOO MANY PEOPLE!! Nobody has respect anymore….

  5. Linda

    It’s not just nostalgia,, its connection. Familiar feeds the connection repeat guests and family have.New development never takes place fast at Disney. A Balanced future needs the same thoughtful process, before the idea of “ Disney” is a memory.

  6. Gloria

    My biggest problem with all the new changes isn’t the loss of what I remember. It’s the loss of spontaneity! I don’t want to get up at 6:00 a.m. to reserve a seat on a ride at 4:00 in the afternoon. I do not want to have to plan 6 months in advance what park I’ll be in on which day. You no longer can change your mind or change your plans.

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