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Br'er Rabbit Splash Mountain sign at Walt Disney World

Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. Chris Kinney

    The Walt Disney Company made the decision to retheme the water ride in response to a few morons.

    1. James

      You seem to be included. Why do all these snow flake Disney adults get so worked up about what rides change or get updated. So you can’t go down a waterslide based on an old racist movie. Get over yourself. Stop being a loser and worshipping the old ways, society and life changes. Get with the times or be left behind.

    2. Mike

      Disney is a disgrace anymore with there woke agenda destroying good times for many families. Caving into the 5 percent nut jobs on the left. They will keep losing Billions.

  2. Br'er Truth

    They complained about adversity, by closing a ride that showed how the main character overcomes adversity.

    It’s amazing they missed the chance to do good, instead, they choose to read evildoers and hardship.

    Keep in mind, they have rides with racist content in their source movies that are still open. As well as keeping another attraction open which displays a suicide and murder. I see where your priorities are disney.

  3. David

    Such hyperbole. Take a deep breath and hitch up your pants.

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