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  1. Don Hartwick

    I do think they bit off more than they could chew. It seemed like the perfect venture what with parks closed during lock-down. This was to be mass consumers Disney fix, all things considered. I think the reset will go a long way in restoring revenue streams in not looking at target subscriptions. I think resetting exp3xtations of shareholders is paramount. Losing faith in the company is where it will hurt long run.
    Also I think there should be some considerations in looking at crowds to big in the parks. I feel this may have a negative reaction to the fan base that would be subscribing to the service. The last thing they might want is anything Disney after a lousey week long vacation where no one was happy. Call it synergy. But those who try Disney will associate everything out of parks with that experience. And if that experiance (maybe the only one they will ever take to a Disney Property) is foul…the there will be no desire to subscribe to anything else Disney.

  2. There are numerous items to fix when it comes to a fan base: first and foremost get out of politics and stay out! Politics is way too hot a topic in society to choose sides and dip@#%& Chapek didnt see that or whoever put him up to it. Next lessen the cost for less attitude, and that hoes for everything in the parks…Give your fan base something they can relate, a $10000 trip for week, as getting something of appreciation for their hard earned money spent…spend that kind of money and while in the parks still spending $4 for a sugar cookie- really? This has got to change. And of course there is so much more but…increase the number of people who clean and service the park, the rides and appearance- that was something that used to amaze me was the appearance and minimal “broken down” items, transportation, monorail, appearance of the parks, etc…now its a constant train wreck….constant mess in the parks, etc, get it together or more people will continue to leave not just the parks but other items associated with Disney– your board along with Chapek may not have started this downward trend but they emphasized it- now find new people, as you say “reset” the product by showing people it is sincere- not all people are stupid- some are but most are not!

  3. Anonymous

    I don’t think he will manage. He would mostly likely get voted out for his misdeeds in the new t shareholder meeting.

  4. Jayne1955

    I think the subscriptions kept them going during COVID. But it shouldn’t be their main focus.

  5. David A

    So many negative comments in this post. Bob Iger did a great job as CEO for years. Parks were clean, they were building additional rides and features.
    Taking on a venture as streaming to such a large degree, and having billion dollar loses, may help rethink streaming. Netflix has issues with profits in its business.
    Disney was doing great with having contracts to play their movies and shows on other streaming platforms. Licensing out their media, seemed to be a more lucrative way to increase the positive flow of income. Some of the off takes for the Marvel and Starwars shows, are expensive, and they could have created a cinema version and sent them to the box office.
    The cost to subscribe to Disney+ was initially low to lure in folks. But problem then is peoples distaste an increase in cost.
    Maybe time to pull the plug on Disney+ streaming.
    Might be time to just use the Disney Channel for some content that Disney wants to produce.
    Or better yet sell the streaming service, and concentrate on making movies, maybe building another park in the US or expanding the Florida parks to accommodate the massive amount of folks visiting the Parks

  6. LegoGuru2000

    “management’s best avenue to defend against activism”
    It’s Disney’s own activism that has lead the company to the low point it is but since this appears to be a Disney Propaganda Defense piece I guess you would call as activism any attempt by one or more investors to set Disney back on track to make money and not messaging.

    “The call from Cahall comes at a moment when the Disney Board of Directors is in a significant proxy battle for control of the company with Trian Partner’s Nelson Peltz”

    Definitely a Disney Management defense piece. Disney is in the screwed up position it is precisely b/c of Iger who was savvy enough to get out before it all started crashing so he could pass the buck to Chapeq and once the worst appears to have passed Iger could try to get his job back and return looking like the King. Iger is the one who put in place the major of teh activist in Management at Disney, the ones pushing the “Not so secret gay agenda”. Shareholder should not trust Iger and they should vote to replace him ASAP.

  7. Bruce

    Stop pushing the gay agenda. And the race agenda. In fact, just get out of politics. Stop trying to steer social agendas.
    Go back to family focused, fun character driven narratives. And Stop hating men.
    Please honor the origins of characters and stories. Stop thinking, if I swap gender and skin color I’m creative and brave…..no your lazy and far from being creative.

    1. Gary

      What A-Rod and Bruce said, get Disney back to the family friendly place that Walt, Roy and all the Imagineers that helped create. Get pricing to the guest back under control to where a family does not go broke going. Woke must go for good and a few of us know who put Chapek into letting them in. Everyone who wants it back the way it was I am sure Walt will be smiling at them and happy with their support!!!!!

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