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Left: A Funko of Naveen and tiana dancing (Naveen is covered up with a shocked emoji). Right: Princess Tiana and Naveen smile in a still from 'Princess and the Frog.'


  1. Who knew

    I don’t know who isn’t paying attention- but they’ve been using a lighter skinned Naveen since the movie came out (in the parks). My friend’s son plays him at Disney World and he is- in no way- dark skinned. He’s a beautiful creamy caramel skinned hispanic man. My kids have many pics with different cast members and Tiana and Naveen. Naveen is always lighter.

  2. Jason

    Which is funny since Tiana is race swapped from the original source material

    1. Mason

      True because Princess and the Frog is from Europe not Africa. Because in all honesty Tiana just felt like a diversity hire.

      1. Robert Hill

        Yep. Pandering at its best.

  3. Common sense

    Well disney has no problem black washing so many characters. Women washing men characters. So I approve of this.

  4. Reality

    At this point Disney would be better to create another company called “DisDouchey” for liberals. Create replica parks called DisneySafeSpace Land etc. Just mirror products and make them gay black whatever. This country will never agree and liberals destroy everything good. So just give libs their own crap, leave the perfect original stuff alone and boom, no more problems.

  5. KMAN

    This is just another WOKEISM , Disney’s attempt to cater to a small group of people that squeals the loudest, this should be entertainment for all to enjoy and when we politicalize everything , all we’re doing is tribalism and segregating . See it for what it is entertainment for all more targeted to the youth who don’t see color , who don’t see hate , who don’t see equality All they want is to have fun enjoy there favourite characters . As Adults we could learn a lot from children.
    It’s much easier to have fun and enjoy everything when we’re not looking for things to hate .

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