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Security at Disney World

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  1. Jason Jordan

    The only thing I hope is that the lockers are big enough. I bet I spent $20 at least at Universal Studios for the larger lockers because my wife, daughter, and I had backpacks. The small lockers were free but not very useful!

  2. Nonsense, Disney,smart tactics so they could make visitors pay for pictures instead of one having their own memories from a kid I was a fan of Disney now they’re GETTING SUCKS all the magic is goooone

    1. J young

      You would not be saying that if one of your loved ones is hurt by something hitting them

      1. Kiki

        Totally agree. This will protect anyone and everyone that goes on rides from irresponsible persons that do not follow basic rules for safety.

      2. Mr. B.

        Exactly! What a bunch of whiners.

    2. Bri

      It’s not nonsense, we had an incident a few months ago in my state where a teenage girl’s head was cracked from a falling phone, the person who dropped the phone was on a ride that was moving. Thankfully the teen survived, it was even caught on video. Phones falling far and fast become a projectile. You can live without your phone for 5 minutes on a ride.

  3. It not really a control issue, it is a safety issue. It’s to prevent prevent injuries to people behind you, that get hit in the face by a phone that gets away from someone. It’s also hoping to prevent deaths, or serious injuries to someone trying to retrieve a dropped phone,or what ever item it may be from a restricted zone. Be smart an follow these safety rules and everyone has a good time and gets to go home at the end of the day.

    1. Justin

      Don’t kid yourself, it’s so they can force people to buy $200 video and photo packages because they’re a greedy megacorp. Never trust a megacorp to tell the truth.

    2. Kim

      Well said ! So many people today scream about control and loss of “rights”. Businesses have the “right” to implement whatever rule and restrictions they like for safety or other reasons. We all have the option to not patronize businesses that we feel are infringing on our “personal rights”. Or just go with the flow and have a good time.

  4. Chris

    Would’ve been to actually be able to read the article. My link just brought me to the comments section. Are they banning phones just on the rides or the entire park?

    1. David Manrell

      It does not surprise me…the whole world seems to be shifting into a different arrangement. It appears it will be tourist’s and who they buy from. This is, and always will be, the public patronage….which is getting less and less ‘all-inclusive’…..because that’s just the way it is….this has been coming for decades.

    2. Dylan

      Just the tron ride as of now and it’s not just phones it’s any loose items

  5. Phil

    Brings back memories of Walt Disney World’s “Space Mountain “ except they didn’t have lockers. People would be inline for over a hour only to be told they couldn’t ride because of what they had (souvenirs, cameras, etc.) and this happened in the boarding area. Disney finally got smart and started telling them at the entrance of Space Mountain!!

    1. Cc

      Alright I get it, phones and bags needs to be relocated to ride the ride. Bit what about insulin pumps? This makes me wonder what I can do… Should I use a fanny pack? Zippered pockets? How can I best secure my pump? I have never had a problem with it on rides previously.

      1. B

        I would zip in in one of those tight Fanny packs under your clothes with the dexcom phone if you have one!

      2. Rc

        I imagine an insulin pump would be exempt.

  6. Sue

    Doesn’t bother me any I don’t take anything that can fit in my pockets

    1. Dan

      Same. Who cares? It’s like an extra 3 minutes.

    2. Sora

      Yeah I’m in the same boat.

  7. Ugh

    How is this a “ban”?

  8. Emily

    This made sense They probably tried to make it to where you can bring But they do with every Disney ride but then they realized they couldn’t so they gave lockers hopefully the small ones are free like they do at universal but from the video their lockers look like much bigger than universals but not like the large lockers we’ll see I’ve never had a problem fitting my backpack in universal locker so but this will help universal from having so many problems with people not wanting to put their bags in a locker but then again since it’s the first Disney ride to ever do it Disney’s going to be pandemonium unless they buckle down and say no to fanny Pack or any small backpack like universal does most universal rides you can bring a fanny Pack as long as it can go around your waist you’re fine hopefully Disney won’t do that because that will cause more problems than help But we’ll also will help is where they place their locker or they have at the beginning of the ride then you have to go through it before you can get to the ride if they have it like universal or most of theirs are beside it then they’ll call it more problems for them but we will see I can’t wait to ride Tron that ride is going to be so cool at night

    1. Mrs. Holbrook

      Good Lord, Emily. Have you ever heard of punctuation? Reading that gave me a stroke…

  9. ELF

    I once had my cell phone come out of my pocket on a carnival ride with my daughter, and spent several frantic seconds trying to grab it as it bounced around the cage that was flipping over and over. Fortunately, I finally got my hands on it and nothing was lost or broken… but yeah, an avaliable locker would have been nice! I have seen women give their purse to the ride operator, but I would be worried about it disappearing

  10. Bri

    I’m from Oklahoma and we had an incident a few months ago during our yearly state fair where someone had their phone out on a ride and they dropped it. It landed on the head of a teenage girl and cracked her skull, it was caught on video too. Thankfully she survived, but I can see why Disney is banning phones on rides.

  11. The Wraith

    There are many other rides that require use of lockers. Many Harry Potter rides do.

  12. BrianB

    Everyone is missing the main point here. The lockers are FREE. Go to a Six Flags, Cedar Fair, Busch Gardens park – same rules but the lockers are a money-grab scam. I certainly don’t need my cell phone DURING a ride. In fact, I lost two phone within about a month of each other on different coasters without every making any attempting to take it out of my pocket. If there was a FREE locker to use, I would have been happy about it, not complaining!!

  13. Rroe

    Great idea Disney…….do make the lockers a little bigger so they are practical and useful for storage. Very safe and considerate idea and I’m glad to see Disney spending the money for guest protection from falling and flying objects. As all of you know, Attorney’s line up at Disney daily to nit-pick things for a law suit.

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