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  1. Nathan Lee

    except, Disney announced a theme park outside of Orlando and So. California years ago. Anyone here remember Disney’s America? Might want to do a lil research before you write these hit pieces.

    1. JRR3

      Disney attempted to build a park in Virginia in the’90’s. Virginia examined the concept closely. It was rejected because of amazing distortions to history to fit the theme. I was on the committee, and though I’m a HUGE Disney supporter, I voted no. Wish they’d done better.

    2. D5

      As someone who called Virginia home all of my life, I believe this was a missed opportunity for Disney and for the state. I can’t speak for what Disney was thinking with regards to Disney America during the 90s. While I understand why others would oppose the idea of Disney retelling the American story, both the good and the bad, I would have been fine with it, as the park would have created more opportunity for travel to VA and for more exposure of what our state has to offer.

    3. Berry

      This country doesn’t belong to you and your ideology. If you don’t like the idea of being woke, then continue to do the opposite and stick your head back in the sand and pretend that America is without flaws and then hypocritically complain about everything going on in America. It’s your right, but if you don’t like what you see, the idea of leaving works both ways.

      1. Bart

        Well written, Berry!

      2. Phil

        Nor does it belong to you either, it belongs to EVERYONE!

      3. Phil

        Nor does it has to yours.

        1. Phil

          Wow, how clever. You even have the same name. Phil

  2. Andrew P

    Disney should announce one of the following:

    1. A fifth gate for Walt Disney World (just copy Epic Universe’s immersive IP park concept)

    2. A second gate for either Shanghai or Hong Kong

    3. A new Volcano Bay-tier waterpark for Anaheim or Walt Disney World

    4. A smaller regional resort like what was envisioned for Disney’s America, but in Texas.

    Of course, none of these are going to happen, as the company is sclerotic and all capital is going to streaming and servicing debt.

    1. PP

      #2 Disney never made money in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Disney needs to sell its interest back to the Chinese government and just charge royalties and management fees. Disney is way too compromised from Chinese money. Expanding in China is just a moneypit. They will never get their money out.

  3. PP

    Obviously failed DisneyQuest should not be overlooked or their DVC Aulani as a water park was quite the success, but Disney continues to starve Orlando’s minor parks like Epcot, Studios, and Animal Kingdom for rides and are barely themed. Never fulfilling the park’s overly ambitious mission statements. Even DCA was a huge disappointment. Designed as a county fair theme park with gimped theming. Please stop messing up. Disney didn’t screw up when someone else paid the bills like Tokyo DisneySeas.

    Universal can and should take Disney’s crown. Disney is throwing it all away with terrible service, high prices, broken down attractions, and lack of attractions.

    1. Daryl

      Universal never will and is all those thing you said Disney is and more.

    2. Bert

      The grooming of children is done by your local youth pastor.

  4. Glenn

    I really ought to be the CEO of Disney. I have the imagination, drive and determination to get them moving. I understand the retail aspect of it as well as the corporate end.

  5. Ruth L Bowers

    Disney should create a 5th gate themed around their villains that is a little less family friendly and a little more Disney adult friendly. By this I mean more roller coasters, a little darker, immersive theming and character meet and greets based on villains. The movie Emperor’s New Groove screams to have a roller coaster leading to Yzma’s workshop. Disney parks are always my go to but Universal blows them away in terms of thrill rides.

    1. Chris Wood

      The idea of having a year round horror fest in Las Vegas is brilliant.

    2. Turtle

      While there are aspects of that that sound good, I think Disney’s move towards trying to satisfy the Disney adult is bad for business. This site isn’t filled with stories of kids acting badly, it’s adults. Disney is filled with 20 something and 30 something year olds that still haven’t matured. I wasn’t almost knocked down by a 6 year old, but a man child trying to drink around the world at EPCOT. Disney needs to get back to its roots, cut back on the alcohol (probably won’t happen because of the money made) and make it a happy place for kids and families again. And if that ticks off the Disney adult then maybe something like Vegas would better fit them.

  6. Julian

    I don’t see this as the BIG WIN Universal thinks it is…here’s why. Where is Frisco, TX?? I had to look it up; an outer suburb of Dallas. No thanks. I know my daughters will not be taking my grandkids to TX for a family vacation to a Universal theme park meant to attract their exact demographic. We just went on an amazing 11 day trip to DW in December and are already planning our next Disney vacation. We didn’t go to Universal Orlando because my grandkids are too young. As they get older we’ll go to Universal Orlando for Harry Potter. But certainly not taking a family vacation to TX for this one off theme park.

    As for their Vegas horrorville, that will attract fans of the genre for sure but eventually fade out. I take an annual trip with my buddies to Vegas and can say none of us will want to go to it.

    It’s hard to beat the Disney bubble while on vacation.

  7. Jennifer yes bitter

    Why would Disney bother to improve when they can just keep double dipping? Why not triple dip and quadruple dip? No need to add to guest experience: just charge more for it! Now they charge you to get into the park and then charge you again to actually get on an attraction. Unless you consider standing in line for hours all day long “magical!” Perhaps they could add some fees to the resorts, pay to stay in a room, but extra fees to use the pool? Make reservations to use the hot water unless you buy a magical all day hot water pass? They could make it extra special by providing you with a photo of the hot water!!! They have long been charging you extra to have spot to see the fireworks, why not charge everyone?! Pay for park admission, pay again to use attractions and pay to see the parades, pay to see fireworks (or projected images), and more! It’s not enough to have merchandise on the way out of each attraction, perhaps they could charge for smelling the flowers?

  8. None of your business

    Honestly, Disney needs to stop that woke BS! That’s what people don’t want to see! I’m tired of the LGBTQ being thrown to my face as well as everything has to have a black person in a film or what not because we will offend them.
    I’m half Hispanic and Black and personally it’s annoying. I guarantee if Disney stop with the woke agenda I guarantee everything will be fine!

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