Disney Announces Ticket Price Increases Are Coming This Summer

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The Shanghai Disney Resort has just announced an increase to its ticket pricing structure. The increase will go into effect this June. The following statement is taken directly from the official Shanghai Disney Resort website:

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The following is a public notice of pricing rate adjustment for Shanghai Disneyland admission, which will take effect on June 23, 2023.

Starting June 23, 2023, Shanghai Disney Resort will adjust its pricing rate for admission to Shanghai Disneyland. The new definition and rate for the four-tiered pricing structure – Regular, Regular Plus, Peak and Peak Plus, will be as following:

  • “Regular” price of admission to Shanghai Disneyland, covering most of the weekdays and selected weekends, is set at 475 RMB;
  • “Regular Plus” price of admission will cover selected weekends and selected weekdays, and is set at 599 RMB;
  • “Peak” price of admission, which covers most of the days in summer season, selected Chinese statutory holiday periods (including their shoulder days), internationally recognized celebration periods, park special event days, and other peak visitation days, is set at 719 RMB;
  • “Peak Plus” price of admission, covering selected Chinese statutory holiday periods, park special event days and selected days in summer season, is set at 799 RMB.
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As Shanghai Disney Resort continues to develop more innovative products and optimize ticketing offerings since its opening to better reflect local consumer visitation habits, the four-tiered pricing structure has supported the resort to more effectively spread visitation throughout the year based on attendance forecast and maximize guest experience.

This comes after seemingly every single Disney Park and Resort worldwide has raised prices across the board. Both Walt Disney World and Disneyland have seen some jarring price increases over the last few years, affecting everything from parking, hotel fees and, of course, Park tickets.

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