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  1. Nathan Lee

    Easy Answer to the author. Because figment is not racially offensive and these dolls were. Good for Disney

    1. CD

      So you think on a ride that is 100% about being together as a world, accepting everyone, and understanding that we are all the same…. The eyes on TWO stylized characters was racist?

      Honey… you’re part of the problem here. The people who find racism in EVERYTHING are usually projecting their own racism onto things.

    2. T Nguyen

      Wow! So to you, eyes that are rounder (ie, more “Western” looking) are what human eyes are supposed to look like? You are a sad, nasty bigot

    3. Faspro

      How are they racist? How is an inanimate object racist?

  2. Sue

    I’m so sick of all these people and being offended. Get a life and move on so we have to change everything bc someone feels offended 😳🙄

    1. Jaxx

      AMEN! Not everything is “racist” because a couple of thin-skinned idiots say it is. Get a life!

      1. Connie

        Agree 110%

  3. Dodger

    “Similar to how the removal of Splash Mountain is erasing African-American folklore…”

    When something based on folklore gets removed, the original folklore continues to exist…unless you’re trying to make the assertion that Splash Mountain IS folklore, which is absurd but not surprising on this website.

    In any case, “Small World” lives on.

  4. Mason

    I was actually waiting for someone to find something racist about It’s a Small World.

  5. Carol

    Isn’t the idea of small world to celebrate the different cultures? So one person gets upset about the depiction of a character which by the way had been there for years, and suddenly it needs to change. Will they change it immediately as soon as the next person gets upset?

  6. Denise

    So many people get offended over the most idiotic things. Go find an old video of guests riding IASW and see if there are any Asian guests laughing and smiling. Maybe some old footage of Splash Mountain – any black people having a ball? I bet there were. Someone said, “Let’s be offended about everything,” and everyone jumped. Smh.

  7. GfMom

    This is so ridiculous. Bowing to every offended person makes for a very sad park. I am one who wanted to keep splash mtn. It’s not offensive in the least.

    1. Nathan Lee

      what is sad when people say, I do not care if you are offended, I want it my way. Kind of like when people got ‘offended’ by Happy Holidays and demanded that expression be cancelled so people will wish them their preferred holiday greeting.
      Sensitivity is a good thing.

      1. Jayne1955

        Holiday comes from the Old English word hāligdæg (hālig “holy” + dæg “day”). The word referred to special religious days. It usually also meant a day when people did not work which is how the single word “holiday” came to have a secular side. But it was always a religious term.

  8. Beth W.

    Catering to others sensitivity can be overdone, and often is. All the dolls in Small World looked exactly the same, with the exception of the color of their skin. None of them looked like me, yet I was not the least offended. I mean, I look nothing like those round headed little things, but that’s no biggie. They’re generic! Leave stuff alone. This is getting crazy.

  9. Marcus the Unique

    Some people are just not going to be happy until the entire world of make believe is all just a low quality and flat presentation of dark beige stick figures with neutral expressions, homogeneous personalities and instantly forgettable presentation. And it will all be done in from a desire for “inclusiveness”, “fairness” and a desire to avoid even slightly offending a single person anywhere.

    How boring.

    Okay, maybe I’m over the top with the hyperbole here, but we are stifling creativity and invention in our race to totally avoid butthurt and controversy. No wonder AI is having such an easy time creating acceptable content now. There’s no imagination required.

  10. Sue

    Better yet the Disney character ignored my child bc of the color of there skin. 🙄🤬

  11. Jarvis

    Come on Disney we want non binary, transexual, lesbian, kids showing their sexuality in all it’s wonderful display. I’m not seeing enough blue haired, fat lesbian with nose rings.
    And how about a Groomers on Parade, parade.

    You can do better!

  12. Steve

    Can they add a scene where Palestinian kids are lobbing bombs at the Jewish kids?

  13. Shilo

    Are you kidding me?!?!?! Just another reason I will not be returning to Disney World, and I have been a lifelong fan since it opened in ’71, going 2-3 times a year (also an annual passholder). What a shame…

  14. Jayne1955

    No one can float through that thing and even see all the dolls clearly. I think this is a complete waste of time and money. It’s historic, dating back to the 1964 World’s Fair. How many things from the fair even still exist?

  15. So they made it less “offensive” by repainting the eyes so they no longer look like Asian people? Now they look like white folks wearing Asian clothing. Don’t the woke crowd think thats bad too? Just leave things alone!

  16. Marlym

    Definitely listening to the wrong voices…those that want to erase history and anything else that doesn’t meet their view…just because they are more vocal!

  17. Jamie

    I’ll bet you anything that no Asian was offended by It’s a small world since it has been open. It’s the cancel culture activists that say something & of course Disney has to bow down to it now. The whole reason for the ride is show difference cultures with different languages singing the same song. Pretty soon Disney will be in all languages but English & all cultures but our own. This I why I will never go back which is sad because my youngest will never experience the REAL Walt Disney

  18. Magic Mike

    Get a life people and stop this BS.

  19. Wendy P

    White-washing by the anti-Asian racists at Disney! Why do they assume that the default human eyes “round”. Seems a little Euro-centric

  20. Walt’s ghost

    It’s a sad world thanks to left wing nut jobs that work for ITM. What an embarrassment to human kind you people are.

  21. Brian J

    Triggered snowflakes having a meltdown because two dolls were touched up to be less stereotypical.

    Won’t someone please get these snowflakes to a safe space?

    F your feelings.

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