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  1. Totally agree!! Pirates of the Caribbean was great the way it was remember they are Pirates!!! A Small World represents all children: Americans, Asians, Latin Americans, Egyptians, Africans. They do not have to all look the same! Stop pandering to one group. They destroyed Splash Mountain to pander to one group!!! STUPID

    1. True Disney Fan

      Wouldn’t stopping be pandering to another group? Sounds to me like one group wants more respect while another wants to rule how others think. Guess which one you belong too. Give ya hint, it’s the one that requires less thought and more selfish action.

      1. Dan

        I am pretty sure it is the group on the left that are determined to rule how others think. Their opinion is the only one that matters and if they deem something insensitive or offensive and people don’t agree then they are targeted and vilified, while the other group tends to just want to be able to enjoy high quality attractions without needing to see offensive in everything.

        1. Danny

          I am pretty sure you’re moron who thinks Black Mermaid is woke.

    2. Tee

      Well said. I agree 100%. If this sensitive group doesn’t like it, go somewhere else.

  2. Rogers

    Disney needs new leadership someone like Walt. Iger is no Walt. Iger is a woke globalist puppet.

    1. Sherry

      Listen to the Woke and go Broke. It is a neverending slide downward… and ever changing. Little babies upset by everything. I am sorry smaller sized young person / them. See what I mean?

  3. Jason

    Yes they’re pandering to a demographic that has zero intention to visit the parks. They just want to complain for the sake of complaining.

    1. Erich Heinrich

      I visit the Disney parks all the time and I do appreciate the changes they’ve been making. I also hope they give people like you, and the dbag author who wrote this nonsense, the big middle finger.

      1. Ike

        Seconded. As someone who traveled from the middle of the nation to spend two weeks at Universal last year because they were historically more responsive to these kinds of things I’m honestly glad Disney is being more active. I’ve been wanting to take my 4 kids to Galactic Starcruiser and these changes make me more inclined to pull that trigger and add the extra week in the parks alongside it.

        I like to think of it less as “welfare liberals” or whatever the insult of the day is and prefer to think of it as market forces at work. Being inclusive to more people means more people will want to go. And better yet; will feel like it’s somewhere they belong and dreams come true.

        1. Joe

          Nothing makes me cringe more than the word “inclusive”.

          1. Bert

            I think the same thing when it comes to you.

      2. H

        I hope they give you the big middle finger, you indoctrinated turd.

      3. S

        No. We don’t tolerate these changes and Disney has no legal right to make them. Registered Disney purists are the only guests who matter and when I take over Disney, that’s who will be catered to while giving you undesirables the middle finger and tell you that you’re not welcome at the parks. Exclusion is good. I will Make Disney Great Again. Even if that means keeping Disney stuck in a twentieth century mindset.

    2. True Disney Fan

      Must be weird knowing the intentions of all people. Wouldn’t the opposition to these changes be considered complaining for the sake of complaining? Also, are you complaining with no intention of returning to the park? Sounds kind of like a two faced approach.

  4. Lori

    Amen and amen. As long time Disney fans, stockholders, out-of-state annual pass holders, d23 members and Disney Visa card carriers who honeymooned at Disney decades ago and are the parents of a former dcp cast member we have been heartbroken watching this once strong, family oriented company deteriorate into the money losing shell that it is today.
    Last January after much discussion we decided not to renew our AP’s, cancel our Disney+ subscription and start using another point gathering credit card. With Chapek at the helm and the board seemingly licking his boots, and with Josh D’amaro either unable or uninterested in bucking the many money grubbing decisions coming from Anaheim we considered renewing our passes as throwing good money after bad. The WDW company that we knew and loved is broken and I’m not sure it can be repaired without someone within the company standing up to the craziness that has taken over.
    No one would love to be wrong about this more than me. But until we see Disney willing to make some of the “uncomfortable” decisions that their very loyal fan base has requested we’ll spend our money elsewhere.

    1. Brian J

      Someone get all these melting snowflakes to a safe space!!

      I will be bringing my family to Disney world for 9 days in the middle of March and coming back for a week in September to attend the Halloween party!

      We are looking forward to the splash mountain renovation and the new Tron rides.

      It’s heart warming to see Disney making an effort to include those are typically discriminated against.

      Going by how packed and full the parks and hotels are, the whining snowflakes are a small minority

  5. Pauline

    I’m so over all of this, I am a huge Disney fan… I always have been yet all this people that are complaining about the Disney that Walt created should go find somewhere else to go. Why should millions of fans lose out because their tender feelings get hurt. Who cares, grow up and get over yourselves!!!!!
    I have not returned to the Parks in years because they have taken the fun out of it. I wanted my kids to enjoy the Disney I grew up loving but with these spineless people running the show that will never happy. The price of tickets and the fact that you have to use fast passes and reserve your seat on rides now is ridiculous.

    1. True Disney Fan

      Your tender feeling appear hurt, who cares. They own everything in those parks, they can change whatever they want. Doesn’t affect the ability to enjoy what they offer. Your loyalty isn’t a form of entitlement. How else do you see waiting lines for rides? You must be so entitled that you think there should be a special line just for you. You probably can’t even get to a place on time without spending. Yet you want a place you can’t afford to change how they structure their business around your feelings and demands. Snowflake in the making!

      1. TDF =big loser

        True Disney Fan, you’re a miserable turd. I’m sorry no one likes you and you were never popular in school or at work. Don’t take it out on the rest of the world because of your lack of success both financially and socially.

      2. S

        No Disney doesn’t own everything and they have no right to change the parks. You know who has the right to tell Disney what they can and can’t do? The government.

    2. Brian J.

      Well Pauline,

      The people that are loudly complaining about Disney growing and becoming more welcoming to all should go find somewhere else to go.

      Why should the millions of good people lose out because your feelings get hurt. Who cares, grow up and get over yourselves!!!!!

      I have taken my family to Disney World twice a year for the past few years, and it’s obvious by the crowds that the majority is good with the changes

    3. Tee

      Well said

  6. Gary

    We got to keep fighting to get Disney back on the Walter Elias Disney Track. Never give up be a pain in the neck to them then maybe they will understand!

  7. Gerald W

    It’s not Walt’s Disney anymore. 😢

  8. SWH

    It’s unfortunate that Disney has taken a drastic left turn into wokism. The Disney experience we grew up with and loved has need sacrificed for what some believe to be “political correctness.”

  9. Carol

    The liberal, left, cancel culture is such a minute portion of the population. I don’t understand why Disney doesn’t stick to entertainment and stop pandering to political cry babies.

    1. Chris

      Consider who’s now running the place. These very political crybabies who have the ability to change things for the worse. It happens from within.

  10. Michael

    Disney has lost us and our families precisely because of their appeasement of the “woke” crowd. It sickens me that the few are ruining this for the many.

  11. Dave

    I think it’s dumb to get rid of Splash Mountain…..people are complaining about something that was made decades ago and demanding change because ‘they’ feel it is inappropriate. No it’s not, it was made to reflect the times it was made in, but you cannot apply todays views on something made in the past. You gonna go after Wizard of Oz because of the way that little people were portrayed? By the logic being used, everything in the past should be changed or whatever using today’s views. As has been said most people who are complaining are those who have no desire to visit the parks, but rather just to have something to complain about. People need to start viewing things as ‘if you don’t like it then don’t spend your money or your time on it and just move along to go enjoy what you like’. Just quit dictating that everything should be done a certain way to appeal only to you, that’s basically telling others that they must live by your views. I’m glad I was able to goto Disneyland years ago and be able to enjoy it how Walt intended and being able to afford it. These days its just not worth it, both financially because of how expensive a ticket has gotten (I spent $20 over 30 years ago to visit DL) and because of people who have ruined the experience because they’re loudmouth complainers wanting to dictate what is appropriate in their mind for others

    1. ctp


  12. Morrison

    Extremely well said. Since I was five years old (I am 42 years old now), I have had the opportunity to visit Disney World nearly every year (save for a year or two). Initially, with my family while growing up. Then with friends. Now I take my wife and two young boys. It has been a part of our lives and the place we can go to forget about any stress in our lives and enjoy the Disney Magic and bond as a family.

    Honestly though. For the first time in my life, I purposely didn’t plan a trip this year. It had nothing to do with COVID. Something was definitely different with the parks last year. Dirtier. Staff wasn’t as friendly. They seemed more stressed. Food was suddenly different and awful in some places (but still as pricey).

    It was a tradition that I would get a giant turkey leg at Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom every year. It was part of the experience and delicious. This past year, I purchased one and it was nearly all loose fat on the exterior, nearly an inch thick. I didn’t know this until I tried to bite through. My teeth couldn’t make it through the fat. My wife and young son’s were the exact same. I returned it to the place that I purchased it (the stressed out manager said “yeah, I’m sorry. We get a lot of these returns since we have been getting them from a different source recently. I told them they aren’t as good, but I have to serve what they give me”).

    Anyway, my hope is that Disney can stop worrying about offending one or two people over usually nonsense. And getting back to providing Magic to your real fans by providing a quality experience well worth the time and expense.

  13. Charles Pryor

    I could slowly the MAGIC fading away 5 years ago, and we dropped our annual passes and have not been back since!

  14. Walter Disney

    Go woke, go broke. SJWs don’t buy stuff, especially not in the numbers of sane individuals. Look at the comic book industry for a recent example. Sales plummeted when they went woke. Look at what Disney did to Star Wars and the MCU. They bought those rights initially to have “boy properties” then totally mutilated them. Star Wars movies are dead, with only two of their tv series being any good, and the MCU died after Endgame; with the exception of Sony’s Spider-man tie in films. Woke audiences don’t vote purchase, and sane consumers vote with their wallets.

  15. Robert

    The problem is Disney leadership imposing their own political views or pandering to minority fringe woke political activist within the company. They are falling on their own sword by alienating middle class with price gouging in the aftermath of the pandemic. Look at the Star Wars hotel and how they are now trying to save face because no one is going. They are only viewing the short term gain not the long term loss.

  16. True Disney Fan

    You should blame the snowflake conservatives. The changes doesn’t affect anything, just the feelings of the conservative population. Your feelings don’t and won’t dictate the feelings of others.

  17. John Pack

    Disney needs to remember that they’re in the Classic business — selling parents the magic memories from their own childhoods to give to their young children. Being cutting edge on the woke Hollywood garbage does not make parents feel like sharing Disney with their children. So while I would say “kudos” for re-painting puppets to make them less of a caricature, it’s silly to get rid of Uncle Remus’ tales of Brer Rabbit (which preserve 1800s Black culture), and it’s abuse to put lesbians in children’s cartoons and series.

  18. Jim

    We wants the redhead!

  19. Ly

    Ok, can we all step back from the name calling and insults please. Regardless of where you stand the constant attacking prevents discussion and in the much larger scheme is exhausting.

    I do believe Disney often chooses to appease smaller audiences without considering the whole. The fact that Song of the South can only be bought as a pirated copy proves that. Removing Splash Mountain and replacing it with a Princess and the Frog ride is blatant catering that does both great stories and their characters a disservice(more so since recent released designs shows Tiana’s Bayou Adventure to have been scaled back.) The other examples are just as ridiculous. This is a constant battle Disney faces. Not everyone will be happy but that’s just reality.

  20. James

    Conservatives are 40% more likely to have kids than liberals are (source below). If Disney is forced to choose one or the other, it’s pretty obvious they should make kids’ movies for the people who actually have the kids.

    Source: “Republicans Have More Kids Than Democrats. A Lot More Kids.” Yahoo, March 26, 2019

    1. Bert

      Birth control people!

  21. James

    Conservatives have 40% more kids, on average, than liberals do. Punch that phrase into Google and pick your favorite source if you want to double-check. That means, if Disney somehow finds themselves forced to choose one group or the other, they should choose to make kids’ movies for the group that actually has the kids.

  22. Dan

    It is stupid to pander. As soon as you start injecting politics into a theme park, you alienate half the country — whether you pick left or right. It would be much cheaper for them to operate from the center. Tell people — if you don’t like it, don’t ride it. It’s remarkable how many people Disney has hired that are entirely useless individuals.

  23. JohnnyGreen

    Went to Disneyland a few weeks ago. The place was crowded. Average wait for a popular ride was 45 mins. We bought Genie+ and were able to go on all the rides we wanted many times throughout the day in fact. Rode incrediblecoaster 4 times in one day though lighting with no issues. To me it was just like fast pass except 25.00 per person. We did not have lunch reservations but we went to blue bayou in the morning to see if they could get in and dang they had 4 seats open so we made reservations.

  24. Marvin

    Typical right-wing projection and ignorance. So glad you lot are dwindling with successive generations. Turn off Faux News and get an eddication.

    1. S

      No we are not dwindling. We are multiplying and will NEVER die. We are essentially Kryptonian and invincible like Superman. It’s leftists who are dwindling and I look forward to you leftists being completely erased.

      1. S

        Nope. I am speaking the truth. You however are committing perjury.

  25. Liz

    This is the least of Disney’s problems right now.

    1. James

      That’s literally the opposite of the truth. The fact that they’re alienating such a huge percentage of their target market is ABSOLUTELY the biggest of their problems right now.

  26. DanZee

    When do the drag queen strip shows start?

  27. Bert

    An absolute non-issue. Spend your energy on something real and important, like gun control or the environment. Something that effects all of society.

  28. Al

    Seriously? They’re both chickensh!ts. Has no one learned anything in the last 5 years or so? If you give in once, they’ll keep coming back with more complaints

  29. Idontcare

    The liberal states are the money makers for this circus of a country. The welfare states are the red ones in the rust belt. Were it not for the money that California and New York generate, those worthless flyover states would devolve into North America’s version of Afghanistan.

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