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  1. Royz

    Spring cleaning already, in the House of Mouse.

    Beyond this change, there is another that should voluntarily step down and or be dismissed from the Company and board…Ms. Christine McCarthy.

    Ok, why make one change at a time?

    It is apparent aside from Mr. Iger the whole board needs to step down and allow for apponiment, by majority stockholders vote, in new leadership.


    Why isnt Abigail Disney on the board as a consultant, Emeritus, or CEo as well? Why cant a Disney run Disney?

    Why Not bring back Mr. Eisner, Mr Katzenberg, and one who shall remain nameless?

    1. Daryl-Rhys

      Because Abigail is a stupid hippy with no business experience who hates her Uncle. That’s why she shouldn’t be anywhere near the company.

  2. PPP

    Disney’s Board of Directors is now “Don’t Say Gay” with the dismissal of Arnold. How ironic. Disney will try to repair relations with China by showing how less gay advocacy it has become. Really!!!

  3. Gary

    Well Peltz can go like the dodo bird he is not wanted. And Disney higher ups need to ck their Disney e-mail accts. from time to time and answer some e-mails sent to them sent by former CM’S!

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