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  1. Gary

    He better have something positive that Walt would have liked or he is out of here!

  2. Chah

    All I can say is we’re done, Bob. Been twice in the Disney Genie + era but no more. I cannot express how much I hate it. Setting an alarm at 7am on vacation just so you can MAYBE get your kids favorite ride is BS. Being on your damn phone all day after that. No more.

  3. Mary

    Seasoned visitors are what he is losing. Newbies have no idea what it was like or they wouldn’t pay to get into a park that they have to make a reservation for and then pay again to ride the rides? Really? People wake up, Disney is nice but this is ridiculous. I love Disney but this has turned my family and I to the point of finding fun elsewhere, where they don’t nickel and dime you to death. As long as people who don’t know pay, they will keep it up. I refuse to walk around with a cell phone during my vacation. No thanks.

    1. Liz

      Amen to that !! It’s supposed to be vacation not more stress I won’t go back !!!

  4. J Finch

    Please bring back free transportation from Airport to DisneyWorld, prices are high enough without adding an extra charge

  5. EM

    I’m done with Disney. Too many perks taken away when you book a package onsite. No more Magical Express, no more free fast passes, no more free dining packages, no more free parking, no more free Early morning hours, No more free Extra evening hours. Park hopping has changed so you can’t go whenever you want, you have to wait until 2pm. No more waking up and saying “let’s go to this park today” because you need reservations. If it’s raining you are stuck going to a park you normally wouldn’t go to with bad weather or if there is a high school cheerleaders thing going on.
    The parks are the biggest money maker for Disney, they keep raising prices and as long as people pay them they will keep finding new things to charge you to use. They should concentrate on making their other businesses profitable instead of ruining what use to be a Magical Experience for people for years.
    We always looked forward to planning our Disney trip but now it has become a headache and a hassle and not worth the time it takes. It is no longer fun nor magical.
    Things are always going to change but this is too much too fast for me.

  6. Angela

    We are about to sell our DVC. As EM has already stated, all the perks have been taken away. We are paying $165 on an HOA for something we can’t afford to use, which is wasted money. We used to come down to at least two times a year, if not four times a year. The company says we can use our points for other hotels. What a joke. I can maybe get one day out of them because of the high-end hotels they have chosen—places we would not want to go to. I am so done with Disney, and it makes me so sad. I have been going since before I was born.

  7. I love Disney

    Any change Iger announces will be for the worse. As this article mentions, the Parks are doing fantastic financially despite all these unpopular rules. So why on earth would Iger reduce the profit, when Disney stock is doing poorly? He needs all the money he can get. If anything, he’s going to raise prices and cut costs across the board wherever he can, as much as he can. Many fans say that they are quitting Disney World, but you couldn’t tell by the attendance numbers. Somebody is filling the vacated slots.
    The parks aren’t the problem. The problem is other Disney stuff, like Disney+ or the movies that are losing money. Iger needs to focus on filling up the leaky holes. Stop spending the billions on Disney+, and make sure the movies will make money in theaters. Like fire people such as the creators of Encanto and Strange World because those movies did not make it in theaters. And stop with the deeply denial statements such as “Encanto is a smash hit on Disney+”. It didn’t bring in money, which is why the stock are down.

  8. GeoffR

    Walt Disney would be so very disappointed at the current state of the Disney Theme Parks. His vision and the company’s Mission Statement has always been to provide the highest quality Family Entertainment at a fair price. Meanwhile the last few years, Disney has been nickel and diming guests to squeeze every last penny they can, at the expense of their magical reputation. It’s been years since we’ve heard an announcement of a new attraction (not reworking an old attraction aka. Splash Mountain which didn’t need more than a few minor adjustments)? Star Wars & Tron & Galaxy Edge were great. But were announced years ago. What’s next? WDW is ready for Theme park #5. Anaheim is ready for park #3. There are obviously enough people coming to fill them in. Or perhaps another location in the US? DisneyCentral? Right in the heartland of the country? If you don’t grow, you die. I am going to be most interested to see what happens in a couple years, after the post-isolation covid crowds have visited and been overcharged and underwhelmed. Nothing big is coming and the Magic isn’t there. Meanwhile, Universal (who have snatched up many of the former Imagineer dreamers) is growing and adding new parks and attractions. Worth checking out. Enron was too big to fail. It’s time for Bob Iger to step up and think what would Walt do? Or even Michael Eisner. Yes, things are very profitable right now. People were isolated more then a year and need to get out and celebrate life. But, Disney has been successful in the past because of it’s devoted base. When you alienate your repeat business, there are only so many people who will or can afford to have such an expensive experience.

    1. Gary

      Amen to all you said

  9. Corrine

    Bring back Disney’s Magical Express. That is a huge first impression and sets the tone for the start of your vacation when the MAGIC is supposed to begin. When the excitement and magic USED to begin. Now, from what I’ve heard, both Mears and the other shuttle create a lot of stress and are no big deal whatsoever.
    My niece, her fiancé, and her 18 year old daughter will be going to Disney World in a few months for their very first time and I can’t help but feel so sad and heartbroken for them because they have no idea as to how special it used to be, and I worry about the possibility of them not enjoying it at all.
    Bob Iger, bring it back to how it was in the early 2000’s! Those who loved it back then as kids and parents will love bring their children and grandchildren and sharing all their wonderful memories and the MAGIC that they experienced with them, and making new MAGICAL memories with them.

  10. Smith

    The spontaneity is gone.
    I don’t go on vacation to keep my nose in my phone to schedule the day. Soon you’ll have to schedule your time to use the crapper. Been many times but Done w Disney.

  11. Steve

    Iger should find someone who can fix Disney and resign. He is what got us here, he is not the person who will fix it.

    1. Bonnie

      The magic is gone. Walt would be so disappointed at what Disney has become. As a 50 year resident of Florida, I’m so sad to see it go downhill. I miss the DW of the past. Our family will never return.

  12. Johnny

    Disney World is not at 100 percent capacity. If anyone has been here say 2017, 2016 ish could tell you. I have pics of dec. 30th of an empty magic kingdom. Do not be fool of park pas reservations and capacity as the same thing

    Ps if you all want them I’ll email them to your company

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