Woman Hit By Full Speed Roller Coaster Attempting to Retrieve Her Phone

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Melbourne royal show theme park

Credit: Melbourne Royal Show

A recent horrific injury left theme park visitors in shock.

When visiting theme parks, whether it be at a Disney Park like Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort, if it be another like Universal Orlando Resort, Universal Studios Hollywood, Six Flags, Busch Gardens, SeaWorld Orlando, or Cedar Point, among others, the biggest priority is to keep all Guests safe during their trip.

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Inside the Magic previously reported on a horrific theme park accident that left bystanders upset.

The unfortunate event occurred on Sunday, September 25, at Melbourne Royal Show in Melbourne, Australia. Reports say that she may have walked onto the tracks of the Rebel Coaster to retrieve a dropped phone, causing patrons to be stuck on the ride while ambulance officers treated the woman before she was taken to the hospital.

Now, we have new updates to give on the incident.

Melbourne royal show theme park
Credit: Melbourne Royal Show

Shylah Rodden, 26 years old, has been in a medically-induced coma with significant brain injuries and a host of other injuries since the incident. The impact of the crash hurdled her nearly 30 feet in the air.

According to reports from the Daily Star, Rodden has now woken up from her coma two months after the incident. Her condition was downgraded from critical to serious on October 11.

Victoria Police’s statement on the accident said: “It appears, at this early stage, the woman, believed aged in her 20s, may have walked on and entered the track to try and retrieve a dropped phone before she was hit by a rollercoaster carriage, about 5:45pm.

“Sadly, the woman was then found injured on the ground.”

A family-friend told the Daily Star that “she is not out of the woods yet,” but it is certainly good news to hear that she has woken up from her coma and that her condition has seen slight improvements.

Inside the Magic will continue to keep you updated on this incident.

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