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Splash Mountain

Credit: Disney


  1. Mason

    Interesting things about Song of the South:
    The man who played Uncle Remus James Baskett was voted an academy honorary award for this film and was the first African American to win any kind of Oscar.

    1. Bert

      He also could not enter through the front door of the theater at the premier.

      1. Clifton Brewer

        And now he’s been canceled. Kind of ironic.

  2. Maria Salazar

    Took long enough, couldn’t happen fast enough.

    1. Jodi

      I am sorry but I loved this Movie and this ride and it is part of history although they put it in a better light. Why do we keep getting trying to erase our history just so we can do it all over again? We should learn from it. Use it as a teachable moment in time. To not do it again to teach our children they are all the same and not slaves to anyone.

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