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A woman wearing a blue Snow-white inspired shirt, a red hair bow, and a yellow skirt.

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  1. Turtle

    No honey, you make yourself feel like a whale. You are just upset that they haven’t affirmed your behavior.

    1. Chris

      You are making a lot of assumptions there.

      One that sizing makes sense, 2 xl in Disney sizes is what an actual healthy weight for most adults would be.

      But you also are assuming that just because someone is larger, they aren’t happy with their own body or even that they aren’t healthy. People can be quite a bit overweight and still be quite healthy, contrary to what keeps trying to be pushed on us.

      And there are people whose body chemistry or even certain medications that make weight loss impossible.

      So, it is time we stop judging others and accept people of all shapes and sizes. As well as those with disabilities, etc.

      1. John

        If they are complaining then they aren’t happy…

      2. Joe

        Have you tried not being a whale ? Fatty .

        1. Riley

          Have you tried not being a prick? Miscreant.

        2. DHC

          Harsh and cruel. What a wonderful person you must be.

        3. Jill


        4. Ichabod


      3. Tim

        So you mean the entire medical community is wrong about weight management and the inherent risks that come with it. Your comment is beyond ignorant and is now the gaslighting being spewed by people like Lizzo. Being overweight will affect EVRY SINGLE ASPECT of your body in negative ways! There are very few medications that will make weight loss impossible and those who are prescribed those medications are referred to dietitians that are specifically trained to manage their weight, they CHOOSE not to listen. And before you jump back onto your over weight, short, chubby horse, I am in the medical field and deal with this issue daily and it getting worst and worst because of self-riotous people like you that promote this crap.

        1. Sojurner

          Where in the medical field? The TV ads that push crap people don’t need? You sure sound like it

        2. Sarah

          It’s worse. It worst. And there are many medications that make people gain weight such as steroids. Which are commonly prescribed for a variety of issues. Also? We’re not talking a 5x here. 2xl is a normal size for a man that works out or a woman with a chest that wants a bit of room. And if it’s the fastest to sell? It doesn’t make sense not to stock it regardless of your opinion on the matter.

        3. Walt Whitman

          Boy if you’re in the “medical field” and write worse and worse as “worst and worst” and self righteous as “self-riotous” I hope I never run into you for care because your level of English demonstrates your colossal ignorance and sun par intelligence! Lmao! 😆😆😆😆

      4. J

        They aren’t happy. No one that is obese is happy with theor weight. They may say they are happy, but they are lying to everyone, including themselves.

      5. RL

        Ty for saying this!!!

    2. Riley

      Did you feel good saying that? Or do you feel just as capricious as you sound?

    3. Pat

      Really, some people have medical condition. Have a little sympathy for people. Merry Christmas to you

      1. J

        Few have medical conditions that make it harder to lose and keep weight off. More are simply fat due to poor lifestyle choices.

    4. Jayne1955

      This comment is priceless.

    5. RL

      People have all kinds of reasons for being overweight including valid medical reasons. What’s your excuse for lacking common decency? Perhaps when your ignorance cures someone’s weight issues we can find a cure for your insecurities?
      As for the topic at hand…
      Disney is very discriminatory against plus size fans. My son needs a 3x and finding that in the parks is next to impossible. Body shaming in this country is far too commonplace. It’s a shameful practice that in reality hurts the business just as much as its potential customers. This country is brimming with folks in plus sizes. All those sales wasted!

  2. Chris

    Knott’s offers up to 5x in most of their shirts and 3X in pretty much all of the rest, no reason Disney can’t do the same.

    1. John

      They can offer 100x, the question is does it make sense for them to do so

    2. Mario

      They don’t have to. If you don’t like it go to Knott’s.

    3. Joe

      Orrrr , we treat being an obese glutton like we treat smoking ciggies . These whales don’t deserve special treatment . Get a diet . Go to the gym . It’s SO EASY to stay relatively fit , I’ve done it all my life . I eat taco bell and mcdonalds and I weigh 170 at 5’11 . You have to eat in excess of 3000 calories a day to get that fat . 3000 calories a day is EXTREMELY excessive .

      1. Sojurner

        Or you can think about the people over 6ft, weight lifters. BMI charts used are massively outdated and were never intended for use the way they are. Never developed for women. Better to use body data..which would not match the hate you are spewing.

      2. Jill

        Are youva real person?

      3. J

        Why should they? Why normalize the abnormal?

      4. Kairi

        Whales are beautiful animals unlike you.

      5. Maria

        My son is 6’5″ and needs a 2xl for the length. The sleeves and waist are too short for him in a large or xl (which fit fine except for that). Yes, the 2xl is a bit baggy on him, but it’s better than him wearing shirts that look like they shrunk in the wash.

    4. Paul

      No reason for people to be disgusting to look at either

      1. Riley

        No reason for you to be disgusting either, but here we are..

    5. Heather

      They do. I work for Disney, merchandising specifically, we carry up to 5x in most clothing.

    6. J

      Why should they? Why normalize the abnormal?

    7. NorCal

      I understand the concern with getting Disneywear in larger sizes. Being tall and relatively thin no branded clothing like Disney fits. I guess corporate world we don’t matter either.

  3. Mario

    It’s not Disney’s fault you can’t stop stuffing your face with sugar, butter and salt all day. If you feel like a whale that’s on you.

    1. Riley

      So whose fault is it that you’re a piece of crap?

      1. Steve

        In my case, the world. Specifically entitled twats like yourself.

        I can’t speak for Mario.

        1. Riley

          I’m just matching energy honey. You wanna be a judgy little twerp, I’m gonna meet you there. And it’s interesting that me defending people from bullies like you is the reason you suck as a human.

  4. Joe

    Amen brother , they aren’t ready to hear it .

  5. Joe

    Have you tried not being a whale ? Fat americans are sad asf …

    1. Riley

      Men with the name Joe are also sad asf..

  6. Riley

    The camaraderie of the microp*news is here to change the world 🫡 good job fellas

    1. Common Sense

      Riley is clearly one of the obese, that or someone who derives pleasure from acting superior to others. Obesity is a serious health condition, no reason to celebrate it

      1. Riley

        Ever done word of the day? yours for today is: OXYMORON. wanna know why? because you came after the one person on this thread that has only ever said anything to the BULLIES who have said “These whales don’t deserve special treatment . Get a diet . Go to the gym . It’s SO EASY to stay relatively fit , I’ve done it all my life . I eat taco bell and mcdonalds and I weigh 170 at 5’11” (which is a display of superiority btw) and said that I like to be superior. And I MUST be obese, right? Your deductive reasoning skills are that of legend! also assuming that I celebrate obesity is wrong. i never alluded to that.

        I just like to match energy. If your are gonna bully someone then I’m gonna give that same energy to you.

        I’m aware it’s a serious thing because I was a personal trainer through college, its more that a medical/hormonal issue. It can also be a psychological issue. a lot of folks are doing their best and then you have asshats like you on here. You know nothing. Nice try though.

  7. Ron

    given the fact that most of Disney’s clothes are Asian fit, meaning that they are all made in China from Cheap material, they run about 1, to 2 sizes small this is because there isn’t a standard opn sizes and Asian for the most part have short torsos so shirts tend to run short, a 3X will fit fine if you don’t dry it, Universeal is the same way, they don’t have bigger sizes,

    1. Patrick

      Disney whale: “I feel like a whale!”
      Me: *about to make snide remark*
      Disney: “Yes, I know.”
      Me: “… DAMN! That was better than anything I had.”

  8. Steve

    She said it, so I didn’t have to. I would just like to agree with her.

  9. Squatch

    I’m a tad on the taller side at 6’8″. I’d love to buy a t-shirt that doesn’t look like a crop top, or buy a jacket that the sleeves actually reach my wrists. Can they include tall sizes?
    My wife has short legs. How about a petite section?
    People come in a variety of sizes, why can’t the clothes?

  10. DHC

    The question is should Disney offer larger sizes? When did the discussion evolve into criticism of people’s diets? An unnecessarily cruel discussion of people’s diets. Then attacking those with differing points of view. You should be ashamed, but you aren’t, because you’re missing a basic human component. The ability to be kind
    FYI I don’t have a weight problem, but I do have the ability to see beyond appearance.

  11. Heather

    I work for Disney. We literally carry up to a 5x in most clothes.

  12. Common Sense

    “would like to get xxl but i always to special order and it makes me feel like a whale”

    You having to special order something because you choose not to manage your health is why this has become an issue. It’s not cruelty to observe the consequences of one’s actions.

    1. Geoff

      Wow. Just wow. It truly saddens me to hear some of these awful, cruel comments some people are spewing out in response to this article. The ignorance of these individuals who obviously don’t understand that people can have different metabolisms and that weight loss/control is not a simple problem that is easily resolved by ‘eating some salads’! So yes, people come in all sizes – small to 5x and beyond. Is it fair that larger folks must be excluded from sharing in the Disney spirit? If needed, charge a couple extra bucks for the plus sizes. I never understand why businesses exclude this (pardon the pun) ‘Large’ group of potential customers. Heather on here mentioned that “Disney carries up to 5x on most items”. I haven’t seen that. But, next time I’m at WDW I’m gonna mention this comment to a CM and see what I can find. Meanwhile, Bob Iger, please please address this issue and upgrade your inventory. Fat people have money too.

  13. Jaye

    In this thread: entitled fat apologists versus people who know what portion control is.

  14. Chuck

    If you can’t fit into the largest covering Disney offers, you have bigger problems than Disney making you “feel like a whale”

  15. AllisonWonderland

    Oh boy! Some very UN-Disneylike behavior in the comments. My 2XL husband is 6’+ and played college football. He has an AMAZING, athletic, strong, sexy af bod. Brick houses also visit and shop the parks seeking 2XL. Bonus, we like to keep it happy at the Happiest Place on Earth. We’re all fans here!

  16. Bob

    Try eating some salads

  17. Debbie

    I find the opposite to be true. When I shop for clothing at Disney Springs, everything is in plus sizes and very little in small or medium.

  18. Jill

    Love the Christmas spirit being shown here. How about a little peace on earth, and judge not lest ye be judged?

  19. J

    Ha, I came here to say that these fat, disgusting, obese people need to lose weight or face the fact that they are abnormal and the rest of the world doesn’t need to conform to their disgusting lifestyle. Bit apparently a LOT of people have already beat me to the punch.

    Who cares if there isn’t enough large clothes to cover their obese bodies? Go online and special order them if you can’t find any more. Or, get there Faster and buy them before they are all gone. But that’s too hard to do when you’re so fat that you need a freaking motorized wheelchair to get around. Heck, the last time I was there, it was a horrible sight due to multiple families that are so fat they All ride on those electric scooters that old people use to get around. Some were getting upset that they couldn’t get front of the line treatment and many could barely fit through the walking lines. They had to stop the Small World ride just to get one family of 6 on TWO DIFFERENT boats. Then they had to stop the ride Again to get them Off.

    1. Nica

      I work out every day and am on weight watchers to learn to eat healthier. I don’t expect to make any excuses for my past eating habits but would love to address your mean comments. I work70 hours a week and am not lazy in the least. Here’s the difference between you and I. I can lose the weight…you will never lose your inability to see beyond someone’s exterior to see the internal struggle. You will always be mean and ugly on the inside. I wear lots of Disney2x clothes while I walk, take bike rides and play with my kids. This is not an unusual size.

      1. Riley

        I’m proud of you! That’s amazing!

  20. Will

    Living in a world of lazy people who wanna sit on their phone and laptops all day eating dingdongs and ho hos… some people have medical issues I understand that. .but I bet the vast majority of overweight is due to being just plain lazy!!!

  21. Paul

    To me this has nothing to do with opinions on whether people should slim down to fit an XL, it’s about economics.

    Some bigger folks would love to buy a hoodie but when XXL is the largest they have it becomes tough to wear that over something in the winter. Most like it a little baggy, not tight.

    It gets kind of ridiculous to start demanding 6x merchandise that will fit less than 1% of the population but a 3x shouldn’t be too much to ask. There are alot of bigger folks that need that size.

  22. Ginger Wilcoxson


  23. Laurie

    Yes Disney needs larger sizes 2xl and 3xl or larger.

  24. Paula

    Both my husband and his sister shared a medical oddity at birth; whatever ‘switch’ flips to normally burn fat didn’t happen. In their youth, large women were looked upon as a disgrace, so she had dangerous surgery no longer performed because of patients dying of complications years later. Despite his obesity, my husband excelled at every sport he tried, helped run the family farm, and spent decades pushing his non-mobile mother around Disney Parks in a wheelchair. At 70, he still goes to work everyday (manufacturing engineer) and helps build my sets for theatrical productions. I’d say he’s earned the opportunity to drive a scooter around The Happiest Place on Earth–as he did less than a month ago. We’ve never used any special ‘line-jumping’ opportunities, asked for special treatment, or complained if a bus didn’t have room for him. There are 1000s of folks around us who saved their pennies trying to enjoy themselves who may have it worse than we. You do NOT know ANYONE’S story OR their caloric intake, and it is none of your business.

  25. Matt

    Boo hoo fatty mc fat fk

  26. Having larger sizes and more of them/ and to choose from is something that many Disney fans have been clamoring for since the 1970’s. Has Disney listened? Apparently not because here it is being brought up once more!

  27. bandit087

    Wow the number of people trying to make edgy comments just to get attention is hilarious. We are talking about a man wearing size 2x of Disney clothes (which I believe run a little on the small side for sizes in the U.S.). I would imagine probably most men that are over six foot with any muscle probably needs a 2x. That’s probably a lot of cops, fire fighters, athletes, guys in the military. People that have to stay in really good shape. Also in the u.s. it very normal for men to be at least 6 foot. Like someone said we aren’t talking about a 5x here lolol. They really should have 2x at least in t shirts, as it’s a pretty common size for men.

  28. Eat Organics

    What some r not recognizing is all the chemicals pumped into foods have contributed to weight issues in America. Highly recommend changing to Organic diet to help with weight loss.

    Also, do NOT eat or drink anything with Artificial Sweeteners. These through off natural insulin levels and massively contribute to weight gain.

    To those serious about losing weight, please research this advice for yourself, it will help you.

    Good luck!

    And Disney, please add Organic Food choices.

  29. Ichabod

    Look at the Disney crowds now vs the 80’s. Heck, probably even the 90’s-early 00’s. The number of scoooottees has multiplied at least tenfold. The society has gotten unhealthy and, in a lot of cases, lazy. You know I’m not talking about legit wheelchairs and disabilities. Size down to fit the available sizes. You’ll be more immune and you can throw away your security mask.

  30. Lulu

    The problem is that the sizes run small. So xl is not an actual xl size so they really need to up their supply cuz the bigger sizes are in more demand.

  31. James

    This is a very interesting article I find when I’m shopping for merch at not just disney there is never any mediums or 32-30 pants I’m always combing through tons of sizes much bigger than me. I was thinking they need to make more med type sizes. Grass is always greener I guess.

  32. Cary

    I think most people can size down. Think they are bigger than they are and can size down
    Half my comments don’t get posted on here but meanies comments do.
    What do you care about another person’s weight?
    Just want to be a perv and have some eye candy.
    Big Pass
    We all are people and deserve kindness
    Trolls gonna troll

  33. Carolyn

    This isn’t in regards to sizes, but about Disney NOT hearing it’s guests voices and needs. We were passholders for at least 15 years, and my husband is a type 1 diabetic for 39 yrs now. All the years we were passholders, he had only 2 choices for dessert, low sugar ice cream @ Ghirardelli , and on Main St. Always the same flavor too. We recently spent 3 days @ the parks, and now they don’t even sell low sugar ice cream for diabetics. YET, people with every other diet needs, have choices! I know for a fact there’s more diabetics, than any other disease. So totally unexceptable! Such a shame for all we’ve spent at the parks the past 17 yrs, my husband can’t even feel a M BIT normal, while at the parks. Shame on you Disney! Listen to your guests!

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