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Left: Neil Patrick Harris in a gray suit, standing in front of a choir in green robes, as he narrates EPCOT's Candlelight Processional. Right: Sunlight beams on a wooden cross.


  1. Gary

    Woke & cancel culture strike again!

    1. Marcus

      Jesus was woke. You people need to stop rejecting the idea of woke. Woke means being kind, thoughtful, accepting. These are all traits of Jesus.

      1. Aurora Sing

        Nothing is more brainwashed than multimillion dollar churches telling you to give them money for some imaginary belief in a zombie.

      2. S

        Jesus was all that. He and is everything that encompasses love and acceptance despite our sinful nature. So He loves us despite our imperfections, but the point is He recognizes that, yes we ALL, have imperfections and that there is right and wrong. He was also very direct and would never sugar coat anything. Woke (not in reference to what the subject is, but the term “woke” and what it represents itself) is a constantly and forever changing ideal. Who Jesus is will never change. He is our only constant. What He stands for will never change. A large company being “woke” is a dangerous game from any point of view. It’s just setting themselves up for hypocrisy in the future. They can change and evolve how they please, but can’t stand up for every woke issue it gets too messy.

      3. Michele

        Jesus was not always kind and he definitely was not “woke”.

      4. Lauren

        Empathy is not a sin.. that was something that was started by an individual on a podcast. The Bible is filled with empathy/compassion and love. How could empathy be called a sin or a weakness for a fellow human?
        The word compassion describes the deep mercy of God. God is the very best at empathy: “He knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust” (Psalm 103:14)

      5. Donald R Barber

        IOW You don’t believe in Christianity; you just hate leftists.

      6. Gary

        No Sir Woke has been pushing in schools Kindergarten to 3rd grade sex & sex changing against the little ones parents objections. To me that is unlawful & the people involved need to be prosecuted & thrown in prison & everyone who helped that person. And there is no place at all Disney Parks where there are many little ones so Woke Castmembers they must be fired. Those who disagree with this must be Woke.

  2. Mike K

    Omg AS a Christian who isn’t offended that not EVERY person on earth isn’t CALM DOWN! There is no cancel culture, there is no one telling you you can’t believe what you want…Jesus was A human when he was on earth and that’s the point!!!! Read your Bible again and also if you want freedom of religion OURS isn’t the ONLY religion btw….

  3. Marcus

    So many people today love to complain about anything possible, whenever possible. A big target it to complain about woke culture which is a culture Jesus would support. The biggest problem today is the “I got you” culture.

  4. Kevin

    Better hope you are right when your end eventually comes. Especially with your pompous, high and mighty attitude.

  5. Kevin

    Something tells me that most of the people on here complaining about the people complaining, wouldn’t be complaining if it was any other religion but Christianity.

  6. Dr. Manny

    This is why you cannot have nice things as they say. So remove this processional like you did with the Olsen Christmas lights show. If Disney cannot be involved in politics they should not be showcasing religion, especially one over another.

    To add to this please stop talking about Walt wild do. Walt was a business man who learned a hard lesson that in this country money rules above anything else. So Disney is going to continue to make decisions based on profit potential not your personal value system or mores.

    1. disfan

      Olsen? do you actually mean Osborne? did you know it was stopped as the sponsor quit paying for it? nothing to do with religion.

  7. JoeBryant

    Yes he was a man, but he went on to do epic things that changed mankind.

  8. Sarah

    Are you REALLY at Disney to worship Jesus? Or can you do that at Church when you get back? Disney World is NOT a religious institution. Although disappointing, Hollywood actors reading a Disney script depicting Jesus as a “regular man” does not change who is he to those who know and believe.

  9. Marc

    Jesus was just a man, he was not a god man, Hercules was a god man. Jesus was a human like Adam and Eve and offered himself willingly as a ransom for Adams sin passed on to us all. There is no need for Jesus to be a god man to pay the ransom since Adam was not a god man. Equal cost for equal value. Why is this so difficult to accept. Why do we need Jesus to be a god man. You either accept the ransom or not, it does not require a greater value than Adams. The bible says one man for another man and no where does it express a god man being needed to ransom from the sins of one man.

  10. Truth

    God sent his only begotten son Jesus. Jesus is not God Almighty. God didn’t send himself. Two separate beings. Why is it so hard to understand this?

    1. disfan

      umm ;to whom? not sent to those who bleieve in my religion. hard to believe either ..

  11. RW Peck

    Judge not, lest ye be judged

  12. Yamki

    As C.S. Lewis noted, Jesus was not “a good man.” He couldn’t be, as he claimed to be God and a “good man” would make no such claim. Therefore, either Jesus was a liar — he wasn’t God and knew it; or he was a lunatic — he wasn’t God but thought he was; or he was the Lord — he was God and knew it. So dismiss this nonsense of “Jesus was just a man/teacher/prophet” and declare: Was he a liar, a lunatic or the Lord?

  13. Lfrost

    My faith in Christ is not determined nor altered by what Disney does do or fails to do. Disney does not conform to any kind of Christian orthodoxy. It is a money-making enterprise that will always attempt to appeal to the broadest audience possible.

    1. PB

      This is the only comment that makes sense. Thank you for saying the only right thing here. As a devout apostolic and born and raised Disney girl, I know better than to think or expect Disney to cater to my religious or political beliefs. I go every day to the parks, enjoy myself and disconnect. I’m grateful that special presentations like the Candlelight Processional are here and I always go. However, Disney is a business. They don’t and never will care about ANYONE’S specific religion, gender, political party or even opinion. It’s about money and how they can make the most. Everyone needs to understand this. This is how businesses work and it’s how they’ve been able to always stay on top. Visiting here is optional and for those who don’t agree with the way they run their business, don’t go. Simple as that, but make sure you do the same for every single business that runs based on how they can make the most money. It’s not always going to be how you’d like. That’s life. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  14. Joxua

    Did Disney try to cancel the old Bible story and make a new “live action” version with woke black and Chinese casting?

  15. J

    “Taking one religion’s holiday and stripping all the religious elements out of it so that people not from that religion can celebrate it” is pretty much the dictionary definition of cultural appropriation.

    1. Sabrina

      When they got rid of the osborne lights that did it for me. Thousands of lights dancing to the music, snow falling, it was so magical. I too own Disney stock and even that is tanking. I loved the candle light processional and they have been making changes to it over the years. Thank God I have the candlelight processional on cd that they use to sell years ago
      Sadly, Disney doesnt do it for me anymore

  16. Phil

    Agreed. It really helped on 9/11.

  17. A

    Kind of weird considering the holiday this is celebrating is CHRISTmas.

  18. Debra

    Keep it up Disney. I’m already so close of never visiting a Disney park ever again. Over the past 40+ years, I have been to Disney World 20+ times. This change in the Candlelight procession is probably the straw that breaks the camel’s back for me. I think Walt Disney is very sad about what his legacy has become. Shame on you! By the way, I am a Disney stockholder.

  19. Rick Williams

    My faith is not defined by what any one at Disney says. That being said, it is sad that Disney has removed or tried to remove the Christianity from Christmas, especially after they removed the Night of Joy concerts prior.

  20. Beth W

    Disney needs to either chose a different poem to be read, or quit the addition of “just a man” comment. You don’t “amend” the words of a poem written by someone else! Not when it’s being used like this. Either read it the way it was written, or get a new one!

    As for Christians being in an uproar over this…get over it! If you’re a real Christian, what they say isn’t going to change your mind. Just like singing Christmas songs (religious ones) doesn’t automatically turn one into a Christian. I think what Disney is doing is totally unnecessary…they are pandering to the vocal few…but it is what it is. Just ignore it and enjoy the music. And yes, Rick Williams, I too am very disappointed that Disney quit the Night of Joy!

    1. disfan

      thank you – thats the most logical – you dont change a poem someone else wrote without their permission. personally i objected to the original befor they changed it.

  21. Will W

    Well, they always had the “secular” stuff at the end of the candlelight. Sort of a, well even though we sang about angels heralding, stars guiding, and virgin birth, we still are going to not take a side in it. Sort of a legal disclaimer at the end.

    From when I saw it all the way through at Disneyland way back, it was at best Unitarian. So all I say is whatever and man it is still one of the most awesome choir presentations I’ve ever seen.

  22. Minor change?

    Minor change?

  23. Idontcare

    Grow up, people. Jesus is no more real than the Hulk. You have zero evidence to support the existence of magical super powered beings. This just shows how pathetic your faith is. You’re losing your minds because a private business isn’t catering to your particular brand of nonsense. If it really meant something to you, you wouldn’t need validation from others to feel secure in your faith.

  24. disfan

    Well ya. my religion used to teach he never existed. Now we say he was a man with influence, who’s brother started a new religion (historically he didnt want to start one, he wanted people to believe “better”). So yup works for me. any of y’all that think there’s one god, really? ok so now we all should pray to Budda? Become Hindu’s since that was founded efore he was born? sigh. he was a man, we can all agree on that. that he’s a god or son of? not so much.

  25. J Wagner

    With all of these comments, we’ve left out an interesting “addition” which was the confusing combination of “Joy to the World” and “The Hallelujah Chorus” or at least portions of them. The reasoning behind this, so I’m surmising, is that they could eliminate the previously scheduled reading of Isaiah 9:6, “he shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God,” etc. which had been placed between the two songs. So, some Disney musical arranger was hired to intertwine the two (totally horrible musical task, I know, I’m a musician also!), as it confused much of the audience which was used to standing at the “Chorus” part. (Yes, I know the history.) But the point is, Disney’s penchant for furthering their elimination of another “non-human” part of the Christmas story that had been a main-stay since the beginning. And, adding a musical mess to end it with!! Ugh!

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