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  1. Turtle

    My question is if things are so bad then why aren’t the workers leaving for greener pastures? My guess is that for unskilled workers you can’t do much better. If you want better for yourself and your family then invest in yourself. Learn a skill that will allow you to earn more, or start a company that takes advantage of whatever Disney is overlooking. Whining to get what you want will win you few supporters.

    1. GhostOfBobChapek

      Exactly! I don’t have savings, I live in a 3 room apartment and I barely get by but I don’t keep having babies like she does. Leave if it’s too hard to work there. They make more than most people do in that type of job. If you are struggling so much why are you always having kids?

    2. B

      Learning skills and bettering yourself takes money and time, neither of which that person has.

      1. Turtle

        That excuse might have worked twenty years ago before all of the online courses now available. And there are loans for school if she doesn’t have the cash. As someone who worked full time, went to school full time, had 3 kids, and had to take loans to pay for it I have no sympathy for people who would rather spend their time complaining. That’s right, I pulled out the bootstraps cliche, because it still works.

  2. Pocho Villa

    I hate to see American families suffers, especially Disney Parks cast members. Most them give you the royal treatment. In the past, I’ve tried to tip them when I get excellent service but they refuse because it’s against company policy. They tell me I can go to Customer Relations and let them know about the great service cast member provided. Just like underpaid Walmart employees, some of them are on public assistance services that we the taxpayers help subsidize.

  3. Marie

    Yes…it can expensive down here. But the one who drives and hour and a half to work? If the pay at Disney is that bad (and I have heard that for some it is), isn’t it foolish to continue that drive instead of finding something closer to home? I mean, if she’s implying she’s making minimum wage, or close to it, I would think she could get the same pay, much closer to home. Think of the has money and time saved. (And BTW….fast food around where I am in SW Fl is STARTING at $15 an hour. So maybe she can do better there and be closer to home.)

    1. Will

      I worked in fast food while in college. There’s no job stability. Hours are not guaranteed. There’s high turnover or you’re likely fired like I was. So it’s important to get out of unskilled jobs, which is only suitable if you’re not the main breadwinner in the household. But the unskilled remain.

  4. Smith Nellon

    A book with the agenda right in the title – that’s a timesaver! Go looking for stories of extreme poor choices, find same.

  5. A

    My son works for Disney and has a college degree. The pay sucks and he has to share an apartment in order to keep a roof over his head. Disney should be ashamed. Based on its profits it can pay its employees better and should.

    1. Will

      Why is working in the theme parks with a college degree? He needs to get a salary job.

      1. Dodger

        Perhaps working for Disney is a dream of his, and he had no choice but to start in an entry-level position in the hope of working his way up through the company. The comment did not indicate what kind of college degree he has. It might be a BA or BFA degree in Theatre Arts, which doesn’t qualify you for just any kind of salary job, but chances are he wouldn’t find just ANY salary job fulfilling anyway.

  6. Mickeymouse3

    Sorry, but Disney parks, for the most part, is an entry level job. CM’s working the front lines at attractions, restaurants etc. should be making minimum wage. These are part-time, unskilled labor positions. Once a CM acquires more education, experience and skills, they could/should be elevated to a better paying position. It’s called climbing the corporate ladder. Those who stay for long periods at the same low pay without bettering their position, well, that’s on them and no one else should be blamed.

  7. John

    $20 hour sounds reasonable to me. Disney, pay it.

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