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Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) in Avatar: The Way of Water

Credit: 20th Century Studios


  1. Steve-O

    Doubtful this movie will be the savior for Disney. It’s weird to me they’re even making FIVE of these, after the first one wasn’t that great a movie. I don’t think anyone looks back on Avatar the same way they do Avengers or Star Wars. Sure, the first one made a ton of money, but mostly because it was an okay movie, but it was released at inflated prices due to the new 3-D (at the time)–and while the 3-D was impressive, it’s hard to imagine the new movie getting the same reception. Then again, if 2 makes even half of what the first one did it will be the 12th highest grossing movie of all time…

  2. Steve

    At least it has a leg up over the other trash Disney puts out under purchased brands: it wasn’t taken from its creator and put into the hands of unqualified wokesters.

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