Tim Allen Wants to Take On Major Project

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Tim Allen The Santa Clause

Credit: Disney

Tim Allen (The Santa Clauses, Toy Story) wants to do Galaxy Quest 2.

And he’s not the only one. Never give up, never surrender.

Since its release in 1999, this movie has amassed a huge cult following of ‘cosmic’ proportions. Being a huge Sci-Fi nerd himself, Allen has revealed that he also would love to do a sequel.

The film depicts the cast of a fictional cult television series, Galaxy Quest, who are drawn into a real interstellar conflict by actual aliens who think the series was an accurate documentary.

Galaxy Quest crew
Credit: Dreamworks

In an interview with comicbook.com, Tim said that out of all his movies, Galaxy Quest is one of the movies that he is most excited about possibly doing a sequel on.

“Consistently, this crew and everybody else with Galaxy Quest has been fighting to do this ‘moments later’ when the Thermians come back. We literally just talked about this yesterday, a group of us here, and we don’t know why [it hasn’t happened],” Allen says.

“There’s been a script and our friend Alan Rickman passed away, so that script involving he and I in the whole story disappeared. The story itself was so clever and so fun. I love that crew and I love everything about Galaxy Quest.”

A sequel has always been a major rumor, even amongst the cast. However, it ultimately died down in 2016 after Alan Rickman (Harry Potter) who played Alexander Dane/Dr. Lazarus passed away.

Galaxy Quest aliens
Credit: Dreamworks

The sequel will be the story of the old ancient Galaxy Questers being brought into this series with another young cast. There isn’t much more than that, but everyone in the original would love to participate because it was such a wonderful experience for everyone.

By Grabthar’s Hammer, by the Sons of Warvan, there will be a sequel.

What do you think? Would you watch a Galaxy Quest sequel?

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