Comments for ‘Strange World’ Officially Banned Country-Wide as Disney Doubles Down on Diversity

Searcher Clade (Jake Gyllenhaal) and unknown character in Disney's 'Strange World'

Credit: Disney


  1. Kurt

    Looks like a fun movie.
    NOT banned in the good ol’ USA!

    1. JL

      Nope, but it is bombing at the box office. That says something.

      1. Kris

        No..when will they stop the woke?

  2. JL

    Homophobs need to get a life and stop banning movies over diversity

    1. Hubert

      Maybe you should read the article next time. Disney chose not to submit the film. Stop making LBGT+ people look bad with your hatred.

      1. Jayne1955

        They didn’t submit it because they didn’t want to deal with the homophobes. I don’t blame them.

      2. Steve-O

        And you think what? They just decided not to make money? They chose not to release it because they knew it would be banned anyway. What a weird take.

        1. RupzIp

          Quit jamming this down everyone’s throats.

          Especially our kids.

        2. Steve

          It should be banned here.

    2. Steve

      Respect their cultures you r.a.c.i.s.t!

      1. Manny

        Steve that is a laugh. Some of these cultures you don’t really give a crap about except when it serves your purpose.

        Moreover, check and see how many of these countries are on Amnesty Internationals list.

        You cannot appeal to everyone yet we move forward in trying to wipe hate away.

        1. Steve

          Translation: hate is fine if I am doing it.

      2. Steve-O

        Cultures of hate and stupidity? No thanks.

    3. kek

      Ah yes, the voice of “tolerance”. We either accept your taste or we are your enemies. Given those two choices, I guess I will choose the 2nd one, not like you will be happy any way.

  3. Mommy n Daddy

    Not good promoting sin.

    1. Karen Baker

      I agree.

      1. Mom n Nana

        I agree. Disney does not need to teach our kids about sexual relationships. That is a parent’s responsibility. And it is a big reason I stopped supporting Disney films that feature that type of content.

        1. Have you stopped supporting cultures that feature that sort of content?

          1. Pooka

            I sure have.

        2. DeaconMac

          Disney isn’t teaching anyone about sex relationships. They are teaching about love relationships, about friendships and respect across the artificial barriers of race, of gender, of orientation, of language, even of faith. They are embracing our differences and celebrating how we learn from them.

        3. Jeffy

          You’re sexualizing the storyline, not Disney, hunty. They’re showing no more and no less than a typical Disney princess movie.

        4. soph

          did u watch the film with ur eyes closed

      2. Steve-O

        Karen agrees…what a shocker

    2. RM

      TOTALLY agree. Now if I was to say something about homosexuality being a sin, those who would call me a hater of LG…., would show that they hate ME by saying something negative against religion. Although I don’t hate gays, I agree that this does not need to be Disney’s narrative. Not to kids. The US is getting out of hand on who has rights to whatever. But let me say this, for those in the gay community who are big Disney fans, Walt Disney would’ve never put up with this. Back in the opening of Disneyland, he hired only Mormons because he knew they were good kids, trusted straight lives and didn’t smoke. If the LGBQ… community wants the hatred to end, then they need to stop the hatred when Christians say we disagree with their narrative.

      1. Sherry

        You are right, not to kids!!!

      2. Pooka

        I enjoy this comment.

    3. Concerned


    4. sherry

      Totally agree, it’s sin.

    5. Jayne1955

      That is just your opinion. And not necessarily anyone else’s.

      1. Steve

        Seems to be shared by a lot of countries and much of the US audience.

  4. Deigh

    This movie bombed because parents don’t want to take their kids to an agenda cartoon. Period. JL says that homophobes need to stop banning movies. People vote with their pocketbooks. People don’t want this agenda shoved down their throats.

  5. SM

    Didn’t see Lightyear or Turning Red. Won’t be taking our kids yo see this one either.

    1. Jayne1955

      My kids and grandkids both saw those and liked them, turning red more than Lightyear because it had the better script

    2. Pooka

      Yeah, Turning Red is a good one!

  6. G M

    Not interested.

  7. Xbox Gold


    1. Pooka

      I eat sausage for breakfast!

  8. Taylor

    Not going to watch it. Good for those countries for banning it. How many films have to bomb before Disney realizes their market is (or at least was) families.

    1. That kind of parent eh?

      Five bucks says your kid shoots up a nightclub when he’s 16 lol

      1. Walt

        LOL- not even funny – – sign of a sick twisted mind

      2. PPP

        Only non-binary kid shot this nightclub.

      3. Tony

        You mean like the “non-binary” that just did in Colorado?

      4. Pooka

        No idea how his comment indicates that his kid will shoot up anything. Lol.

      5. AH

        not an appropriate comment.

      6. Steve

        Ten says you don’t have kids and were out rioting in honor of a dead druggie a few years ago.

    2. Jayne1955

      If you actually read the article they didn’t ban it. Disney didn’t even submit it because they didn’t want to deal with intolerant people. who would want to devastate the plot.

  9. I love Disney

    Diversity is not the reason the movie is doing poorly. Disney+ is.

    1. Steve


  10. Tony

    Focus on making movies for the majority not the minority. Stop trying to tell kids that living a life of sin is good. If they truly wanted diversity then have a character in it that says “I don’t add agree with your lifestyle because I’m a Christian.”

    1. Concerned

      Exactly! We are now a country that caters to a small minority. It’s sickening

    2. Jayne1955

      It’s a sin in your opinion. Many people mind their own business when it comes to these issues.

      1. Tony

        It’s actually a sin because God says so. If sin was an opinion then there would be no such thing as sin. Stealing, murder, adultry………would no longer be a sin.

      2. Steve

        Is this supposed to be a joke? Shoving it into a children’s movie is as far from minding your own business as you can get.

  11. Be

    No I will not see it I will never return to any Disney property I will not purchase any Disney merchandise I am done with what was once a quality organization

    1. Dave

      Walt is rollin’ over in his grave. Go woke, go broke.

    2. Jayne1955

      More room for the rest of us.

      1. Steve

        When you finally py off your student loans, sometime around 2204.

  12. S

    Disney needs to relearn that the “What would Walt do?” mantra should be dictating all moves including their storytelling even if that means staying frozen in 1966.

  13. Carlee

    Whatever happened to the values that Disney used to instill no I won’t be watching this and I won’t support it so sad God created a man and a woman and he does not make mistakes

  14. April

    Absolutely not. These networks and studios need to stop shoving this crap down everyone’s throats. Disney needs to have a backbone and not make movies like this.

    1. Jayne1955

      No one is shoving it down your throat. If you don’t want to watch it you don’t have to.

      1. Steve

        This aged poorly.

  15. Julian H

    If your Gay your Gay if your Straight your Straight, but Why O Why is Disney constantly wanting to ram this down our throats.

    Are they so incapable of just doing a film that is not sexually related in any way…

    They have so lost their way. Give me a break Disney and stop making films if you are unable to do this.

    1. Walt

      Touche’ Done with Disney I only retain my stock to vote against management. As far as celebrating Iger being back – he is the origin of this crap

      1. Deb

        So let me get this straight…..Disney made a movie that they know will bring in zero dollars from several countries. Then they wonder why Disney is in financial trouble. Yet we have people that think that this is a sound business decision.

        1. Steve Jobs

          That about sums it up. Now Iger is considering selling the company to Apple.

  16. JW

    Original plan was to see it with kids. Read this and others. Not going. Not everything has be tompolitical agenda drive . Just made a good movie no agenda. Used to take family to Disney annually. Feel like our traditional family is not welcomed anyone (outside of our money).

  17. No. I will not be seeing it. The woke agenda has ruined the wonder of Disney. I have many gay friends and love them dearly but we each have our boundaries out of respect for the others beliefs. We don’t ram lifestyles or beliefs down each others throats like the government and media does. They are such a small percentage of the population so I don’t understand the obsession to cater to them. I stopped supporting Disney when they went woke. No Disney TV, no Disney toys or books. We’ve cut them out. We miss what they were, not what they are now.

  18. ESP

    Small children are very impressionable, when you subject a child to an alternate lifestyle against their parents’ wishes you force parents to make a decision that ultimately will impact Disney in a negative way. The pressure from today’s society to include different lifestyles in all forms of entertainment means companies will be vilified if they don’t comply. All media with alternate lifestyles generally don’t do well financially. Going against the overwhelming majority is a big business risk media companies might later regret.

    1. Jayne1955

      My kids have classmates with two moms or two dads and don’t think anything of it.

      1. Steve

        Am I supposed to be surprised? Based on your other posts, I imagine your kids are about half a foot tall and furry.

    2. Steve Jobs

      Vilified ON TWITTER. Unfortunately appeasing twitter bots doesn’t translate to actual money, which is why their stock is tanking. I don’t understand how they haven’t figured it out yet, but I guess that’s what happens when you fire all the straight white guys and bring on people who use their race and s- identity as both a sword and a shield. Disney’s stuck with them now.

  19. Deb

    So let me get this straight…..Disney made a movie that they know will bring in zero dollars from several countries. Then they wonder why Disney is in financial trouble. Yet we have people that think that this is a sound business decision.

  20. jen

    My kids will not be allowed to see it. I don’t want Disney woke ideally shoved in my face. This movie is going to BOMB. The Thanksgiving Tuesday preview only grossed $800k. This movie cost $180mm to make. It will be lucky to break even. You would think they would have leaned from Lightyear. The vast majority our audience doesn’t want it. I wouldn’t let my kids see a Disney Western or horror movie if they made it either. Stick to what your audience wants, good family entertainment, not woke political statement movies.

  21. JoeBryant

    Doesn’t matter, Disney is literally the definition of go woke go broke.

  22. Jayne1955

    My kids and grandkids will see it. It’s not like they don’t have any gay friends or classmates. They don’t think anything of this.

    1. Pat

      They don’t think anything of it because you have allowed the woke culture to teach children a woke culture is acceptable. As long as the minority is allowed to be able to force their way of life down our throats and we don’t protect our children, the children lose. Walt Disney created a family business. This idea was mother, father and children having a magical family time. Not this twisted version they want to sell now.

    2. Steve

      Stop pretending you have kids.

  23. Gary

    Disney is for families with young kids whether it is in parks or Disney+ so anything like that Walt would disapprove of but if current leadership is bound and determined to violate Walt then it should have a X rating. I know this is the doing of the Woke group but hopefully they will be gone soon and anyone in Leadership supporting them!!

  24. Karebear

    Disney has always been accepting if all people at their parks and in their productions but over sexualizing children’s films is just a step to far and there seems to be a move to promote alternative lifestyles as normal when the truth us, it is not. I have friends and family who are gay or bi or non binary. In the older generations it is fairly obvious there is a biological reason but I am seeing more young people choosing to be different because our society I as telling them it is the next step in evolution. Parents need to be educated and aware. It is not the job of media to introduce sexual awareness to kids to young to understand



    They can all gather in hell where the devil will welcome them with open pitchforks!

    1. AH

      not an appropriate comment.

  26. Woke Weary

    We won’t be going to this movie or any other Disney movie that pushes Disney’s woke agenda. Happy to see that this is another Disney movie that is falling flat on its face. I hope the shareholders are happy.

  27. Lam

    Saw light year and cringed due to gratuitous sop to alphabet people. Watched Banshee and thought the gay guy was awesome and added to the story. Will not see strange world due to kids need to be kids not political pawns.

  28. AH

    Did not see Turning Red nor Lightyear, and will not see this one. Disney management said they were going to do this, and they are true to their word.

  29. JK

    Tanking in the US, too. Get woke go broke lmao.

  30. Ginger Snapplebottom

    Love does not know state boundaries. In the name of diversity, all countries must do more to dismantle homophobia and adopt the cultural norms of the US, Canada, and Western Europe (the evil colonialist countries). So now they will be cultural colonialists rather than national colonialists, which works for me because I’m a pacifist. #DefendUkraine

    1. Steve

      Days rite yall.

  31. Jonathan

    Of course it’s been banned in several countries. Much of the world has never heard of the “message” and forced political world view that some people in the states are trying to push- and they don’t want to.

  32. Mason

    This movie is tanking in the United States too. So obviously this film is garbage. Since it is more focused on pleasing at least 7% of the population.


    Didn’t see Lightyear, didn’t see Red, and Won’t watch this either.
    I wish it was banned here in the US as well.

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