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  1. Elijah Abrams

    One thing would be to scrap the Splash Mountain retheme!

    1. ron

      best idea yet

  2. Vanna

    The highest priority should be park maintenance. Overflowing trash receptacles is unacceptable. Broken rides for multiple days? Some more than a week? Filthy restrooms?

  3. Amanda

    Highest priority for me was mentioned in the article-get ridge and f Genie+ and bring back FastPass+! Guests do not need to be paying to enter plus paying to ride certain attractions! After you pay entrance fee that’s enough.

  4. Jack Sides

    Things to fix:
    1. Restore Magical Express
    2. Give all cast members across the board a 15% raise.
    3. Rescind the ridiculous price increases on ticket prices.
    4. Remember that Walt wanted Disneyland/Disneyworld to be a place where families could go and have a wonderful vacation and not have to mortgage their house to do so.
    5. Address bad image WDW I now has with all the ride breakdowns and lack of pride in how the parks are maintained.

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  6. Mickeymouse3

    Iger needs to restore guests faith in what was Disney. Higher prices will remain. Thanks Bob C. NOT! However, with those increases, here are my top ten that Bob I. could help restoration by:
    1. Putting the Genie back in the bottle and go back to the fastpass system. Sometimes the fastpasses weren’t available, but it was still better than a pay for something you might not get system.
    2. Reach out to CM’s that did not return when the parks re-opened. Offer them an incentive for coming back and give all employees a raise to keep them.
    3. Improve maintenance. From park cleanliness to attraction upkeep.
    4. Bring back meal plans. Personally, I believe this cost more but families like to have everything in place so they can relax while vacationing.
    5. Scrap the reservation system, including the 2pm park hopping option.
    6. Bring back the parking trams.
    7. Increase bus service. I realize this means additional hires and drivers are required to hold special certifications. Pay them.
    8. Get creativity in movies back. Stop with all the live remakes.
    9. Politics will be played, like it or not, but keep them on the downlow.
    10. Pay attention to what social media outlets are saying. There is a ton of opinions, good and bad, that will benefit which direction the majority wants to go.

  7. Edward P. Giering

    My biggest peeve as getting rid of the Magical Express entirely. I thought this was an overly generous move when they started it, but it could have been maintained with a fee. I, personally, would be willing to pay more that Mears is charging to have the baggage service returned. If nothing else, contract with Mears to include luggage service even at an increased cost.

    Lack of maintenance and keeping the parks clean is also important. I understand that it is aggravated by CM recruiting problems. This is tied to the low pay for CM. Pay more to attract more and solve many of the outstanding problems.

    Genie+ has to be revised. Paying for a service to get faster access to rides is fine IF you guarantee that you can actually get that access to more popular rides.

    Lastly, improve the quality of both the merchandise and food. This would greatly increase the satisfaction of the guests.

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