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Universal Orlando Islands of Adventure

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  1. I hope they re open this attraction it is the best at the park.🚨😨♥️

  2. Juan mitchell

    I work at islands of Adventure and the rumor has been tha t mold is making people sick when they are spending substantial amounts of time there. One team member got a respiratory infection ALLEGEDLY

  3. S.E.

    I would miss it! It’s one of my family’s favorite rides. It’s so silly and fun! We rent a locker over at Jurassic, hit up all the water rides one right after the other repeatedly, and make a good chunk of our day a water day. My kids have grown to love and all the old classic cartoons because of Dudley Do Right,and have an appreciation for how cartoons were done “back then”. With so many rides being simulator attractions now, Ripsaw Falls is a nice departure from all the screens and glasses.

  4. Oyf

    Glad I got to ride in September, and it was still very fun, but I could tell it had aged. The team member had to kick a lever at the front of my log, and the log itself looked rough. Hope they bring it back!

  5. FancyfaceCindy

    Rode it for the 1st time in January despite many trips with the family. Grown kids always wanted to go on this one.

    Was looking forward to sticking my husband and other grown kids that had never been on in December but it looks like it will be closed.

  6. George

    Please stop quoting rumors that it isn’t closed because of hurricane damage. It is definitely closed because of hurricane damage. Were there other issues before the hurricane that they are going to fix while it’s down? Absolutely, but if that hurricane hadn’t come through then the ride would be running right now. Wind isn’t the only factor in a hurricane. Just because you can’t see visible damage on the outside doesn’t mean that things from the storm other than wind didn’t make it into the building and destroyed equipment.

  7. This is our favorite ride in there park! Please reopen it.

  8. My name is Jimmy Thompson. My age is 34. All my favorite of superhero Marvel island adventures, Harry Potter and Hollywood was fun ride and shopping. You can’t close.

  9. That right, reopen for everything.

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