Comments for Pixar Faces Serious Backlash Over Declining Quality, Putting Out “Laziest” Movie Yet

Toy Story Woody (left) and Buzz Lightyear (right)

Credit: Disney / Pixar


  1. Non disclosure Agreement

    There’s a direct correlation between John Lassiter going to Skydance (and bringing a lot of talent with him) and Pixar’s decline. Yes, his existence meant they couldn’t churn out “next product” at the rate Disney wanted, but he was also quality control. Pixar also began placing a higher value on “diversity” (read: fire the straight white men) than on talent at around the same time. Thus, we have “Elemental”.

    1. Uh excuse me

      Non disclosure Agreement, you are wrong. Diversity does not mean “fire the straight white men,” it means include people who are not straight and/or white.

      Because I’m guessing you are straight and white, try a little bit harder to understand.

  2. dt

    you lost me at “disney is putting out quality entertainment”

    1. Davidhhh

      Why does this site always amplify the most toxic voices on the Internet? Is that really what you want your place to be?

      1. Steve

        Angry wokester who can’t handle people’s opinions not being censored.

        Woke is garbage. Get lost, loser.

        1. Sad World

          It’s sad how people don’t know how to talk to each other anymore. In what world is this a healthy way to converse with somebody? Seriously, you were better off not saying anything.

          1. Steve

            boo hop. You came and stared shouting about “toxic voices” saying things you don’t like and got told off. Deal with it.

            PS I know you are the same person.

        2. Steve’s Smarter Twin

          Steve is so certain he is correct. How cute. Go take a long walk through lava or something.

      2. be better

        Of course, it’s what he wants his place to be. He’s just another nobody on the Internet that doesn’t care about anything. His place could be the most toxic place ever for all he cares. And that’s exactly what you’ve got to be better than.

    2. Another nobody

      Another nobody whose opinion means absolutely nothing. Enjoy the little power the anonymity the Internet grants you while it lasts.

      1. Steve

        You sound like a lunatic.

  3. Parentoftwo

    Isn’t this movie for kids? How complicated do we really want it to be?

  4. Has anyone seen the movie ?If all u go by is a First trailer alot of movies kinda look like Garbage.I wanted to be a Disney animator growing up and comming up with Ideas for movies or comics or even a drawing takes time and for those who have NO Talent for art its easy to critize.Not evey movie MUST be “Brave” or “UP” and I don’t want them to be.Once again its the Adults who r going out of their way to remind us all how fickel and Petty they are.

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