Comments for Johnny Depp Breaks Internet After Recent Announcement Shatters the ‘Pirates’ Franchise

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow

Credit: Disney


  1. Pocho Villa

    Another win for alpha men worldwide. This could be another sign of the end of political wokeness in male centric IP’s. Finally these movies studios realize all those toxic trolls demanding extra treatment than for men is a financial disaster. Go Woke Go Broke!

    1. Pippa

      Lmao. Your orange fuhrer is dead. Head back under your rock where you belong.

      1. joe

        Your guy is worse, he was hit with same rock in the head apparently.

        1. Nia

          Johnny Depp, is, and will be the only Jack Sparrow! Not just because I want a male actor for the part,but to me, he’s always been him. If it had started out with a woman in the part, it would be great! In the end, the last movie was just as great as the first one. No Johnny Depp, no Jack Sparrow!

          1. Bill Nickerson

            Yea with out Jack Sparrow (John Depp) than there is no Jack Sparrow. I don’t believe any other actor or actress could make Caribbean series of movies better. My guess is they would not do well financially. So I guess what I’m saying is without Johnny Depp kill the series.

          2. Interesting 🤔

          3. Liam

            You’re mean Johnny Depp is a great person

      2. Noreen

        You sound like a nutcase!

        1. Noreen

          Pippa needs a good stiff one. Drink,that is!

      3. Your Own Mother

        You posted this only yesterday, probably hours before the big announcement. Wow this comment did not age well.

        1. Thor

          What announcement?

          1. Indigo

            Hes officially announced hes running in 2024.

            1. joel

              Johnny Depp?

      4. Dede

        What the heck has anyone other than Depp and Disney have to do with the story,

    2. Zeroed Out

      Anyone who says go woke go broke is certainly not an alpha male. You’re just a braindead douchebag. Also, I suggest you look into the returns of the pirates movies in comparison with Depp’s salary and budget. Those movies have been seen diminishing returns over the years to the point where producing any version at such a high level has become increasingly risky and less profitable. And there is absolutely no reason to think that Depp being involved would make any more money than putting someone like Margot Robbie as the lead with a lower budget. You, sir are a toxic troll and a moron.

      1. Robert Schwalb

        Really? You’re saying a pirates movie with depp vs one with Margot Robbie are both likely to be about equal in profits despite nearly everyone who has anything to say about it saying they refuse to watch another without Depp?

    3. Bek

      Huh? Maybe 15 million a movie for a leading man is too much and say 5 million for a female lead too little..
      If the studio pays the female fairly for a comparible job/leading part it would be 10 million whether male or female. Nobody going broke there! Just simply equal pay for equal contribution. I hate woke extreme femenism by the way. But at that level. It’s a no brainer in this day and age

    4. Okay

      Aloha males don’t exist learn science

      1. Indigo

        Aloha males? 😆

    5. Rachel

      Hate to break this to you, but you are almost certainly not one of the “alpha men”.

    6. Queenie

      Oh shut up. You do realise that real “Alpha men” don’t bring it ever you little Beta

      1. Jrock

        Lol you all think the alpha is some emasculated male feminist who you all put in the friend zone cuz they are sooo nice ..they go around calling everyone incels as if that makes any sense ..you know own the kind

    7. Johnny is not a pedio so Disney locked him out.

    8. Parasite-B

      There’s no such thing as an alpha male.

      1. Yes there is😄but you obviously aren’t one!

        1. Kelly

          Yes, there are “Alpha men. They are men with big egos that serve as cover for their inner self doubt. They prey on women with low self-esteem and call it prowess. They are unethical and back-stabbing in order to advance in their careers, because they can’t do it on hard work and talent alone. Guys who are truly attractive to quality women have no need for a label. They get the girl because they are unselfish and have quiet confidence. They are the kind of man whose brains, inner strength and leadership skills make them successes.

    9. Kelly

      Johnny Depp would laugh at the label of “Alpha,” male and view it as ridiculous (as would every other successful, yet HUMBLE guy in the world). And I can guarantee you that he would be FOR equal pay for women actors, of similar notoriety and skill as their male counterpart.

  2. Brooke

    Johnny is Captain Jack. A jury found him innocent. Give him back his role and his career that he’s worked decades for, painstakingly, passionately. Children and adults love Johnny as Captain Jack. And yes, please add more female pirates – Zoe Saldana and Penelope Cruz were great!

    1. .wanda

      Johnny Depp is the pirate he made pirates of the Caribbean‘s which became so famous because his good acting nobody’s perfect or we’d be walking on water he won his case leave him alone let him do his job and go back to work I know I won’t pay to watch a new one if he’s not in it.

      1. RagdollMama

        Same here Wanda!

        1. Ellen

          No Johnny Depp, no Pirates.

          1. Kim

            I know that the rock I believe is supposed to play the next Jack Sparrow but, it will be a flop. There is only on Jack and that’s Johnny Depp. I love the rock but he’s no Jack Sparrow.shame on you Disney. You sealed your own fate with pirates 6.

          2. Jack in Burbank

            Enough already. After the last fiasco there doesn’t need to be another POTC film. They’ve run their course. The compass is broken.

        2. Becky

          I won’t watch the next movies without Johnny Depp either! He made it what it is and it wouldn’t be the same without him!

          1. Ash

            I think they should of stopped making pirates after the 3rd one. I don’t even remember the 4 and 5th one. Also Johnny Depp made Jack Sparrow. Nobody else can play him Just like Robert Downey Jr is Tony Stark and Hugh Jackman is Wolverine.

            Also wondering why Disney changed the look of that character in Fantastic Beast. Johnny had make up on. Madds was just normal looking. Boo.

          2. Deb

            Disney has put out what it seems like one underperforming movie after another. The company has had poor profits and stock price has gone down. Depp probably will never want to work for Disney again after the way he feels he was treated. All this is a no brainer. No point in comparing salaries because none of you know what the back end profit deal would be. What Disney needs to do is to get some really creative people in to come up with content their audience wants to see.

      2. Pippa

        I undetstand whar you’re saying, but Pirates is played out. Time to bury it at sea.

        1. Time to stop you to said that bc the whole world want to swatch you’re another amb e r troll??

        2. Beverly

          Only if you take Johnny out and if you give him bad writing

        3. Noreen

          Pippa needs to go to rehab.

          1. Marc

            Nah. You need to.
            She’s right. No matter how you look at it, PotC is dead.
            It only got progressively worse. And it’s been almost 20 years. The wise knows when to stop.

            And Johnny’s acting has only gotten worse too. I was a diehard Depp fan. But he’s gotten lazy and uncreative, with no emotional depth. More interested in drinking wine than working on his craft.
            Even before the Amber bs his career was going downhill, by his own alcoholic design.

          2. Johny is one of the best actors, he is the heart and soul of POTC without him the franchise is dead.


        Why should he get punishment outside the court anyway. Just stupid. I understand the rolemodel bit but, thay should anyway wait till glhis judgement til his found guilty l. They ruined the film fantastic beasts 3 whitout him.

      4. Carol bramble

        Let’s just agree not everyone is a fan my self I am I also think more lady’s is a given BUT JOHNNY IS…C.J.S…& should be asked if he actually wants to resume his role but seeing he happy in his music may be it’s time to move on I will be seeing him at the 02 London in July 🤗🤗🤗🤗

        1. SUSAN MEEKS

          Thank you for an intelligent response and I wish I could see him perform musically as well. I hope you enjoy!

      5. ALT

        I agree Wanda. He made that whole franchise what it is. I refuse too and so does everyone I know. They’re going to lose so much if they don’t bring him back.

      6. Dede


    2. Barbara Brennan

      Frank, why, living this way, immersed in drama and useless conversation gets me nowhere.

    3. Kat

      Yes. I wouldn’t have minded seeing Margot Robbie as a pirate. I thought upon clicking the article that perhaps it was going to announce they’d be co-stars in the next film; I got a bit excited, but then I was sorely disappointed. Alas!

      I suppose I get what people mean about the writing; I know On Stranger Tides was sourced from a book and I’m not sure about the fifth one, so perhaps again this is more of a source/writing issue. I do believe Depp could still make a great Pirates movie given the opportunity.

      Oh… and speaking of female Pirates, another good one would be Red from the rides. She was pretty recently added within the last couple of years when they redid the auction scene, but she’s a cool lady.

      Anyway… to anyone reading this far… I hope you’re having a lovely day, and if you’re in the US, have a happy Thanksgiving! Always nice to see fellow PotC fans.

    4. Patty

      Johnny Depp is and always will be Jack Sparrow. He is my movie idol and he deserves another chance to do what he does best! Give him back Jack Sparrow role!

    5. CH

      I totally agree with you.

  3. Mirrorme

    Johnny Depp is not innocent, he has bad attitude to his women then pay hush money to look good, everyone does speak up. He talks good about black magic too, so you can be his victim aswell. He does not look good anymore and if you think he is, he has you in some sort off Trans. He will not fight for abused fellows because he is not innocent, he may not hit you , but will call you mean things. He shouldn’t have any roll that troll or should I say witchmaster!

    1. Lin

      Oh please! Where do you get your information? He was found innocent! Haven’t you heard? Are you a friend of Amber’s?

      1. Cindy

        Johnny Depp is an actor whose paid to act in movies, he’s not paid to be a role model. People go to movies for entertainment not to find a moral compass. The Amercican public isn’t looking to hollywood for our heros, political opinions or morality, we look to Hollywood for entertaining intetesting stories that allow us a couple hours of not dealing with reality.

      2. Patrick

        He was not found innocent. Civil trials do not determine guilt or innocent, they determine who is liable, nothing more.

        He won a civil case and was awarded damages, “innocent” is not the word to describe that outcome.

        1. Big A

          Can you explain what made him guilty?

          1. Kim

            Johnny depp is the only jack sparrow!!! Offer him 400 million!! And you’ll triple profits

        2. Sandra Tatsuno

          Of course, a civil trial, not a matter of guilt or innocence in the legal sense. But she was found liable of defamation with malice (knowingly lied) re DV/SV so in that sense he was found innocent.


      3. Yes she is that’s another troll

        1. Marc

          So, anyone with an opinion you don’t like is an amber troll? Lol.
          Stop projecting your own trollness onto others.

    2. Linda

      Where are you coming from ? I’m 75 years old and totally for johnny.Its not the same without the mr.Depp .The one and only.

    3. Blondie

      Give Johnny back his role in the pirates franchise! No one else can take his place! Amber Heard told lies about him and the jury could see right thru her.

    4. Shel

      Mirror Mirror prove your claims,
      If this is fact, share the names.
      If it’s false, tricked by blame
      An innocent man your words defame

      1. Kathy

        Johnny Depp IS Pirates of the Caribbean! To make a movie without him is ludicrous. He may have problems on set, but many great actors have tgeir demons. Hopefully, he will appreciate his win and learn from it and value his second chance to be a more cooperative employee and team player. Going thru traumatic incidents like this typically make you value your blessings more. #TeamJohnny

        1. Sara

          Are we forgetting that he was human as the rest of us…and Amber was the one who caused Depp to lose a part of a finger due to her anger problems

          1. Yes she is that’s another troll
            Youth one crazy you being paid by Amber shut up don’t forget she burned a cigarette in his face that evil

            1. Marc

              You got problems Ms.
              You seem obsessed with Depp. Seeing amber trolls everywhere is delusional. Seek help.

          2. Marc

            People are forgetting Amber is human like the rest of us too. She’s got mental problems. That’s human. Depp got his too.

            To do bad. To do evil. Is still human.

        2. Marc

          Problem is, he’s not a great actor. Not anymore.

          Gary Oldman is a great actor, who, even when he was an alcoholic, drunk on set, he still produced great acting. Depp has forsaken his acting duty and just produced mediocrity at best. He’s gotten lazy, tired, uninspired, with no emotional depth. More interested in drinking wine than in working on his craft.
          Thing with acting is that it’s a biological and a fresh product. Like muscles. If you don’t work on it, you’ll lose it. If you turn lazy, you’ll end up with weak mediocrity and bad habits. And that’s Johnny Depp.

        3. Johnny Depp is POTC. No Johnny, no pirate ‘s. What ever happened to innocent till Proven guilty? So wrong, the way he got treated. I love you Johnny, Captain Jack Sparrow For Ever. .

    5. Sf

      Quite a few libelous comments you have made. Can you back those up?

    6. Well If my Mum was still alive her reply to hearing that would be “What a lot of twaddle, shake your head and let the stupid out”! About right in this case.

    7. Real men Lover

      Sorry but you are wrong this man will be sexy to us women for eternity. Sit down and shut your mouth.

      1. Marc

        Lol. How do you know they’re not a woman?
        And how do you speak for all women?
        There are tons of women who don’t find him attractive.

        And, real men lover? Is an alcoholic fool who turns up to work drunk and high on drugs, and doesn’t take responsibility a real man?

        And even I, who was a diehard Depp fan, started acting due to him, recognize his downfall. And he has become not so attractive. But if you’re an obsessed fan, putting a celeb on a piedestal, then yeah, you’ll stay blind forever.

    8. Kat

      He is innocent he was bashed by a narcissist wife who is nasty.
      He looks awesome too your just jealous of JD talent.

      1. Marc

        She was found guilty. That’s different.

        Depp is far from an innocent man. Stop worshipping celebrities.

    9. Jim Walker

      If I were to throw a party with that had alcohol, drugs and sharp objects like knives in the kitchen, I would feel 100% safe with Johnny. I would NOT feel safe with Amber in that situation. In the tapes that SHE TOOK PART in recording, she was CLEARLY the aggressor.

      1. Marc

        Really? Even though you don’t know him?
        Even though he’s a documented alcoholic, and there are documented events where he’s turned up drunk on set, been a real effing mess. And thrown temper tantrums.

        As a sober alcoholic myself, I know even small things can set you off when you’re pissed or off the wagon.

        I wouldn’t party with him with alcohol, drugs and knives.
        And I’ve been a diehard Depp fan before.

        People really need to stop excusing this man and worshipping him just because Amber is a nutcase.

        1. Adam

          So do you and Johnny Depp have the same brain?
          How do you know how he thinks when he’s drunk?
          Shut up stop arguing u childish person no one cares that much u have wasted a day of Ur life on here talking trash and calling people “trolls” for no reason just because u can’t get over people having a different opinion. Stop thinking Ur view is the only one that matters because Ur a little person in a big world and what u think and say doesn’t matter if u really want to feel good about spitting that rubbish out Ur mouth go somewhere where people care and talk Ur trash there

    10. You must be a woman. Shame on you-he won, she lost. End the abuse of innocent men!!!

      1. Marc

        I agree with the end.
        But Johnny is far from an innocent man.
        Stop worshipping celebrities you don’t even know.

    11. Mike

      You are a nutcase

    12. G

      Thats slander cupcake, unless you have proof of the sewer you spew keep your mouth such, .

    13. RagdollMama

      Such BS. You must be an Amberstain. JD never abused AH and she had no evidence to back up that he had! Not 1 photo could be authenticated and police and witnesses saw her right after alleged fights and the world saw her flawless on James Cordons show the night after he supposedly gave her 2 black eyes, a busted lip and a broken nose! She is delusional, histrionic and was a coke head, ingested mushrooms, Adderall, Xanax, mdma and drank 2 bottled of $500 a bottle of wine a day! She also had late night sexcapades when JD was away and lets not forget all those sex parties. She was caught lying on the stand repeatedly! She defamed him and she is guilty with malice. JD was never charged with assault so he could NEVER be guilty! It didn’t happen. She assaulted him. She chased him to finish fights. Almost every audio mentions him walking away from her fights. Maybe you should watch the trial before you make yourself look a fool again.

      1. Marc

        Anyone with anything against Depp is an “Amberstain”. Lol.
        How paranoid.

        Amber’s a nutcase. But Depp ain’t an innocent saint.
        Stop excusing and worshipping celebrities.

    14. Roxy

      Lay off the booze

      1. Marc

        You should say that to Johnny Depp.

    15. Joe

      This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost cancelled Captain Jack Sparrow!

  4. Barbara

    Johnny depp is innocent and you need to get your head out of your ass and wake up!

  5. I agree, Let Johnny come back. He can make movies in BOTH COUNTRIES! WHY say he is guilty when he’s been PROVEN INNOCENT BY American Law????

    1. RagdollMama

      Exactly and he wasn’t guilty. He sued the sun. He wasn’t able to refute AH testimony because a use she was just a witness! The judge had dinner with AH and her lawyer. What does that tell you? He was also swayed by her donating $7 million to charity and we all know that was a LIE!

  6. I Want Johnny Back. Why should he be refused his rightful place when he now is innocent?

    1. RagdollMama

      Me too! #NoJohnnyNoPirates

  7. Tx20fan

    So far this country has a justice system that we follow instead of mob rule. They went though the system now get over it. Too many woman today have been able to ruin a man’s career and life just on their word. If they don’t take it to court…like Cosby and Depp than they shouldn’t be punished just on she said, he said. There is no pirate movie without Depp. If the bottom line is making money, Disney knows who their cash cow is.

    1. Why would you put bill Cosby in the same sentence as Johnny Depp. They have 2 entirely different circumstances. Johnny’s been victimized and Cosby is a predator

    2. RagdollMama

      I am a woman and this trial opened my eyes to #AbuseHasNoGender and the MSM are lying to us! The Jury got it right but the MSM keep trying to tell us we are wrong. #AmberHeardDoesNotSpeakForMe!

    3. Pippa

      Tx20fan. But no women’s lives have ever been ruined by men, right? Depp was innocent. He was only less guilty.

  8. Sibylla

    Let’s just imagine the revenue a new pirate 🦜 movie 🍿 with Depp 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️. Would bring in.

    They could have him have a son to bring into spotlight to ween us off off Depp….for futures,… But to make another movie without him now will dissolve Total failure … You need at least one more movie with the real Captain Jack Sparrow- to sail off and leave his heir to the Black Pearl

    1. RagdollMama

      I agree!!!! We want 1 more JD POTC and give him free reign to do what he needs to give Capt Jack a proper send off!

  9. Cowboy Samurai

    Let’s get real here. The Pirates movies got progressively worse as time went on. Along with the box office. It was a civil proceeding not a criminal one. The threshold is much lower. So he wasn’t found innocent of anything. The inescapable fact is both Depp and Heard are terrible people. Putting either one on a pedestal is a bad idea. There’s too much bad blood between Disney and Depp. I doubt Depp will be coming back in any capacity he was pretty definite in not being interested in coming back. Plus I don’t think that the Pirates movies are a priority with Disney right now. Maybe in a few more years but not now.

    1. RagdollMama

      AH is a terrible person but you ask anyone JD worked with and they all love him. As doe rhe franchise sliding, that is true, but look what he was going through with that delusional woman!

      1. Marc

        Do you know all people he’s worked with? No you don’t.
        SOME actors have come out in support of him. That’s it. And even that support doesn’t mean much. It’s Hollywood, so it’s mostly politics and games.
        Remember, people supported Harvey Weinstein for decades too. It’s not an honest and open world by any means. You shouldn’t just take Hollywood people’s words as truth.

        And it’s documented Depp has been a problem on set at times. Depp was often drunk and late to the set of Dead Men tell no Tales. And caused immense problems.
        And spending fortunes on wine.

        And you’ve just heard from fellow actors. Have you stopped to think what the people behind the camera thought about Depp being drunk and late, for example causing all the extras and crew members to have to wait for hours?

        Remember when he’s been drunk even at award shows?

        And it’s not like his alcoholism only is due to Amber. He’s had Alcohol problems for decades, as him changing hus Winona tattoo to Wino.
        He’s clearly someone who doesn’t want to take his alcohol problem seriously.

        And, as someone who’s been in toxic relationships, and also studies social work, it’s pretty clear to me that his and Amber’s relationship was not just a one sided abuse thing, but a toxic relationship where both went at each other, and fed into each other’s bad behaviors. Amber might’ve been the biggest manipulator, and the one with most severe mental disorders. But, like OP said, it’s not like Depp has been found innocent.

        He’s a human being, so he’s probably got plenty of good sides. But people really need to stop excusing and worshipping a celebrity who’s clearly got deep issues, just because his ex-wife’s got worse ones. He’s not an innocent man. And he’s not some child with no responsibility, who’s just got pushed to do things by other people. He’s got self agency. He has made his own decisions.

        This celebrity worship has got to stop.

        1. Adam

          So everyone is a liar when it suits you l?
          We shouldn’t believe anyone in Hollywood at all?
          Please explain who I should believe and when because obviously u know when people are lying about their opinion and Interactions.
          And well done you’ve been in a toxic relationship but it wasn’t the exact same relationship as theirs unless you where in a polyamerous relationship with them 2 and they hid it from us so please STFU and don’t spit Ur garbage at us like you know everything and anything you know nothing to do with JD or AH or their relationship just let them live and do their work and allow people on here to express their opinions about the RELEVANT subject about HD and POTC without being attacked by you and your idiotic views

      2. Marc

        Depp is most likely a terrible person at times.
        And Amber is most likely a good person at times.

      3. Marc

        You are really looking at things too one-dimensional.
        She’s not delusional in the way you’re using it. She’s got personality disorders. So do a lot of people.
        And an alcoholic like Depp is just as capable of doing harm as someone “delusional” like her.
        Trust me. I’m a sober alcoholic myself.

        Again, Amber doesn’t negate Johnny’s self agency, and it doesn’t acquit him from responsibility for his own actions. He’s not a baby.

  10. Eddie

    The woke who complain the loudest are not the ones who will pay to see a movie.
    The end of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack sparrow. The end of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

  11. Debbie

    Johnny Depp deserves his life back. They judged him to quickly. Would they do the same to someone like Brad Pitt? He has been accused to. Yet he just sails right along. Depp was proven innocent. He is Captain Jack Sparrow. He brought that to life. Disney needs to bring him back.

    1. Marc

      He wasn’t proven innocent. That’s not what the court proceedings were about. It was a civil proceedings, not a criminal one. He wasn’t found innocent.

  12. Alisha

    No body can replace Johnny as jack sparrow. He is the one and only. Yes he is a very good actor and always will be. No matter what he does he is very good at it. And he is very sexy and handsome . May God Bless Johnny Depp in so many ways.,I will always see his movies I remember watching 21 jump street growing up very good show when he left the show it was not the same. He sings very good to . I hope he can find his true love that will love him and not be mean to him and just take care of him .

    1. Elizabeth (Bees)

      No man or woman should be a side show for everyone to comment on.It is not our right but Johnny Depp has the right to choose his path.It would be wonderful to see him back creating more amazing and perceptive characters but Captain Jack Sparrow is his eternal twin.No one will take that away.We can wish him success in his life and a time of peace of mind.

    2. Marc

      He had a woman who loved him and took care of him. Vanessa.
      And he threw that away. For Amber. So….

      Depp revealed in the court hearings that he developed feelings for Amber in 2011, while filming a shower scene. Vanessa and he broke up in 2012. And he and Amber were seen together right after.
      He and Amber even kissed privately while he and Vanessa were together.

      So yeah. He had a good woman. And threw her away because he couldn’t separate the professional from the personal. And on top of that he cheated by kissing her.

      So nah, he ain’t got my sympathy anymore.
      I was a diehard fan before. Watched all his movies, and 21jump street.
      But he got serious issues. He’s always had issues. And he never seem to take his alcohol and drug problems seriously.

    3. Marc

      And he’s not a particularly good actor anymore. His acting has been for a long time lazy, shallow, boring, convenient, uninspired, uncreative, with no emotional depth. Just repeating and rehashing his Jack Sparrow bs.
      Long gone is the great actor of the 90s and early 00s.

  13. Samuel

    Let Him get his role back as Captain Jack Sparrow also hi his good at his role though.
    So let him get again the role

  14. Helen

    There should be a prequel film just about Captain Jack Sparrow before his bewitchment and the Black Pearl etc, starring of course Johnny Depp. For all his faults he is a loveable rogue and deserves the role back after putting so much into it and making Disney plenty of money. He was found innocent because he was innocent of what he was accused of. So Disney owe him in my book for turning their backs on the one person who made the POTC the success it is.

    1. Jim Walker

      That would be great! I could see an older Sparrow/Depp narrating walking through frozen screens or something, but I don’t know if we could pull off him as younger than his original. Maybe with a LOT of CGI.. I think like the past of “A Christmas Carol”..

  15. Khalan2020

    I think Disney has a bad habit of cutting their own throats by jumping the gun. They turned their back on on Johnny and the cash cow that is PotC before they even knew all the facts or knew what the outcome of the trial would be. Now they regret it, as they always do, and it’s too little too late. Who would want to work for a company that DOESN’T have their back when things get tough because “maybe” or “oh no, this might hurt our image”. Nobody. If I were him, I wouldn’t come back, knowing that any PotC movie without him will likely fail. A small satisfaction after being screwed. Johnny deserves better. Period.

  16. You know I am so disgusted with Disney about how they have been to Johnny Depp. I say Fxxk Disney. I’m not a person who even uses four letter word’s.

  17. Fran

    No JOHNNY, then NO millions for Disney, that’s millions times
    millions !!! Bye Disney…….!

    1. Cyndi


  18. Windham Wren

    Back when Pirate 3 came out, Depp said he wanted to do 4, 5, and 6. We need 1 more with Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow to honor that. Even if it means Sparrow passes the legacy to someone

  19. Estrella

    no way he is the best. his personal life is his business nobody knows what happened. who are we to judge him. relationships are complicated. He is such a good actor and pirates of the Caribbean is him.. he is the main character in the movie. people is not interested on his personal life. that is his life. please don’t do that to him and his fans.

  20. JanineLightfoot

    The unknown here is will JD even work for Disney again? After the way he was dumped by them, guilty with no presumption of innocence. After having earned them a billion plus (and still earning)!
    I’m 67 and not a rabid Depp fan. That said no Depp – no Captain Jack!

  21. Mrs Depp,11

    Johnny Depp was proven innocent. Why he.can’t come back home and do movies here is so sad. He has a beautiful blonde fiancé whom he treats very well. He is the kindest man and very respectful. Leave the man alone, give him respect as he gives you. He is Jack Sparrow.

    1. Marc

      He wasn’t proven innocent. It was a civil proceeding, not a criminal one.

      And he doesn’t have a finance. What are you talking about? He has a girlfriend, his own lawyer, Joelle Rich, who was still married just a year ago.
      Hmm… I get deja Vu. Similar to how he and Amber met when he was with Vanessa, and got together.
      This new relationship is just going to be the same old same old with Depp.

      He’s had one great woman, Vanessa. And he threw her away.

  22. Why would you put bill Cosby in the same sentence as Johnny Depp. They have 2 entirely different circumstances. Johnny’s been victimized and Cosby is a predator

    1. RagdollMama


    2. Marc

      Johnny and Amber had a toxic relationship. She may have been the worst. But it’s not like he was just a victim.

  23. Jim Walker

    Just because the sequels are getting worse has nothing to do with Johnny Depp. Like has anyone wondered that it may be the storyline, direction, or the dependency on CGI over character definition that may be the issue? Who has ever heard of sequels commonly not being as good or lucrative as the original production.

    1. Marc

      Except, it has with Johnny too. His acting just got worse and worse too.
      He’s an old has-been who’s turned lazy.

  24. Daniel

    If Disney leadership had two brain-cells left to rub together they’d make it an effort to make peace with Johnny, and by extension their former fanbase, but just as in other arena’s they want to destroy whatever goodwill is left with us ‘normies’. They hate conservatives, they hate white people, they hate independents, they hate the middle class. The rich left-wing are all they care for because that’s what they are and they love themselves. F*ck ’em. Better choices elsewhere.

  25. S Craven

    I will comment always on every site when asked about Cpt Jack Sparrow,,,, he is the one and only…. Disney doesn’t deserve him, or the money they continue to make off of him,,,, he once said he works for his fans,,,, bring us that horizon Cpt Jack Sparrow

  26. Temperance

    People tend to forget during the filming of POTC 5 Johnny was being abused..duh think about it

  27. DW

    This is not about what he did or didn’t do in his marriage. This is about playing a beloved role that literally millions of people have watched for the character of Capt. Jack.
    Can one person that comments here state they have led perfect lives, never lied, never drank, never did drugs of any kind?
    I didn’t think so…

    Put your judge boards away, it is not your place to judge unless your life has been perfect.
    Put your aggression and your opinions to better use than talking about an ACTOR. The world is literally faulting before our eyes and we are talking about who should be able to act in a fictional movie.
    Seriously, enough people, enough!!

  28. RagdollMama

    There were only 5 movies so I don’t know how JD could have been in 5 sequels! If you are counting POTC6, I hope JD is in 5 sequels but I have seen nothing that states he will be in POTC6. If he is not in POTC6, I won’t be wasting my money. I don’t understand the fascination with M Robbie anyway! I’m glad her pirate movie is dead in the water. If anyone should get her own pirate movie, it should br kiera knightly (Elizabeth swan) and Penelope Cruz (blackbeards daughter) but even if the whole cast came back without JD, I still wouldn’t watch it. Either cast JD in POTC or start a new franchise!

  29. Glenn Mills

    Well you know Johnny Depp has basically immortalized himself to be Captain Jack Sparrow! He is such a good actor and brings that character to his fans and that is the ONLY Captain Jack Sparrow we know! Like they say If something isn’t broke! Don’t try to fix it! His legal battles are not going to make his fans Love him any Less. In fact we Hope that he comes out in victory, in which he did! Walt Disney needs to understand that us Fans won’t judge the Disney Company for keeping him in the next pirates movies. In fact We would Love Disney even more for not judging him before his court battles are over. Then decide. If he is guilty then it’s your business and reputation to decide his fate in the franchise! I hope I speak for other fans and him not being in the next pirates just won’t be the same! Johnny has helped my family become the Great people we are today. We bonded and have only Good memories because of the great movies he has made! Until the day we die those Great memories will live on in us because of Johnny Depp! You’ll be Lucky if he wants to work with a bunch of pre-judging folks like Disney! Now my kids are bonding with their kids watching all the great movies he has made and will make. And we will Love him with or without you Disney!

  30. Move on people. It is like never ending story. Innocent or not. Everyone is groomed to do in Hollywood whatever they wish to do under certain conditions. He is not the only one who was caught. He maybe good without drugs or alcohol but who knows what the truth really is. You will never know. It is not really made public. It is just another publicity that is all. If you want to have a really good actor with conscious how to behave in private life then become one. Be better then him.

  31. Johnny proved his innocence and had evidence of Ambers malicious attacks on him! Shame on Disney for not standing by him

  32. Amber

    This sucks gorilla balls

  33. Sue Taylor

    I LOVE Johnny Depp! & His acting! His roles he plays are like no one else’s. He is the BEST. Stop letting his divorce destroy him! All she wanted was his money & attention from the public. The move is lost without him♥️

    1. Johnny Depp Lover

      You are the best and I agree with you he is the best.

  34. Rhoda

    Just Put the show to bed, if your done with Johnny. Because he was the show

  35. Marky

    I can see cancelling margot as a move to get Johnny back.
    But I hope Johnny stocks to his guns and stays away from pirates.
    Johnny should br the next freddy kruger and let pirates sink for how disney treated him.
    Innocent until proven guilty.
    Then to honour contracts that’s why we have contract commitment obligation security

    1. Yes she is that’s another troll

  36. Go back to under the rocks amber she will not pay you she will pledge good bye

  37. I believe the Pirates series should be closed. I don’t see any demand for it, and all focus is on Superheroes (for whatever bizarre reason) when it comes to blockbusters these days.
    Call it a day, Disney!

  38. kissmysweetbrownass

    why Disney still want to continue Captain Jack Sparrow legacy? they throw him out like a he’s nobody to Disney without give a thought to wait and investigate in a first place.

    wanna carry on with female-lead-role? go ahead. make a new one, a new fresh one! just like Harry Potter and Fantastic Beast. does the tittle is a same one? does the movie related to each other?

    and please don’t make it about gender. saying all men can’t stand female-lead-role. me personally f-ing love Charlie’s Angels (the old one, the new one is absolutely rubbish) and even watch it over and over again.

    allow me to explain my point as simple as possible to you;

  39. Anne

    Dep wins again,no pirates sequel,the truth is out he was found and is innocent and gone on to do other things,sell out tours and filming with people who believed in his word ,fab actor and musician and jolly good looking as well,wish him luck in future endeavours

  40. Biff Mcfly

    Your parents said the same thing, no Sean Connery, no James Bond!

  41. I will NOT watch a pirates movie that doesn’t include Depp. BECAUSE Hollywood convicted an innocent man without so much as even a small investigation. DISNEY PAY DEPP WHAT HE’S ASKING, OR FORGET MAKING ANOTHER PIRATES MOVIE, BECAUSE YOU WILL LOSE MONEY ON IT.

    1. Brava ! Here,here! Savy Disney ?!

  42. I started a pirate site on FB,while living in the Caribbean. Captain Jack has always been a part of it.Adding more woman is nice,but dont shoot yourself in the foot Disney .The least you can do is make a pirates movie,and kill off Jack.He at least deserves a swan song.Either that,or stop it completely. Just let it be.I have 54,000 fans who would agree with me. Pirates is nothing without Johnny Depp.

  43. Lori Lynn Nicklas

    If Johnny isn’t in the pirate’s movies we have no interest at all in them! Shame on the for not waiting to see and actually seeing what the fans ($$$) wants.

  44. No Johnny depp no pirate movie

  45. Sharon

    There will only ever be ONE Captain Jack..and that’s the role and character created by Johnny Depp!!
    Disney be smart… Apologize and Beg Johnny to come back…Pay him what he wants and deserves!! That is the only reasonable answer…Period.
    If not…then you lost..and will continue to loose fans not only from POTC..but from Disney in general.
    Johnny is Captain Jack and no one can ever do that character ever..the people love him…young and old!
    Johnny Depp has been exonerated by the courts, how dare Disney cast judgement on him, when its own CEO has a worst reputation than Johnny!!!
    Do the right thing Disney…
    Fire your CEO…and Bring back Johnny Depp to Pirates of The Caribbean!
    Thanks for listening.

  46. Biff Mcfly

    I think Johnny Depp was a good shot as a blind guy in once upon … In Mexico, but he still had to shoot the chef when he was able to see. A very diverse actor but he seemed really sleepy in ‘ The Tourist’ lol as I visualize him running across the rooftops in his pyjamas. He never got type casted, he always has us entertained. We all should remember his daring stunts & superb acting as Batman in his 2026 movie ‘Batman saves the Carribean Pirates from Hunter Biden’.

  47. ArmyMama3

    20 years! I think Disney can focus on another movie genre. POTC had it’s run and the last movie had a great finale ending. Maybe they can focus on a John Henry movie or Babe the Blue Oz movie.

  48. Ann

    Hi Johnny Depp should still do the movie as it is he’s moves and if you get any one else to do jack sparrow 6 movie it will not be the same and i do not think people will like it whit out Johnny Depp in the movie so Johnny Depp should still be jack sparrow we do not what anyone else to do the movie only Johnny Depp

  49. Patrick F

    “Much NEEDED Reboot”

    How about no?

    There are literally millions if books and stories that could be made into movies and series.

    But instead you want to create an inferior story, and just ruin it for cash grabs, they failed with Starwars

  50. Tonna

    What’s a Pirate’s of the Caribbean movie without the Lead Pirate that sent Shivers up everyone’s Timbers. Johnny Depp is Pirates of the Caribbean. Without Depp, its Sails have No Winds to take that ship to port.

  51. Veronica

    It’s about who has made the movie right. Johnny Depp has done that and more. I hate he’s not coming back back it’s the franchise that’s lose out. And at least there will be no more Amber heard.

  52. Bilal Sardar

    We want Jonny Depp back. Fully-e-Stop.

  53. Bea Wilsonn

    No Johnny no Pirates

  54. Bazookatooth

    Not really a shocker, everyone short of naives knew Disney was done with Depp long ago.. They were done before he exposed himself as the waster husk he is.. I’m not sure why people keep talking about this.. He should just start playing shows at Mar-a-Lago..


    Almost all of Disney’s movies has violence and speaks of death if not has death in them but when one of their most popular actors in an extremely popular franchise has a horrible “public” relationship, they are ready to ditch him?! Fans of Johnny Depp are pleading to have him return for the 5th installment promised in the Pirates of the Carribean Franchise but they don’t approve of his publicsized problems. If youve ever seen a documentary about Disney theme parks, they care less about what Johnny Depp did or didnt do, it was the fact that it was so public. (Injured people are rushed off the property or to hidden areas of the park so it “appears” that no one is never injured on any ride or by anything at the park – its all about appearances).
    By the way, I see Disney till makes money off of Johnny Depp, its just more low key now. They still show other other Johnny Depp movies, see Edward Scissorhands on the Disney Channel. So, many of us know it’s was just that it was the “dirty laundry” aired that you were pissy about Disney, let it go and give the fans what they want, Johnny Depp.

  56. Lynn Carol Feinn

    I think it gives Disney and Johnny a chance to mend fences so to speak , meaning a chance to repair something that needed to be fixed ( ie: the relationship between Disney and Johnny) . Give Johnny another chance. I thought all of the POTC movies were great.

  57. Vicki A. Darnall

    Could/should Depp get royalties for anything saying or showing Jack Sparrow?

  58. d

    glad we aren’t getting a margot robbie movie because i don’t care for another oversexualized objectified blonde character which seems to be most all of what she has contributed to her movies. thats all it was going to be, maybe a plot line worth watching… maybe… but first and foremost… sexy pirate. glad its cancelled.

  59. danielle

    glad we aren’t getting a margot robbie movie because i don’t care for another oversexualized objectified blonde character which seems to be most all of what she has contributed to her movies. thats all it was going to be, maybe a plot line worth watching… maybe… but first and foremost… sexy pirate. glad its cancelled.

  60. Mikos

    I’ know unfortunately the Lord has a new direction for Mr Depp and he knows it and is beginning to actually YIELD TO THE CALL FROM THE LORD WHAT HE EXPECTS HIM TO DO WITH HIS LIFE

    1. T Mouse

      Depp needs to play the Orange Grifter

  61. Angela

    I love Johnny Depp. From the moment I saw Edward scissor hands, I was in love!!! Yes, I love Johnny as Captain Jack sparrow!! (My fav JD character) but I understand why he won’t do anymore pirates of the Carribbean movies, I look 4ward 2 seeing him in other films tho!!! Maybe end for Jack Sparrow but definitely not the end for the mighty Johnny Depp!!!!

  62. Tom O'Brian

    I’m surprised people are taken back by Depps leave from the POTC franchise. It’s strictly because his 20 year contract with Disney is over. If y’all who still remember the TV Series of the OG 21 Jump Street show. Johnny made his debut on there too and as his role. He resigned to take on bigger and better projects. It’s just part of the acting business and taking his peaceful and good clean leave from the Disney imprisonment contract performances that he was tied down by.

  63. April

    how did this break the internet? what does that even mean? the world has pretty much gone to hell and so many terrible things are going on right now but Johnny Depp not being in another pirate movie is what everyone is losing their minds over? this is the darkest and most moronic timeline. wake up.

  64. Renee Ratliff

    Johnny is no fool. The reason he didn’t except the offer because he can make the money elsewhere. Everyone saw this quiet kind man. And took advantage of him until he got his fill. He was and is proud of “Jack Sparrow”. He will do it again. Just a different name and personality. That’s what we love about him.

  65. Kat

    Johnny redefined pirates. He was roguish and adorable- over and over. I expect he will want a new challenge for which to inspire him. He could choose most anything he wants. I wish him well!

  66. Steven

    What the hell. I got board waiting for the “surprising announcement “. Or what ever it was I was reading this for.

  67. Its not easy to seek a mature, understanding, forgiving attitude & let bygones be bygones… the world could become a better place if we role model tolerance, forgiveness & trust (esp trust in ourselves to contribute to resolution rather than rejection…). Best of luck to all who seek the high road!

  68. Tracy

    Without Depp, there is no Pirates. He made those movies funny! It dies with Ambers fake bruises!

  69. Brian

    Ummm that’s weird. They must have fixed the internet. Mine is working just fine.

  70. People want Depp. As Sparrow. Not some woman! Enough woke crap! There weren’t female pirates there just in books and movies. Real pirates would make the female cook clean and provide sex period. They weren’t “ woke”😄I won’t go see another Pirates unless Depp is in it!

  71. N. Dorsey

    It’s not Depps fault that the writers failed to produce better ideas for the later near the final episodes!
    He you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear! His adaptations could only do so much! Write a decent story line and it will be a hit! No Depp = no Pirates of the Carribean! Disney needs to make amends!!!!

  72. He’ll be back
    …one last time 🏴‍☠️

  73. If Johnny Depp isn’t in the Pirates of the Caribbean, why bother making a movie? I won’t watch it.

  74. Chris

    This drivil is what passes for a story these days? That was a whole lot of words to say Margie isn’t getting a pirates movie. It barely had anything to do with Johnny. Pathetic!

  75. Johnny Depp

    Why are you guys talking mean about me?

  76. Disney has it’s head so far up it’s woke ass they have ruined everything they touch in the last 3 years. If I were Depp I wouldn’t touch anything they offer with a ten foot pole.

  77. Celeste

    Aside from all the ( troll like ) nastiness expressed here, there is a way through for all these actors, actresses ,and Disney!
    Get Depp for cameos while introducing new and reintroducing experienced female characters. There’s no rule in fantasy pirate movies that crews of humorous maleficence can’t be mixed male and female! This leaves room to branch out on the most popular malefactors with Depp having future cameos as Jack Sparrow!

  78. Kathleen

    What in the seven seas is going on! Heads out of butts please. Depp AND Robbie in same movie. Think of the buzz and revenue that would create. Send check. You’re welcome.

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