Comments for Disney Confirms Bob Chapek Was Fired, Bob Iger’s New Salary Revealed


Credit: CNBC


  1. Vanessa West

    I wonder what “terminated without cause” means. He was fired for no reason? I guess Disney doesn’t really owe us an explanation. It just seems strange to me. That’s all.

    1. Jayne1955

      They had a reason but they agreed not to disclose it so it’s not on his employment record, I would guess.

  2. Jayne1955

    Never mind Iger. I want to know what Chapek got.


    Wonder who Chapek was in bed with, perhaps that woman they showed who sang his praises.

  4. DB

    Chapek was fired.
    He should NOT get any severance pay.
    I know you and I wouldn’t.

  5. Nancy ODay

    AMEN! As a stockholder, I was ashamed to admit to people that I owned stock in this company. Chapek’s entire term was nothing but chaos and bad decisions. Let’s hope that a lot of the changes and dissolution of many of the consumer’s favorites are reinstated as well as bringing Mr. Iger back. Thank you to the board members.

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