Bob Iger Addresses Rumored Apple-Disney Merger

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Earlier today, newly re-appointed Disney CEO Bob Iger hosted a town hall for Cast Members and addressed several items during his discussion.

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During the town hall, Iger said he wouldn’t sell Disney to Apple in his company wide meeting following the CEO shake-up.  Just last week, it was reported that an unnamed Disney ’Insider’ had predicted that Bob Iger would attempt to sell the company to Apple.

Iger was explicitly asked about a rumored merger between Apple and Disney. Iger responded that this discussion was “pure speculation.”

Even if there were an inkling for Iger to sell The Walt Disney Company to Apple, it would be doubtful that he would make this public.  Iger would undoubtedly give up leverage on his end if he had informed Apple that he would be willing to sell the company in a specific time frame.

In addition to dispelling the merger rumors, Iger also fielded several questions from staff.  The Disney CEO also stressed the need to make Disney+ profitable and signaled that cost-management measures, including hiring freezes and travel restrictions, would remain in place, even though this decision was made by his ousted predecessor, Bob Chapek.

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The meeting came following a week after Disney’s board of directors shockingly let go of Chapek on a Sunday night and replaced him with Iger, who had previously served as CEO for 15 years.

For now, the rumors have been put on hold. But Bob Iger’s employment contract is only set to last until 2024, so the clock is now ticking if a deal were to get done.

Over the next 6-12 months, it will be interesting to see if chatter about this topic resurfaces again.

Do you think that Bob Iger is not interested selling Disney to Apple? Let us know what you think below.

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