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The Clade family explore a strange new land in 'Strange World' (2022). Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios


  1. PPP

    Wokanda is still not a flop yet so don’t count your chickens.
    Strange World follows another flop Lightyear that should have been a success. The audience isn’t fooled by Disney’s persistence to include ga-y characters that no one asked for.

    1. Steve

      Some day they will get a CEO who is competent and realizes the amount of support they get from blue haired freaks is a good indicator of a flop.

    2. Jayne1955

      Gay people like seeing representation.

      1. Delmar Shortt

        Gay people are obviously not liking it enough to make the movies a success. It is the people who determine the success or failure of a film with their wallets that are speaking now.

      2. James T

        They can have a voice and should. There are other venue’s for that and films, just not a company and a film that is marketed to children. Smart parents and evidently ones with the pocket book do not want sexualization and adult topics pushed on children. There is enough of this already!

  2. Emily

    To me Strange World was just boring and predictable.

  3. Steve

    Woke and broke.

  4. Chris

    I wouldn’t say that the film is a bust because of how “woke” it was. Ethan being gay was not really a factor in the story. The problem was that the film felt unfocused. Most Disney movies have a singular focus that drives the conflict and the character growth. Compare this to “Zootopia”, another Disney movie accused of being “woke” for taking on race issues. The singular focus was Judy proving herself as a “real cop” by solving the mystery of why animals were going feral. To accomplish that goal, she had to form a relationship with Nick and face her biases. “Strange World” didn’t have that singular focus. They split things among multiple different messages: Searcher’s complex about being different from his “manly man” father, Jaeger’s Ahab-like crusade to get to the other side of the mountains, Ethan wanting to be an explorer rather than a farmer, and finding out what was happening to the Pando. Any of these could have been the central focus, but the script tried to do too much. Was it a movie about environmentalism and living with the land? Yes… but it also tried to be about generational trauma, as well as two sets of father/son reconciliation stories.

    TL;DR, the “go woke and go broke” crowd is jumping on this movie for the fact that it openly supports representation, but that isn’t the culprit for low box office numbers. The storytelling is to blame here, and with no singular focus, it made it really hard to market the film in a meaningful way.

    1. Maria

      Exactly, if the film had chicks with huge breasts and constant fanservice all over, it would still bomb because the core (script) was boring.

    2. Steve

      Nope. Get woke, go broke. How any times does it have to happen for you types to get the message?

      1. Marcus

        The film isn’t woke. There is no gay theme. The gay character – which was a very minor part of the story – had nothing to do with the film flopping. Only a very small percentage of people boycott films. The film flopped because of poor marketing. BTW – it will very likely be a big hit on Disney+ just like Encanto. Encanto bombed at the box office but was a huge hit on streaming.

      2. Jayne1955

        It has a gay character. It’s not a gay storyline. There’s a difference between allowing people to exist in the narrative and promoting an agenda.

    3. Marcus

      Agreed. The gay element was irrelevant to the storyline. The overall narrative was unfocused. It is also very likely the film we be successful on Disney+ just like Encanto.

    4. Turtle

      If that were the case then wouldn’t you see the drop after the first week of release? People would go in the first week expecting a decent Disney movie, but then be disappointed and pass on their opinions. This movie severely underperformed the first week, which meant people just weren’t interested.

  5. Kurt

    Sounds like a good movie!

  6. Marcus

    The woke narrative is nonsense. I saw the film and it’s very good. The gay character is nothing. There’s a reference to him being gay in the beginning and that’s it. There is no gay theme. It’s not a gay film. It’s a family friendly film. The fact that one character is gay is irrelevant. All you people who love to complain about nothing need to stop. You’re ridiculous. P.S. The Satan/Santa moment in the Santa Clauses was a sight gag. A funny moment. Disney isn’t trying to corrupt children. You people need to get over your silly fake Christian outrage.

  7. Jayne1955

    It’s not a gay story. It has a gay character but it’s not a gay story. People who didn’t give them a chance with this because they thought the whole script was based on gay sex are idiots.

  8. Reasonable

    There is not god.

    1. AH

      when you die, you better hope you are correct.

  9. Delmar Shortt

    As much as I hate to admit it, I doubt very seriously doubt that Iger is ready to give up on showing favoritism to the LGBQ+ crowd. It will probably take more substantial losses to make any real change. After all, during his town hall meeting the only thing he actually made a commitment to was “inclusivity”.

    1. AH

      He won’t stop. Eisner brought a little woke into Disney, but Iger went whole hog. He is as woke as the nut jobs he brought in.

  10. Once again not all wil be “Toy Story” or “Fantasia”. I also hope they Neve Stop (Dreaming.Creating.and Trying) either.

  11. Sam

    I saw it and really liked it. Super cute and fun, full of adventure. There’s hate for it bc of ignorant bigots. It didn’t do well bc there was almost no marketing and it’s a confusing movie – I didn’t even know what it was about until I saw it. Good movie though.

    1. Anonymous

      You’d be mistaken. There was plenty of marketing and people did not want to support a message they didn’t agree with.

      Get woke, go broke. Seek Jesus.

  12. Mickeymouse3

    Many of Disney’s latest releases have been flops. I suspect this will continue until the creativity returns. Seems Disney can only do live action remakes or lame plots with their recent productions.
    Disney needs to start reading then advising what the blogs and social media outlets are saying. Otherwise, they will become just another ho hum company.

  13. Ed

    Disney needs to stop the self-righteous “woke” garbage or they will destroy themselves. “Minions” seems to be mostly just fun entertainment, not “woke” Most people don’t realize that if you destroy the normal nuclear family, man and woman, in marriage, with children, you will destroy society. Proof, look at how the woke, “g-ay” left is getting crazier and crazier and militant.

  14. AH

    There was no way I or my family was going to see it after I learned it was woke. Only after Disney feels the pain of multiple loses will they think about stopping the stupidity.

  15. ur mom

    Strange world was like showing up with a new hairstyle to school. It was new and different, making it odd and unusual. Like the scene in Wreck it Ralph 2 where the internet is considered new and therefore dangerous. give or take 5-10 years and everything in this movie will be normalised in disney films.

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