TikToker Pleads Disney Guests to Stop Hoarding Dining Reservations

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Dining experiences across the Disney Parks are unique. With several options to choose from, whether it’s a quick-service meal, a sit-down meal in a themed restaurant, or even character dining experiences with your family, there are so many possibilities to explore!

In some cases with sit-down restaurants at Disney, dining reservations are required. However, Guests have been noticing that they are no longer able to easily obtain these reservations, especially at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, and some have guessed why this is the case.

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A new TikTok from @alyssadisneytravel surmises that these Disney Dining reservations are running out quickly due to people hoarding them.


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The text overlay on this video asks people to stop hoarding, trading, and selling Disney dining reservations in order to allow enough reservations for everyone else who follows the rules instead of ruining opportunities for others.

Unfortunately, hoarding seems to be a problem with dining reservations, and there are several reasons why this might happen. One of the reasons could be Disney travel agents, who may be setting up reservations for multiple clients.

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Others may just be hoarding these dining reservations to either trade them or sell them and make a profit. But, there are some instances when there are several Guests needing reservations, such as a large family or group with many Guests.

Commenters on this TikTok were frustrated at why they couldn’t get dining reservations weeks or months ahead of time, especially when they learned why these reservations seemed to be selling out more quickly than normal.

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One commenter, @tiktokarndtheclock, said that they had traded dining reservations before, but only due to a change in plans:

I’ve traded before, but I didn’t book with the intention to trade…just a change of plans. I had no idea people were booking to sell 😳

Others, like @vincent412l, pointed out a similar problem with merchandise hoarding:

like the resellers of merchandise. problem is that they are free so that it costs nothing to grab a reservation. does Disney track the reservations?

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Although Disney does not track the usage of these reservations, @alyssadisneytravel and commenters are hopeful they can begin doing so to crack down on selling reservations. Additionally, the video creator confirmed that they, along with other travel agencies, have contacted Disney, to make them aware of this issue, with the hope that reservation hoarding could be shut down soon.

Some commenters brought up some alternatives to this situation, such as setting limits to one reservation per day per group of tickets. Others hoped that Disney cracks down on these resellers, enacting strict penalties such as revoking annual passes, which is being done already for resellers who take discounts and resell the Park merchandise.

Have you ever heard of hoarding and reselling Disney dining reservations? Tell us your experience in the comments!

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