Comments for Amid Reports of Superhero Fatigue, Marvel Discusses Ending the MCU

Robert Downey, Jr,. as Iron Man

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. PPP

    The title is wrong. The MCU has no end. It goes on forever. More Woke and M-She-U content.

  2. Kurt

    Couldn’t happen to a better universe…

  3. walt

    What?!?!?!?! Disney pounds and pounds and pounds AND POUNDS out movies toys clothing accessories saturates the market has door to door salesmen showing their crap squirted out of machines in China – and people are sick of it? Who wudda thunk. Not to mention the entire companies sell out to wokism. So over Disney…..waiting for the restoration of sanity.

  4. Has anyone asked Marvel fans?Ask any Fan Base before somemone(in charge) decides that “fatigue” has finally taken over,start there.Lets be honest not all movies will be an “Avengers Endgame” or Star Wars The Empire Atrikes Back, or Star Trek the Wrath of Kahn.Allof these movies have 1 thing in commom they are considered the Best of that Franchise others didn’t find same magic, but doesn’t mean they are NOT loved by Fans or movie goers.If there is a Fatigue nits “Disney” fartigue , NOT everthing has to be “Disneified” or have Disney Morals pushed on it.Let the MCU be Marvel not Disney, Star Wars is just that, it has always been Star Wars not Disney.Let these Universes and the Fans bases who Love them be the guide the so called “experts” sghould be listening too, not just the Dollars. All we be ok.

  5. MIR

    Watch Rick and Morty Team ._.

  6. MfJayP

    We don’t have superhero fatigue, we have woke fatigue, don’t destroy our movies because you want to be woke and the movies are starting to get that way

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