Comments for Boycott and Bans, Disney Movie Likely to Cause Chaos Over Same-Sex Couple

Searcher Clade (Jake Gyllenhaal) and unknown character in Disney's 'Strange World'

Credit: Disney


  1. Dan

    Good to see Disney has their priorities straight! Layoffs, hiring freezes, and cash flow problems. Yet they keep putting out one box office flop after another because their political agenda is now all that matters!

    1. donnie d

      Absolutely. It is sad and pathetic. I thought they were a family business, not a culture warrior, agenda-driven, activist group.

      1. Delmar Shortt

        That is not representation. It is preferential treatment.

        1. Beth W

          Preferential treatment is showing only one side of the coin. If you’ll look around, and open your eyes, you’ll see that the LGBQT community is alive and thriving, and deserves to be represented just the same as anyone else. Disney is not “pushing” the gay agenda by including them in their movies, they are just showing life the way it is. I used to think that I didn’t know anyone who was gay, but then I really looked around me. Turns out some of my friends are, and I just didn’t realize it. And guess what…they’re still my friends.

    2. DeLaunhardt

      Love your statement and its BEYOND true-Now they have gotten Iger back to finish off the mouse!!

      Disney RIP 2019…

  2. donnie d

    I hope this fails, massively.

    1. England

      GOD doesn’t make mistakes!! Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!!

  3. Eric

    They wouldn’t have to lay off workers if they stopped putting out their Gay-Agenda first. They obviously don’t care about their workers other than the woke fools making this tripe. Go back to what works and stops pushing liberal agendas down our throats.

    1. kurt

      Spooky gays…..!

    2. Sam

      Eric – True ignorance. Nobody is pushing anything down your throat – it’s a movie and you don’t have to watch it if you’re not interested. Do you know how many gay people are responsible for creating these movies and theme park experiences that you love so much? And performing in the shows, working behind the scenes, serving you at the restaurants, etc? Disney isn’t a place for homophobes. If you truly don’t like gay people, stop investing so much in the Disney brand.

      1. Tony from Virginia

        Sam I agree with you. Disney is a private company and they can market any way they see fit. and only the stock holders and the board have any say in what they do. It is up to each person to make the decision to support the company or not. I have elected not to support this company. The last time I was on Disney property was 6/29/2017 and on 12/15/2022 I put my 1st of my DVC up for sale and 1/30/2023 the 2nd one will go up for sale. with the goal of breaking all ties to this company in2023

        1. Tara Paige

          Go Woke, Go Broke! Go Gsy, No Way! Strange World is the perfect title for this movie.

        2. Tony From Virginia

          I’m Going to put my plans on hold for 6 months to see what Mr. Iger does with the company

  4. TimW

    Another boring Woke movie as if we hadn’t seen enough of it. Actually I intend to never see another crappy Disney agenda movie.

  5. BartW

    This movie already had me nervous, but an openly gay character in a Disney animated movie that children might see? What on earth are they thinking?

    Won’t be taking the family to see this one, and our Disney+ subscription is expiring and not renewing in a few weeks.

    I used to trust the Disney brand. Now it’s too much work to figure out which of their movies are safe for children and which aren’t.

    1. bert

      They don’t need you.

      1. DeLaunhardt

        So says Bert who is OBVIOUSLY NOT a stock holder….
        they ABSOLUTELY DO NEED Bart…..and every other person who is RUNNING AWAY form all this WOKE religion….

        tanking stock proves my point: GET WOKE GET REALLY REALLY BROKE!!

        Disney RIP 2019!

      2. nunya biznez

        Uh huh.

        DIS -34%+ YoY

  6. Steve

    More garbage no one asked for.

    Try making content people want to watch instead of producing vehicles for The Agenda.

    1. Sam

      Steve – If by “The Agenda” you mean inclusion & diversity, they won’t stop, and shouldn’t. They’ve mad a commitment, like every major company, to represent more than just one kind of person because there are way more than just straight, white people in this world. Get over it.

      1. Steve

        Their investors have already lists billions of dollars. Diversity just means cultural destruction and most normal Americans are fed up with it.

      2. david

        >They’ve mad a commitment, like every major company,<

        Uh, Chick fil a and Hobby Lobby would like a word with you. Not every big company wants to act like gay people exist.

      3. DeLaunhardt

        Because the movie “Bros” did sooooo well…..

        …so much for inclusion buddy….

  7. Mason

    Is this why the movie is called Strange World? Disney hasn’t been the same since 2020 because they are just focused on how woke they are instead of storytelling.

  8. Kat

    Mr. Walt Disney is definitely rolling in his grave! He was all about family and children, and making his vision, the happiest place on earth! Now, your trying to teach kids, and put it in their heads that this is all ok! Well, as a mother of 3, and a grandmother of 6, you people have destroyed the magic and excitement and childhood memories of Disney, and what it, HE, did for! You don’t exploit this thru the name “Disney”! You want to make movies, use a different name, NOT DISNEY! You want a new ride that has those types of characters in it, at Disney Theme Parks… Open a new park! This is exploitation!! Simple!! I have a 2 year old grandson who saw Buzz Light-year, I hadn’t seen it. After reading what was in it, that your exploiting babies and little kids, just because? Where are your morals? Where is God? You do know Walt Disney was a religious man, don’t you? I just came across about 15, a group of guy people at the park I take my grandbabies to. I have nothing against these people, just don’t exploit it around children! Well, this was happening in front of the children at the park! They were all still in school, young kids. My issue is, a couple actually, first, not caring about the small, 2 and 3 yr old, there and how they were acting, second is… I’ve never seen such behavior from children! These are children themselves! Do they really, I mean REALLY understand, themselves, about what their doing? I know, and seen, parents, and how they teach their children this, because of their own beliefs! Maybe the movie is right… STRANGE WORLD!! And when it’s time for me to leave this world and go home, it scares and sickens me too know I am leaving my children, grandchildren and future family, to live on this God forsaken planet! All Disney will be lost, in the sense of what His good name stood for, Magical, Happiness, Excitement, all of it give! Why? Because, just…. Because! Well, Mr Walt Disney, my heart breaks for you, and the dreams you envisioned, thru eyes of children, are now lost! I haven’t been to Disneyland in about 25 years, and I have been getting together, our whole families, a reunion, to go there, in another year! But… after reading about this and your new movie coming out, I am changing our plans. We won’t be going there, I won’t ever buy another Disney movie, and I will be cancelling our subscription to Disney plus. I’m ashamed of what Disney stands for today! It’s NOT about the “children” anymore with you, it’s a popularity contest! Well, your definitely not that, and your Disney park numbers have gone way down! When, and if, you ever come back to your senses, and try and re-spark the magic again, let us know! But for now, the light is gone from Disney. I pray that someday, a Prince will come and “‘kiss” the life back into Disney! Bring back Walt’s dreams! He started this, he fueled the magic for these kids, STOP with all this propaganda and put the life back into Disney!! I will keep praying you do the right thing!! But for now…. Good night, and good bye!!

    1. Kat

      I am not crazy. I’m God made, not society made.

    2. Steve

      Sam, you think a man can become a woman by changing his Twitter bio.

      You are insane.

    3. DeLaunhardt

      …here here Kat-well said!

      …and you are hardly the only one who is cancelling all things Disney…..


  9. Delmar Shortt

    Disney has again lost another family that otherwise would have paid to watch this movie. Thank you Bob Paycheck! Once more you have soundly stomped on the families that built the Disney brand in the first place.

  10. Jay

    I am gobsmacked at how much hate and negative energy can be spewed toward any person, especially a business who represents people with all kinds of different values and customs. They are simply championing them to be their true selves and not compromise for the sake of not having anybody else’s feelings being hurt or offended by others. Children are conditioned to hate because that is the way parents raise them to believe. The media further sensationalizes this and there’s no way around it. As far as being so “woke”, this is a new generation and it is getting easier for people to see through all the lies, division and hate being thrown at them every day. In reality people just want to matter. To the people that say, “I hate this company”, “never going again”, etc., I say to you: see you at the movies and the parks!

    1. B

      I completely agree with you. It’s so sad to see how hateful people are. Especially people who use God to justify their hatred.

      1. DeLaunhardt

        I’m sorry but even Gay people do NOT support “gay” movies!!

        Want proof? Take a look at the (very) Gay movie “Bros”…..

        How well did it do at the Box office?? How much “support” did it get for all its “inclusion” and ultra gay themes? Not even the gay community came out to see it. Or maybe the gay community DID go out and see it, but its SUCH A TINY AUDIENCE TO PANDER TO that the movie still tanked because of this!!

        Proves the point:

        Disney RIP 2019…..

  11. Kat

    SAM, You have your opinion, we have ours. Why are you attacking everyone who doesn’t agree with you. You’ve already let yourself be known, congratulations to you! I’m sorry, but I was made in God’s image, he made me, NOT Society! I raised my children in God’s image. Disney was a magical place you could go to feel like a kid again. I don’t know how old you are, you don’t seem that old. Most of these kids won’t ever know Disneys real magic, because all this other “new” stuff has been pushing, yes, I say pushing their way thru. They announce it’s either their way, or the highway! No boundaries, only entitlement! It’s not Disney anymore, so it’s only a matter of time [it’s actually already started], that Disney parks will start closing, because not enough people to pay for the park to stay open. Thanks a lot to those who took over Disney and smeared it into the ground! You better do something before it’s all too late!

  12. J

    Disney is bad at pushing gays, trans, bys, and all the other ones on our kids. In onward the cop who is a girl mentions her girl friends daughter gives her a difficult time but yet noone mentions thta. Its gonna be in every one of their movies now. It’s sad that they feel it mandatory to do this

  13. Steve

    Go dilate.

  14. Raymond Koenig

    I am not interested in seeing movies or TV shows that include the gay agenda.

  15. John

    Hasn’t Chapek learned from the past that that including anything “Gay” will be an automatic Death Knell to the film??

  16. BG

    Homosexuality if not normal, and should not be encouraged in any way.

  17. DeLaunhardt

    ….they’re doing this because ” Lightyear” worked out SOOOOOO WELL for them….

    (said with a big grin on my face that says “I told YOU so!”-check their TANKING STOCK PRICE….)

    And Woke Warrior Iger will only FINISH OFF THE MOUSE!!

    Disney RIP 2019…

  18. Nintendo’s Yellow Mickey

    Won’t be watching this movie. Won’t be taking my 5 year old to see this. Will only stick to other companies for child friendly entertainment. So glad the only cartoon channel I have to worry about is PBS Kids. Never had Disney + and haven’t watched a Disney film since Encanto. There won’t be another. Better to end it with the last good thing to come from the company.

  19. Jack

    They did it again! Tried to sell a political agenda in the form of a kids movie. Guess what? Parents ain’t buying that junk. So yet another Disney flop!

    Hope the change of CEO back to Bob Iger will steer the company back to its roots–family friendly entertainment, without a political agenda.

  20. Jim

    Movies can be told without drawing attention to sexuality. Why can’t a story be told without forcing to the forefront same sex relationships, are you trying to entertain and tell a story or push more political agendas down our throat.

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