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  1. Dr. M

    Whoo hoo! My prayers have been answered!!!

    1. Gary

      We need to keep an eyeball on Iger just in case he goes down the same road. From what I have been reading there are a couple more good people to chose from. Now what has to happen is Disney needs to get back on Walt’s path. Get rid of the leadership in Disney who helped promote what was Chapek was doing. Get rid for good of the Woke agenda & all the Woke Castmembers who were pushing it. Get rid of all alcohol which was one of Walt’s items he did not want in Disneyland and I am sure would have carried over to the other parks! Stay out of politics for good! Go to the old policy’s for Castmembers as far as appearance and conduct. Get in touch with the long time Castmembers who retired earlier then planned because they were fed up with what was going on out there and maybe some will come back. Some of them were in ride upkeep and maybe their experience will get them back to running right. So get Disney back to Walt’s Disney!

      1. Trish


      2. Thank you, Gary for your comment about Disney and I hope and pray Mr. Iger and Ms. Arnold read and digest it, also. Every point is right on. Our last visit to Disney World was 11/19 and we swore, we will NEVER go back. My partner has made 35 trips during his life, with his whole family and I was privileged to visit 4 times, but our last visit was the worst. Parking fees of $13/day is ridiculous especially when your paying a hefty fee to stay at the park. The destruction and remodel/rebuild of the Polynesian was heartbreaking to see. And now you pay an exorbitant amount to enter the parks but you have to make an appointment???? to enter??? Ridiculous. Quite a few friends and family who live in Florida, have given up their special passes, which tells you how awful this new regime really is. I pray the leaders of Disney heed your profound truth of the matter, “So get it back to WALT’S DISNEY”. I’m sure he was turning in his grave to see HIS vision destroyed. Thank you, again.

      3. R Leier

        I totally agree. Worked for
        Disney for 47 years before i was laid off last year. My job went to Florida.

        1. Diana

          Gary absolutely agree … woke go broke… stay out of politics.

      4. Steven

        Woke? Umm ok

      5. dan


  2. David

    I was no fan of Chapek, but Iger had his fingers in a lot of these initiatives that we are not happy with.

    I hope we get an exec that gets it. Neither Bob was good imho, just iger is a lesser evil.

  3. Jim

    He can bring back Magical Express and Dining Plans, for openers…

    1. Don Wegley

      I agree, I miss being able to plan a vacation all in one place… flight, bus, resorts, parks.

  4. Sandra FARLEY

    I, for one, am pleased at this change, and re-instating the man who has his fingers on the pulse. He can restore Disney back to its fantastic organisation, and the theme parks to give “us” what we need and enjoy!

    1. Steve

      Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Much of what happened under chapak began under Iger. The board wants cost savings, not concern about the consumer with the emphasis on streaming.

  5. Bob Angarola

    To quote an old song, “ Thank God and Greyhound, you’re gone”!!!

  6. Edward Davis

    I was seriously thinking about cancelling my Disney Visa card after my visit in October/November. Please please please bring back the fastpass and scrap the genie system. I won’t use the genie plus system because it takes away from my time enjoying the park.

  7. Donna

    This was the best move for Disney and the loyal fans. The Magic has started.

  8. Heather Holladay

    I am so happy about this decision! I just pray Iger continues to listen to the Disney Fans and supporters and brings back the ways of Walt Disney….an affordable family experience where magic happens and incredible memories are made.

  9. Sherry

    Yay! Gave it a few years and 9 trips to Disneyland resort and kept searching for the magic. It’s just not there and got tired of the search and expense. Looking forward to the return of the magic!

  10. Brandon

    This is not a change of direction. This is a doubling down of all the things we don’t like. Bob C. was in constant conflict with the board. They put Iger back so all the crap they are pushing doesn’t have any resistance.

  11. Julian H

    We need new blood, someone that was more aligned to Walt and Roy’s aspirations.

  12. Fred

    Agree 100%!

  13. Steve

    One has to wonder how long this has been planned. They got rid of the person people thought would replace Chapek. Then gave Chapek a new contract when everyone thought he would be gone. Wonder how big the Golden Handshake was in the new contract. Now they bring back Iger for 2 years. Maintenance (Park grounds, Ride upkeep) and guest services (Pricing, Magical Express, food portions, Fastpass, etc) should be the first thing on Iger’s agenda. If not then what was the purpose.

  14. Mickeymouse3

    Wonder if Bob I. will keep D’Amaro?
    Wonder if Bob I. will scrap Genie+ (something he would not bring on his first watch) and bring back the fastpasses?
    Wonder if Bob I. will bring back pre-planning, since no one likes getting up at the butt-crack of dawn to plan their day?
    Wonder if Bob I. will put Peter Rice in the big seat?

  15. Jamie

    I want this Genie and Genie plus to go away and go back to fast passes. I am not apposed to cutting the amount of people in the parks it’s still too crowded. They need to hire back all the maintenance crew, too many rides constantly breaking down. Disney + needs to be kid friendly and get rid of some of the inappropriate content. Oh yeah and gays do not need a month of celebration. I don’t need my kids watching 2 men or 2 women kissing, keep it in your own home. It doesn’t belong in the parks. Personally I think it’s gross. Quit raising prices.

  16. John Doe

    Bob Chapek was not fired because Disney cared about the guests. He was fired because last quarters earnings lost over 1 billion dollars and pissed of shareholders and Wall Street and stuff. I highly doubt Bob Iger is going to roll back things Chapek did. Maybe he will pause things in the future but Disney will never be the same post covid. And Iger was on board with many of the things Chapek did with the parks and resorts. Things will only change if people stop coming and they were losing money which will never happen. There will always be people that are willing to spend the money. It’s sad but the truth.

  17. Bob Cheapskate

    About time. Hope it’s not too late a lot of damage has been done.

  18. Rroe

    Adios Bob Paycheck 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  19. Dpathat

    Thank God the Chapek regime is behind us. Bob Iger has his work cut out for him, as his first priority must be to mend fences with fans and staff. Bob Iger was involved in many things that came to fruition under the Chapek regime, but the pricing was not one of them. Chapek tried to prove to the Board that he was invaluable, by making up the money ” lost” during the pandemic by reducing overhead by making it off the backs of the fans that were so happy to welcome Disney back when travel was again possible. Instead of making it easier to go back, he made it more difficult. He tried to justify that ridiculous reservation system by saying that it provides a better experience. Well, Mr Chapek I was there a week ago and it was the worst time that I’ve ever had. Disney was always an expensive trip, but you got value for your money. That’s no longer true. Please turn back the clock Mr Iger. Get rid of the reservation system, restore our free perks ( Fast Pass) and bring back the magic. Please be more careful when choosing your next successor.

  20. Dawn

    I was so happy to hear this news! Our last trip was in May for my sons eighth grade graduation. We were so disappointed in the AWFUL genie plus program and the no dining program and the make a reservation to visit a park and and and I vowed not to return until old Bobby boy was gone and the MAGIC returned. Having been to my “happy” place over 25 times and my kids countless times my heart sank at the notion of not returning. However, my money can be spent elsewhere. Excited to return when the NEW/OLD Bob I. uses his wand to fix it all and brings back the magic.

  21. zipplerwrath

    I’m afraid people don’t understand what happened here. He got replaced because of issues outside of the parks. The parks are packed and there is really no current upper limit to the profit potentials. They are raising prices and limiting attendance because that is the most profitable route for them. Annual passes have been determined to be less profitable for them. The real issue is things like Disney+ and other non-park related issues. During the pandemic they learned that smaller crowds, willing to spend more money, with fewer staff, was the most profitable route for them. They are selling a fantasy, not actually operating on one.

  22. Dee

    Now let’s do away with the park restrictions system
    It’s horrible and is certainly not keeping crowds done
    Genie + needs to be revamped too. Waited on 1/2 hour + lines with genie +

  23. Marie

    So….I’m waiting to see if Eiger will bring Disney World back to the way it was pre Plandemic, drop the prices back to a reasonable amount, bring back the good food, fast pass, dump the park reservations, stop charging for basically breathing when you step in a park and basically….bring back the magic……. Get all the woke crap out of their movies and parks and basically, once again, become the Disney we all grew up with. Otherwise, where is the difference?????

  24. Jim

    Let us park hop freely again instead of having to wait until 1pm.

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