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Bob Chapek with Mickey and Minnie

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  1. Jarvis

    Disney promoting sexually grooming children is “inclusive” and “progressive” now. So states the article.

    Before you molest children just put the little mouse ear hat on them. Then it’s just fine with Bob Chapek.

    1. Jordan

      You need to get your eyes checked because that’s not what is said at all. They don’t promote that at all. Stay off the conspiracy websites, they are rotting your brain

      1. gr

        ^Found the groomer

        1. Andy

          Jack hole.


    Ever since “Bob” became CEO there has been nothing but problems. The “ Don’t say Gay” bill and him back pedaling to fix that. Dirty Dog DeSantis pulling the Reedy Creek ( if I named it wrong please forgive me) legislation out tho that was because someone called Dirty Dog DeSantis something he didn’t like. But quality of services, food, and Magic have gone way down. Quantity of merchandise, food also way down. But prices of everything are over the moon. No perks to paying those high prices to stay in the resorts. Not only are the admission tickets extremely high now you have to pay extra to get on any of the rides. Rides were included IN the price of admission. More and more die hard Disney fans are saying they are never going back or they will go someplace first before returning to Disney. I use to say if I could go ANYWHERE I wanted for an all expense paid dream vacation it would Disney World, would think twice. Don’t think like that now. And that is really sad cause it is us die hard fans that in the long run that you will need to keep your parks running. And you actually renewed his contract!
    Walt is rolling over in his grave!!!

    1. I fully agree with your comments. I am an English man who has come to Disney in Florida for the last 30 years and to enjoy the Disney dream. As many have said Walt is turning in his grave due to the way his dream for all families around the world is being destroyed by total greed and incompetence by the management. To bring gambling into Disney is the end as far as I am concerned. Walt’s dream was happiness for all, now if you go into the Disney Springs shop the price of the gifts are insane $200 for a five year old’s backpack what families can get two or three of these as gifts. People I saw avoiding them to save the grief of telling their children that they couldn’t afford them. Drop all prices by 40% and you’re shares will go up not down

  3. ANN

    Disney just closed today at 86.75. I have not see it this low since, not sure, 2010? Before covid i mean. That is not good for ol’ “I know whats best for Disney Chepek.” Bet he gets another raise. While disney cast members are living in their cars. Nice job Bob.

  4. #TrueDisneyFans!

    Fact that this is now happened twice under Chepek’s resume just shows how delusional he is, how he Fails to realize that The Walt Disney Company is not a Walmart or a Target or a Toy R Us – In other words The Walt Disney Company is not a contemporary business its a luxury and a privilege.

  5. Danielle C

    What I don’t get is how Disney thinks they are able to offer sports betting. While it’s legal to offer sports betting you can only offer it in states that allow it. Sports betting isn’t available outside those states, even with mobile apps. Gambling is a mess right now in FL because of the Seminole Indian tribe’s issues and it isn’t available in CA at all.

  6. Mickeymouse3

    When a company starts letting minority voices dictate what the majority wants, there will be problems. Enter the Bob Paycheck mentality.

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