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  1. K.J. Norman

    he has t change course, because they are on his head like white on rice. I’m always gonna be a Disney fan regardless, but Chapek needs to get those parks together expeditiously.

    1. Jose

      He has not respected the legacy or listened to his customers/guests to date. What you are hearing is lip service! Wall Street is turning up the heat on his sub par performance, so he is going to the fan base, whom he has ignored for support. Jim Crammer of MSNBC has publicly called him out. Too little, too late.

  2. TimW

    “if the consumer base has more elasticity then we’ve traditionally had in terms of defining what’s Disney”

    I really can’t figure out what he means by it. So if he’s saying the customer is willing to forgive Disney’s mis-steps, then of course he’ll listen to them after going off course.

    Elasticity is defined as returning to its previous state or adaptability. People aren’t that adaptable, but willing to accept a return to the previous status quo.

  3. Brooke

    Chapek is so full of crap. He doubled his own salary a year ago. How about you cut that fat Bob? He’s been a complete and utter disaster as CEO of Disney – he’s charging us for every GD thing he can, and he’s charging us more than ever, double, quadruple. His Genie Plus and Lightning Lane are cash grabs – total frauds – they create artificially high wait times, high demand. I’ve tested the wait times at both Disneyland and Disney World – the times posted are exaggerated, thereby driving up demand for this epic rip off of $20 to $25 to get on a ride (if it doesn’t break down). Chapek has created a massive illusion. These rides have never had wait times like this – ever. I’ve been going for over 20 years. Chapek needs to be fired for not only dragging the stock price, being a disaster as the steward of the Disney legacy but also for ruining the Disney experience for everyone. I fear someone will either be injured or worse on these rides that he has stopped paying to maintain. Only then will the board fire him.

    1. Bruton Gaster

      To be fair, wait times are always exaggerated. Better to have park guests pleased the 60 minute wait only took 40-45 as opposed to the opposite.

    2. John

      Mind if you copy that and post to change.org. Or you could type into the search fire Bob Chapek

    3. bunnysgran

      Totally agree!

    4. Marie

      Which is why we haven’t renewed our passes in almost 3 years now. And we’ve had resident passes since they’ve had resident passes, and used to go frequently, spending lots of money at the parks…including staying at the resorts.

  4. Cam

    This didn’t sound like he changed course at all. I felt like he was saying the audience now includes groups that he is going to listen to.

  5. Beth Stryker

    I was alive in 2020 and 2021. I would say he is as far from listening to his customer base as you can possibly be. If he’s trying to come out now from crisis PR
    stating- all of you – forget that man behind the curtain, that was just you know… last year… now it’s this year I’m Bob Chapek 2.0 – Don’t you love me me? He’s tone deaf.

    They are still groomers, they are still woke, and they’re miles away from the Disney they used to be.

    We saw, we witnessed, we complained, we were rebuked, we were dismissed, we were raked over the coals in through every penny of our wallet, and that’s it.

  6. Creg

    Apparently he is a day late and a dollar short of “listening” to the guests. Empty words to appease us? I’ve lost faith in his ability and my investments in Disney.

  7. Tim D

    I read this as a pitch towards getting even further away from traditional Disney content, since “the fans” have demonstrated to him somehow that they’re more “elastic” about what Disney’s all about. In a world where literally everyone is decrying the death of everything good and true about Disney, there’s a tone-deaf twit at the top trying to sell the idea of further damaging what’s left of the company.

  8. J

    Yes the park experience has gone downhill but as much as people complain the parks are still overcrowded…for now…and I expect for a long time to come still. His comment is just “lip service.”

    1. G M

      Well, they are busy at times, but the busy times are not near as busy now as the busy times before 2020.

  9. G M

    I don’t think what he said sounds like he’s going back to a more traditional Disney at all.
    He said, “I want to respect legacy, I want to respect what this brand is, but at the same time, I know that we may be even more precious about what’s Disney than the consumer base is and if the consumer base has more elasticity then we’ve traditionally had in terms of defining what’s Disney, then we probably ought listen to our audience,” Chapek answered.
    That phrase in there, “…if the consumer base has more elasticity than we’ve tradtionally had…”, sounds to me like he’s saying, if the consumer base is willing to stretch their idea of what Disney is, then Disney should listen to them. Doesn’t sound to me like he’s going back to the traditional “Wonderful World of Disney” days a lot of us remember!

  10. We have been hoping to take our grandchildren to Disney when they were old enough to enjoy it. That is no longer the plan. We no longer buy Disney products as gifts for them nor go to Disney movies. In short we have lost all trust or respect for Disney. I wish it wasn’t that way, but it is what it is.

  11. What on Earth is he saying? Did he mean to be so unclear? It sounds to me that he is saying he is going to listen to thr woke crows and expects us ‘legacy people’ to stretch ourselves. Please find a true ‘Walt Disney’ to run this organization

  12. Mary

    Don’t hold your breath. He has no idea how to run that company, if it were any other company he would have been canned a long time ago.

    1. Steve

      He failed upward.

  13. Rroe

    Bob Paycheck is in this for himself and Disney shareholders. He could care less about Walt’s true dream and the fan’s that have always supported Disney. As long as Paycheck can keep buying 12 million dollar homes at our expense, he will be happy.

  14. Geoff

    Bottom line is he just needs to go. Too little too late for someone that has only been in it for himself and tone deaf to the people that made him wealthy.


    That had to be one of the longest sentences I’ve ever read! It did not make sense. And it is going to be the traditional Disney fans that in the long run that will keep Disney running. We are the backbone of Disney. We genuinely appreciate what Walt worked so hard to bring to us, TV programs, movies, Disneyland, Disney World. Walt was the definition of “elastic” always creating, thinking out of the box, taking chances. But always always with the magic that we have experienced with every visit to the parks. Even seeing his movies is magic. “Bob” doesn’t know what pixie dust and magic are. He only understands dollar signs. He doesn’t care about the guest’s experience, he has shown this from day one. The guest was part of the equation in whatever Walt did.
    Please get rid of “Bob” before the magic is all gone!
    Walt keeps on rolling!

  16. Mickeymouse3

    He has no intentions of changing course. He might change some minor things, for appearances, but his ego will not let him do what the majority wants. If he truly wanted guest’s satisfaction and/or approval, he would have a team reading and taking notes of all the different articles, comments and blogs, then make the “corrections” accordingly. People complain to Disney directly and it still means nothing to this guy.
    Bob Paycheck has to be relieved of his contract!

  17. Steve

    It will be too late once the board fires this SOB. It may already be.

  18. Steve

    I would rather have the current one running Disney than Bobby.

  19. Mark Davis

    Disney is a unique animal. The company was born out of dreams and the creative vision to make excellent adventures for the consumer. Walt knew that money was necessary to fulfill his dreams, and Roy made that happen—but always to make the experiences better—be it film, the parks or merchandise.

    This beloved company has rabid fans, and whomever is at the helm has to be true to Walt’s original dream and bring the fans along to the modern interpretations of those dreams.

    Eisner did it with Wells, until his untimely death, then there was no checks and balances, Igor did it with aplomb with purchases and respect for the company’s history.

    Chapek seems to be caught up in the making of money to the exclusion of all else. This should be a creative company first. I agree that the changes of late just seem like a money grab. Yes, shareholders demand profits. But with a company like Disney with such a deep love of the fans, that needs to be considered, as well as Walt’s dreams. As much as the leadership wants to have Disney just be a brand, it was a real man, who was an entertainment visionary. It is management’s job to make sure that they honor excellence and provide the audience with the best experiences without draining their wallets to the point of losing them as customers.

  20. Jean

    The Disney brand is about wishing on stars and finding true love and living happily ever after. In case the fairy tale castles are too subtle, Disney theme parks outright promise an escape from reality with welcome signs that read, “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy.” See what happens

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