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  1. Stephen

    Clearly this comedian doesn’t know the difference between socialism and capitalism.

    Capitalism is all about getting as much money as you can for as little as possible in return, which is exactly what Disney is doing.

  2. Genie+ and ligtlhtning lanes are awful. Bring back fastpass+! Even if we were forced to pay for it that would be better than the new system. And by the way, any system should be free if you’re staying at a Disney hotel.

  3. S Nogg


    An edit button would be nice.

  4. Julia H.

    The Genie Plus and Lightning Lane, along with the reservation system – are all created by Chapek to create artificial demand. The crowds are not being controlled, staffing isn’t being planned – the parks are more crowded than ever. The wait times posted in Anaheim and Orlando by the parks are all inflated – all to get you to buy the GP and/or LL thinking you HAVE to or you won’t be able to go on the ride. Those who fly in to attend these parks, are the primary victim of this scam. If you clock the wait times, they’re always half or less what’s posted. The res system has you so desperate to book a day, because they fill up fast ( or do they?)… you’ll even pay that new $180/day ticket on Friday – Sunday. It’s all a scam. He’s charging us more than ever, for the less than ever – from food to merch to even rides. So many rides are broken down at Disneyland, they should give partial refunds. He’s really one sinister guy.

  5. Dale

    How has all the new changes affected me ? Well, I don’t visit the parks anymore. I was an A.P. for years and visited the CA parks whenever I felt like it. ” Nothing planned for the day, go to Disneyland ! ” Now I see comercials and posting for Disneyland and remember all the fun I had, but I know, even if I did go to Disneyland, it would never be the same since all the things that made it fun are changed. Now, I can at least take comfort in knowing I was able to enjoy the Disneyland that was a great place and one that some people will never know.

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