Cast Members Respond To Bob Iger’s Return

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Cast Members including Disney World President Jeff Vahle outside Cinderella Castle at Disney World

Credit:Jeff Vahle via Instagram

This week, Bob Iger has reassumed his role as the CEO of the Walt Disney Company. As well as reassuming the duties that come with that position, Iger also issued a letter to all the Cast Members that managed to survive the turmoil under Bob Chapek’s leadership. Now that he’s made his thoughts known, the Cast Members are starting to respond.

Iger seen next to Mickey
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In spite of calling them the company’s “Secret Sauce,” Bob Chapek didn’t do many favors for the staff that kept the Parks running. Along with harsh conditions, a formerly-scheduled massive layoff, a hiring freeze, and many current Cast Members living in abject poverty. Many were laid off, unable to continue working, and otherwise mistreated under Chapek’s tenure at the Walt Disney Company. Now that Iger has returned, what does this mean for them? Of course, social media has always been a place where many have made their voices heard.

A few former Cast Members have responded to ITM’s coverage of Iger’s message. One Facebook user simply said,

“I just want my job back.”

To which another replied,

“Me too! I was a seasonal CM for over 12 years but Disney isn’t hiring seasonals at present.”

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Facebook is sure to give a whole host of Cast Members, but Reddit offers a much more unfiltered take on the new developments facing the Disney company and its theme parks. When the question was asked in the Disney Parks subreddit, users offered up their opinions on the matter. u/IDriveAZamboni replied with a simple approach by saying,

“He ain’t perfect, but he’s better than Chapek.”

Other, more vocal Cast Members like u/retlaw_yensid commented,

“‘Ding Dong the Witch is Dead'” was played in several zoom meetings. We feel cautiously optimistic. Spirits are lifted.”

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Of course, this quote from u/mikel2usa  cuts through the fat of the matter and simply states the emotional and truthful sentiment shared by countless Cast Members at the Parks by saying,

“It’s hard to capture how much joy and optimism this brings me and many of my colleagues.”

disney and pixar characters in front of 50th anniversary cinderella castle at walt disney world
Credit: Disney

Although the overall reception of Iger’s return to the Walt Disney Company has been met with a generally positive response thus far, there is still a lot of work to be done before a solid relationship is established between him, his employees, and his consumers. Chapek did a lot of damage during his time in office, but hopefully Iger’s actions can mend fences, build bridges, and restore the magic to the Disney Parks. All anyone can do at this point is hope.

Do you think Bob Iger will improve life for the Cast Members at the Disney Parks? Tell us in the comments below!

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