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  1. Karl Joseph Eichholtz

    “Iger could do away with the Reservations, or at the very least, look into changes that may be more beneficial for those visiting the theme parks.”

    I say to Iger do away with the Reservations. I wanna be able to enter the parks whenever I wish again.

    1. Bryan C

      Damn right screw the reservation

    2. Jennifer

      Please get rid of the reservation system first, then bring back certain things that we use to enjoy.

    3. Gary

      Iger if you do not get Disney back the way Walt, Roy, Lillian (Walt’s wife) & all the imaginers who helped, wanted Disney to be then you will be getting the boot too!

  2. I would like the reservation system scrapped.

  3. Peter Skingle

    There’s no spontaneity any more at the parks it has to be planned like a military operation. Some serious simplification is required. We’re on vacation, we want to have fun and experience the Magic. I can’t be the only one who doesn’t want to be continually staring at a phone or dodging other people staring at theirs.

  4. Steve

    He will throw you a bone and despite everything remaining much worse than before, he will be loved by those with no attention span and no clue.

    This whole Chapek saga was better scripted than Disney Star Wars. Maybe Iger should write the next movie.

  5. Lord White

    None of Disney’s statements or Iger’s mention him “dealing” with any of these things. Are you? Do you need to go back to school for English comprehension lessons?

  6. Jackie

    I was in Hollywood Studios this past Monday. 4 hour wait for tower of terror. Didn’t use genie plus or lightening lane. Not paying $150 extra a day plus the cost of lightening lane for a family of 5. Think my Disney days might be over since I would be spending over $1,000 just to get on rides that you already pay to get on with your park admission. The magic is gone. Greed has taken over.

  7. Jan

    Iger needs to get rid of the Genie system and go back to the fast passes. The system was not broke, why did they have to mess with it, except for Genie being a cash cow that a lot of people cannot afford. The reservation system is a pain in the behind, but I can deal with it better than Genie! He also needs to restore the moral of his employees, sometimes there is literally no magic there!

  8. Carl

    Disney Magic is dead and buried. There is nothing Iger can do to bring it back other than reversing every decision that was made before covid and even then it probably will not work. Trying to go to Disney takes work, it’s not a vacation. Chapek’s greed with the blessing of the Board destroyed the Magic.

  9. Kim

    Our family (20 of us) were at Disney world Nov 7-10. Even though hurricane Nicole hit at that time we had a great time. Used genie plus at every park and were able to go on many rides each day. We chose to stay off site and not do any table service meals. We use that savings to get genie plus as the rides and attractions are why we go. We did not spend all our time on the phone! This system worked alot better than fast pass as you didn’t have the tiers to restrict you or the lack of fast passes. As to reservations, we had to make some changes because of the weather and Disney was very helpful and we were able to make the changes we needed. Disney is still very magical to my family because it is a special time for us to be together. I’m guessing it is people who go alot that feel the magic is gone. Perhaps you should stay away for awhile and then the magic may return.

  10. Natasha Jiovino

    I would like you to address the AP for us DVC Members, there is no special AP no longer available to us DVC Members unless we live in Florida. As a totally single mom who invested in a 400 point Contract now can not afford all the extra costs. The APs I had to purchase were well over double the cost. Please think about the DVC members and bring back the benefits we use to enjoy

  11. DaveB

    You say that Fastpass+ wasn’t based on money, but it was. People standing in line for 2 hours don’t eat or shop but people happily waiting for their Fastpass time will do both.
    Lightning Lane users would do the same EXCEPT they are not happy because they have already paid $30 just to get a LL selection.
    Fastpass felt magical because you were getting something wonderful for free. Genie+ felt like exploitation because the price kept going up.

  12. WytchiePoo

    We started our vacation the day Chapel was fired. Our youngest son’s marching band was performing. His 3 older siblings got military leave to surprise him. We wanted to surprise him and tried to talk with cast members about how to do that. They could have cared less. We spent most of our time waiting in lines. We were only able to schedule two meals that coordinated with the park reservation system. Less money for Disney. The counter service meal we did eat was barely edible and the restaurant was filthy. Not a great experience for our family of five at over$110. I don’t mind paying for Disney as long as it delivers. Sadly, it does not anymore. The food is subpar, the employees are unhappy, the parks are overcrowded, the reservation system is a mess and the genie plus is a complete joke. Feeling like you got scammed (ie Guardians of the Galaxy is not really included with your admission as there is NO standby line for it) does not make us want to come back. Instead we purchased Universal Freedom Passes for next year. I hope Iger is able to turn this ship around, but until there are changes, we won’t be back.

  13. Matthew Brewster

    One thing that should be fairly easy to resurrect is WDW’s Disney’s Magical Express. And, it should remain a FREE service!

  14. Sue

    Just do away with the reservations and bring back the Epcot after 4. That’s all
    I care about. Since I do t do rides but I do understand the frustration and money people have to pay to stand in another line for at least a couple hours after you have paid money for it

  15. AB

    The “Disney Bubble” is THE factor that loosened my purse strings for our family of four to go to Disney World. That doesn’t even exist now. No bubble = no plans to ever return. The magic has definitely died and Disney no longer holds the championship belt for legendary customer service. They’ve greeded themselves right out of return guests, from the free express to and from the airport to the reservation system, from the dining plans to the fast passes – what good would the $10-12K grand from my family do you if I don’t ever feel it would be worth it again?!? Can we get someone with realistic financial forecasting in on these decisions? How about a single parent or maybe get a panel of them involved? In this woke and broke economy, my family would rather drive a few hours to a beach front cottage and use the rest of our money to invest in precious metals vs giving one dollar to Disney at this point.

  16. Chris Kinney


    1. Steve

      The dining plan was always a scam. It was practically impossible to spend enough to make up the cost.

      1. Hannah

        Yes! And the so called Free Dining was also a scam. You made up the cost for that with a full price vacation package. We always saved money by getting the discounts in hotel rather than the food. Most people don’t get it! Lol

  17. K.

    Bring back dining plans, free fast pass and the Magical Express. Ditch park reservations and Genie Plus. All that will be a good start for luring our family back. For the first time in over a decade we have no plans to return next Summer. Paying more to get less has killed the magic for us.

  18. kathy

    Bring back the plastic cards that AP’s got with the charaters on it. It was a great souvenir. Stop calling it Magic Key. It’s an Annual Pass, AP. I didn’t feel welcome as a longtime AP.
    Do away with the wagon ban. That really made me mad. If it fits in the stroller dimensions it should be okay.
    Make it easier to understand how to go to Disneyland again. Right now it’s too confusing. I was fine with Fast Pass. NO reservations. Do away with it.
    Waiting to see if I will go back or not. Bring back the magic. Hope you are listening to all the voices…
    All in all I’m glad you cleaned the Mouse House!
    Class of 1955


    When Iger was in charge there was never any problems with the fast pass system or dinning plan. BRING IT BACK. A lot more people will come back.

  20. Callie

    Keep the reservations!! I cannot imagine how bad the crowds would be without it. Vacationers have to plan their trips, everyone can do it. The parks are already insanely crowded, taking away reservations would make it a Zoo.

  21. Schlotterback Tracy

    I was a Disneyland annual pass holder. Easy and so much fun. Sounds like planning and going on vacation now would be somewhat of a nightmare since my last visit. Get rid of reservations and make affordable annual passes with useable dates.

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  23. Debbi

    Bring back the free Fastpass and extra magic hours for everyone who stays on site. It should just be for Deluxe Resort guests. That was part of the reason for staying on site.

    1. Debbi

      I meant shouldn’t be…sorry typo

  24. Diane

    Please bring back the Disney Meal Plans! With a family of 5 and more sometimes it can really help paying for it ahead of time and setting it up up before visit! Plus the kids and adults enjoyed the snacks you got with mail plan ! Something I could never afford buying snacks for everyone at the parks! Going in March maybe there will be a change by than !

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