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Splash Mountain at walt disney world

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  1. Steve

    Red meat for the angry peasants?

  2. Rick

    Definitely worth exploring. Majority (about 80% according to poll from Disney itself) are opposed to the retheme.

    1. Kim

      Agreed. To your point, why is Disney turning a blind eye to the obvious outcries to keep it as is? Polls don’t lie.

    2. Elijah Abrams

      Are you sure that poll is from Disney themselves? Can I please have proof?

  3. Marcus

    I agree 100% with your suggestion. I never really thought Splash Mountain was racially insensitive. None of the slavery/reconstruction themes or characters are in the attraction.

  4. Jason

    I have made the exact same argument more than once in comment sections discussing the re-theme. Satisfy both sides by re-theming Disneyland while leaving Disney World alone. It’s a fair compromise, and precedent was set with the re-theming of the Tower of Terror in only 1 park.

  5. M

    Splash Mountain is iconic and one of the greatest rides at Disney: it’s not just the drop, it’s the theming. There is no way Princess Tiana can duplicate that. There is not one poll that supports this re-theme. It’s more the opposite. Leave Splash Mountain alone.

  6. Jon N

    Splash mountain is an epic Disney ride and should remain the exactly the same as it has always been…….so many people have great memories (and some not so great) on that ride and pictures to prove it……….the problem is our society has gotten out of control with all of this political correctness and somewhere somehow we all need to stand up and just say no, don’t chance a thing and leave things the way they are…..if you don’t like something just don’t be a part of it and leave it for those who do……..we’ve become a bunch of sissies coddling to every little niche and not society as a whole….

  7. Agree leave Splash Mountain alone

  8. BJ

    Agree leave splash mountain alone we have always enjoyed it just the way it is!

  9. Jayne1955

    The problem is they missed a HUGE opportunity. They could have put the bayou on Tom Sawyer’s island and tied it in with the riverboat. Can you just imagine what they could’ve done with the riverboat? A flume ride just doesn’t fit with the bayou.

  10. Cyndi

    I like the idea of having both. And the idea of using Tom Sawyer Island is genius! I love Splash Mountain! Too bad no one from Disney will see these comments.

  11. Delmar Shortt

    I agree with the majority, leave Splash Mountain alone!

  12. Ginger

    The people at Disney don’t care about what the majority of people comment or want. Disney is just like a lot of other places in the US. Minorities rule. I am in total agreement, the riverboat and Tom Sawyer would have been a great place for the Tiana story. Splash Mountain had no references to the original movie theme. In no way the ride referenced anything racial. I do not like the fact that people are trying to change history. History can not be changed or hidden away. History is history leave it alone. It’s not perfect mistakes were made. Make our part of history rememberable in good ways. (Which is not happening now).

  13. Splash Mountain Fan

    I agree 100% with your suggestion. Splash Mountain is iconic and one of the greatest rides at the Magic Kingdom. I love the theming.

  14. Sue

    I think it should stay as it represents early Disney and is loved. It basically about the animal characters!

  15. Elijah Abrams

    I wouldn’t care if the Anaheim version of Splash is rethemed to Tiana, since there is an opportunity to expand Disneyland’s New Orleans Square. (Although, they should find a new use for Winnie the Pooh at DL if that happens.)

  16. SP

    I think this is a great idea and it satisfies both sides. Compromise is a good thing and there should be more of it. I also agree with retheming Tom Sawyer island for Tiana

  17. Focus people!

    Get over yourself people. How about focusing on something important like gun control, wages, fair taxation and the environment.

    1. D

      Because none of those issues have anything to do with this…..
      Also, I am all for 2a.

    2. Steve

      How about you take your leftist degeneracy and get lost.

  18. Phoebe L Ho

    Disney World’s should stay, but D-land’s should go. Oh that’s ok. Because it’s so easy for me to get from Cali to Florida to go on one of my favorite rides once again. Just so you know, there are a lot of people here who don’t want D-land’s Splash Mountain to change either.

  19. S L

    I agree. There is no reason whatsoever to retheme Splash Mountain. There is nothing in that ride that is even remotely racial. It is just a fun ride with lovable animal characters and a happy song. If for some ridiculous reason the ride offends you then a) get over yourself and b) just don’t go onthe ride. Problem solved!

  20. Phil

    I have said dor years. They need to build the Tiana ride onto the waistland Tom sawyer island plenty of space and they already have a Riverboat!!!

  21. Kim

    I agree that this is an interesting compromise and could work well, especially with the precedent already being set with Tower of Terror as others have mentioned here.
    What I don’t understand with all this is why Disney is not listening to their guests. If you actually visit Disney, then you know that Splash Mountain is almost always the longest wait, most popular ride in all of the parks on any given day. It is never not busy. Not to mention the outcries to keep this beloved attraction “as is” are everywhere. Just a quick glance at the competing petitions on change.org it’s clear. There are several petitions to save the Splash Mountains, but only a few to change it. The top petition to save it has over 93k signatures at the moment, whereas the top petition to change it only has 21k signatures. That is an enormous difference!
    Disney if you are reading this…please consider what your guests really want. This re theme is clearly unwanted by the vast majority. The people that actually go to your parks, stay in your hotels, support and love Disney throughout the years are telling you to please leave it alone. Just take a stroll through the parks and see the lines for yourself, look at the petitions I mentioned, it could not be more obvious.

  22. Andrew Leman

    Truly an iconic ride, with millions who associate Splash Mountain with Disney World. It is a shame that it will be changed in the name of righting a past wrong.

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